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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

still here

hi everyone,
i have been feeling the winds of change blowing through. i feel like mary poppins when the wind changes and something big is happening. not sure of what it is but things don't feel the same anymore. life is evolving as it always does. i'm still stitching but not as much. i have 5 projects designed. when i have new pictures to post i will. just wanted you to know that i'm still here just moving along a bit slower. i found an appropriate song for my feelings. have a good week, donna


  1. It's good to stop and take a breather and give yourself time to appreciate the winds of change.

  2. Donna I know exactly how you feel, I'm in the same place. With time it'll all come together. Great song!

  3. I hope all the changes are good ones for you Donna! Stay strong!

  4. Hi, Donna! I want you to know that I think the winds are blowing your way with stitchers! I have seen alot of people and blogger friends with your charts lately. That's great, and I pray it will continue for you. As always, I'm one of your biggest fans,

  5. Donna,
    Stay well and strong.

  6. Hi Donna,
    I just got done looking through your blog and I just love your designs. Your work is awesome. I came by Willow Valley blog.

  7. Hi Donna - you are INCREDIBLY talented I LOVE your work!!!!!!!!
    I haven't done much cross stitch recently but maybe thats just because I haven't found inspiration. Your designs and choice of colours are ssssssoooo desirable. WOW! I'II say it again - you are really talented and I LOVE your NeedleArt.
    xo Best wishes Catherine

  8. just visiting your blog and can fully relate to the winds of change thing. Going through alot of that myself. Here's hoping you find peace today and can stay grounded in God's love.

  9. First I want to say that your designs are absolutely beautiful. I have a question. I recently bought my mom the pattern, miss fiona's rose garden and all of the threads and fabric. But my mom told me that the back of the pattern said that it needed peony for the color of the flowers and the inside of the pattern said it needed poppy. Can you please tell me which color it is?

  10. Hi from France ! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog for its theme and gorgious designs. Does look different and appeals to me mostly because of the blue/green colors i think. Thanks for the freebies and for sharing this nice atmosphere with us worldwide!


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