Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My classes are up and posted at Celebration Of Needlework site

We are waiting for our snow storm. We had snow before Halloween and then we have had no snow until tonight (so they say). Getting things from the store that we need and then I am getting ready to have a stitching fest. Yeah. But I have become addicted to a game on my Nook. I am making a zoo(I purchased the game on my Nook for my grandson but when he is not visiting he needs someone to take care of all of those animals, right ).  I need to stop :(
But here is the link to the site. CELEBRATION I would love to see you there
And dont forget this is the last day to use your coupon on Etsy. Last day of the month. AMAZING

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This made me smile this morning & a reprint of a freebie.

I received an email from Daniela and she shared with me her photo of a freebie that I gave away on my blog. She finished it as an Easter ornament. It looks so cute I had to share it with you. She did a great job.

Here is the chart again if any one would like to copy it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Happy Saturday,
It was my B Day last weekend and I wanted to share what my daughter made for me.

I just love it. A picture of us from my sons wedding and all of the things that i love, like birds, leaves, flowers, and of course the color GREEN!! with a touch of mauve. And it is 3 dimensional.  It was the best present ever. I just love handmade.

Yesterday was mail day for me. I ordered some wool from an Etsy shop called "Quilting Acres". I just love her selection of wool. Just the right sizes and not priced to high.

And here are the 3 classes that I will teach at Celebration of Needlework

16th Century Ladies' Woollen Pocket

Funky Feathered Pin Cushion

Nantucket Blue
Have a wonderful day and I wish I had more time to catch up with everyone but I do take peeks at your blogs from day to day. And if you did  notice I changed the layout of this blog. I have a Link on the sidebar that says to click on the window and you will be directed to my blogoshere. I just had to many blogs that I love to check out so I made a blog just for those. I am always on a search for the interesting.

Oh, one more thing. Yankee Cross Stitch is having a Leap Year Sale until Fen 29th. Check it out if you are in the area and take a peak at my models :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Etsy Update

Just a quick note that I just updated Etsy with some specials and I will add more Funky Flowers tomorrow. I have to stitch now :)), Have a good night
and dont forget the code AMAZING for your discount for the month of February  25%

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still working on newsletter

Just want to tell you that I am still working on my newsletter. I always plan for a date and then fall short of time. But I am working on it along with the free Funky Flower for you and the winner of the 24 Funky Flowers is ...........
Opps you have to wait for the newsletter.
HAHA, it should be available tomorrow

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And the winner is .........

And the winner is Susan of Yellow Flower Meadow. Congratulations to Susan, I will be mailing out "Stitch An Inch Winter" to her this week. I have been having fun stitching but I will work on the newsletter because the drawing for the 24 Funky Flowers is just around the corner. Feb 14th is the day for someone to win the wonderful Valentines Day gift from me. Just make sure you are signed up for the newsletter to be included in the drawing.
Have a wonderful day and make time to stitch

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

a couple of updates, a giveaway & a long post :)

First I want to say Thank You to everyone that said they would pray for my husband. It really means so much to us. I do believe in prayer and I am sure God has a plan. That is how I start each day by giving that day to God and knowing that He is guiding us in it. I will visit my hubby later with some good food and I will tell him about all of you that are praying for him. donna,   Thank you again and now for stitching news :)
I finished the "OWL" that is available with "Stitch An Inch Winter"

I fixed my mess. I changed the background  and dot colors for "FF Veronica"
I finally got my Stitching fever back. I have been fighting the winter blues  and today I feel better so I framed,  took pictures and I am finishing up on the final touches for some classes for Celebration Of Needlework.

Funky Flower Molly
Funky Flower Sisters Veronica & Judith

These are the last of the Funky Flowers. "Funky Flower Sisters Veronica & Judith" come with the bonus chart of the last Stitch An Inch Funky Flowers. There were 4 in all. Each Sister pack had a bonus.
Funky Flower Molly is the last flower and since she is special she will have a Free Funky Flower with her included in her chart pack. 
I do have one more Funky Flower to giveaway. It is a thank you to everyone that took this journey with me and the Funky Flowers. I will include it in my email newsletter (a chart for you to print) that will be released Feb 16th after the BIG GIVEAWAY drawing for all of the 24 flowers to one person. That will be on Feb 14th, so make sure you are all signed in for the newsletters. 
AND since I have been giving away a Stitch An Inch with every new release I have to do one for "Stitch An Inch Winter" 
So just leave me a message that you are interested and I will enter your name and draw on Saturday Feb 11th.

Have a good day and thanks for reading my post, smile spring is around the corner, yeah!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Just checking in

I have been busy with new ideas and hubby is still not doing well. He has been in the hospital 3 times since Christmas but we still have faith an answer is around the corner. Since I have no real stitching that I can share with you at the moment I thought I would share a picture of the guys that hang out with me at my computer. I just love miniatures and these are my buds. HAHA!!
Have a good night

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