Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kit info

Good Day “Serenity Harbor” Stitchers
This is a copy of a email that I sent out yesterday but some people are confused so I am trying to explain it again. If you signed up got Serenity Harbor by April 15th then you are able to receive the FREE KIT that I made special for you, I sent out emails and requested names , addresses and preferences for the kit. The only thing is that these are free kits but I am charging for the shipping. So I am starting to send out PayPal invoices for the shipping and your kits will go out after payment ...
I am ready to start shipping some kits out…they will be mailed starting with the first group that have signed up……I will send out the PayPal invoices for the shipping, they will be mailed out USP Priority mail and will cost $5.75 for continental US and other countries will be determined at the post office.
Please check the blog for any updates and "Serenity Harbor" Stitching Book Instructions" with color photos can be found here 
If you have signed up with a shop those will be mailed out as soon as I can…..and the shipping cost it up to the shop…….I am not sure what they can work out to go along with their regular shops shipping policies. 
I want to thank all of you for participating in this SAL and I hope you enjoy your “Stitching Book”
Please check your email for the PayPal shipping invoice and as soon as they are processed the kits will go out…..if you are a customer that has made another payment arrangement please email me and I will delete the PayPal invoice, 
Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Fist Pics of "Serenity Harbor" Stitching Project Book finished :)

Serenity Harbor Stitching Book Kit by By The Bay Needleart
Here is a picture of the finished Project Book. Please be patient because I just ordered the pictures and they will not be available until Dec 16th, so I guess we are certainly in the Holiday rush season. I will post "How To Finish" photos on a special Page on this blog for you and still working on printed directions to go along with the kits, and much please be patient but I just had to share this photo with you, The book size is 8.5 x 5.5 .
Have a great Tuesday

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas

Click here for PDF download 
I gave this design away long ago and I am re-gifting it again, HAHA
I would like to say "Happy Hanukkah " and Merry Christmas to all my blog followers, and friends. 
Since Hanukkah is the festival of lights I have changed the candle to blue, it would also be beautiful stitched in a red or white against a colored fabric. With so much violence in the world I think we need to all remember to let our little light shine, if there are enough little lights glowing in the world it will certainly make a huge radiant glow. Have a wonderful and blessed week, I am still working on kits and will share a few pictures and "How To Finish" directions on line by Thursday, 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Serenity Harbor Update and a peek at a new kit project :)

I want to keep you up to date and I am almost finished with the kits. I am hoping to have them in the mail the first week in December. Mom is going to be here for Thanksgiving and a few days after so she will be helping me. Oh happy day, thanks mom :) 
Hubby has not been feeling very well lately and that means I fall a bit behind in my work but it will be done!!
Also a reminder that Section #12 for the Serenity Harbor will be shipped to the shops on the 23rd of November but with it being a Holiday week they might arrive a bit late and then the shops will get them to you so please do not be disappointed if you do not receive them on time.
 I just finished today with the alternative bottom sections.....symbols all changed to match the original, all printed and just waiting to be scanned and sent to the hosting site . I will post those on the 3rd of December and they will be on the first Serenity Harbor blog. I just posted for Barbara because she is not able to do it herself and here is a link to that blog. 
Here is a little peek of some thing I have been working on, kits coming soon but first things first and the Serenity Harbor thank you kits have to get out before I can work more on these.:)

"Noble Leap Of Faith" printed onto fabric, embellished with crewel wool and quilted
to make a side pocket for my "Yazzii" bag

"Noble Leap Of Faith" printed onto fabric with crewel wool for kits

"Noble Leap of Faith" printed onto fabric with crewel stitching to embellish
have a good day

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A treat in the mail :)

I have ordered some needful things :)
and I just love it when the mail arrives , this treat was from "The Old Tattered Flag" Since green is my favorite color I am sure I can find something for the wool and I just love "pennies" especially when they are pre-cut!!
check out her much wool and a blog here 
 I will add this shop to my shop hop bucket list !!
Have a great day 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thanksgiving Song - Mary Chapin Carpenter

I have noticed so many stores going right into Christmas and rushing life I wanted to share a video for Thanksgiving.....take time to slow down, enjoy family and is to short to not have any blessed your "Serenity".....and lets be "Thankful" .
I am thankful for all of you!!!!!

Monday, September 07, 2015

Free chart "You were born for such a time.....

Good day to all of you, I stitched this piece up about a month ago and wanted to share it with you.
As we look around in the world we have to admit that things are not gong so well for many and reading the last book of the Bible it appears that things will not get any better.........I love the story of Queen Esther and what her cousin Mordecai said to her.." ...who knows whether or not that
 "You were born for such a time as this"
I believe this applies to all of us, especially in this time........I stitched this piece to remind my family that we are all special, we were born for a purpose, we have something to contribute.
So please stitch this for your home or to share with a friend or even your church could use some words of inspiration.
If you would like to read more about Queen Esther it can be found in a Bible under the "Book Of Esther" or in the Jewish Tanakh.

Enjoy your stitching....... because I do.........:)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Serenity Harbor update

I just updated the Serenity Harbor blogs with a little info about the large leaves in sections #8 and #9. The long stitches did not line up between the 2 sections so I have downloaded a copy of these sections together for you to print . But in the mean time here is a photo of Wendys work seen on Blog #1. I am so thankful for everyone that is sharing their work and I have a couple to share also for some other stitchers.....coming soon 

check out the Harbor blogs for the new info. Links are above in the top bars

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sneak Peek.....some supplies for the Serenity Harbor Free Kit

I have been stitching away and have a peek for you of the stitched piece that will be on the cover of the Needle/Project Book that was available with Serenity Harbor sign ups (before April 15th)
Design for the cover of the "thank you kit" for Serenity Harbor. Personalized name, year above the house.....buttons, cording for closure, cardboard, and wool/felt.....getting ready to make directions, finish model and start packaging :)
still have to fold under edges and stitch in upper left?...not sure ....still playing!!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

How to make a Mattress Pincushion. "Pumpkin Spice"

These are some quick directions on how to make a Mattress pincushion out of any of your stitching about a poinsettia or any other flower.......a bird .. a name about a saying "add pin here"........the options are endless and you can make them any size ....that is up to you and your finished piece...Have fun and I hope you enjoy your stitching as much as I do :)
Read all directions first :)
Take finished cross stitch design, iron and cut a strip of wool, any size you would on top of linen to one side..stitch down the edge next to the designed area..I used a stab stitch or a buttonhole stitch would be great too...maybe a little crazy quilt stitch with a thread that would show your needle work :)

Next take another wool strip.. lay it on top of the upper section of the stitched in place,  stitch  using a stab stitch or a buttonhole stitch.. At this point you will know the size of your mattress...remember this is all up to you deciding how wide you make your top wool could also add more wool to the other when you are finished with the top take your finished piece,  lay it on top of another piece of wool (matching your side strip sections) ...cut around the outer edges...this will be the back of your  mattress....lay this piece aside until we are finished with the top and the side strips for the mattress. :)

The next step is to cut strips of wool 1 inch wide for the sides of the mattress ( you can make them wider...this will make your mattress is up to you)...I did not measure how much I cut...just made sure I had enough and long enough to cover a length and width of the mattress top and bottom. see next photo for placements :)

Pin the top and bottom strips over the edge on top of the mattress...I stitched these down with a running stitch length wise next to the design on top of the mattress section only...make sure you leave about  1 1/2 inches  extra over the edges...see photo above :)

Lay the side strips on the left and right sides...again on top like the previous sections...Make sure you only stitch these down on the mattress top not stitch over the other mattress strips  (stop in the corners)...make sure you leave extra lengths of wool ....see next photo to connect these strips. 

Pull the strips together horizontally and pin

Close up to see how to pin together 

Stitch them together straight down, secure thread and cut off excess wool strip. Do this to all 4 corners

Turn your piece over....... and pin the back piece of wool to the to the edges of the wool strips that have become your sides of your mattress. 

Stitch around the outer edges and secure...I used a buttonhole stitch cut a slit into the back woolen fabric only, stuff with walnut shells and  fiberfill, pin the opening closed and stitch , using a whip stitch . 

Complete :), now just to add some tassels to cover the corner edges 

If you would like to  make some tassels ....this is the method I used. I found this on Pinterest and it is so easy.....Take a skein of floss, open up one end.....using a piece of matching floss tie a knot to keep the threads together for the top section. 

Next....with matching thread make a wrap around the upper skein just under the top looped section...we are forming the with a knot and pull your threads through to hide......Cut the skein in half under the paper tab.

And there you have a can get 2 tassels from each skein by following the same process for the other side. :)

Your mattress pincushion is just waiting for those fancy pins to embellish it with.....or you can add some buttons, old safety pins., any thing you can think of.......

Happy Stitching

Sunday, August 02, 2015

2 new designs :)

I have 2 new designs that will be available when the Norden online show starts. It will be running from Aug 10th until Aug 19th. Since it is a wholesale show I am not sure where they will show the photos of all of the designers charts.......they do have a Facebook Page for the show.
Willow Bay

Pumpkin Spice
I am working on a tutorial  for "Pumpkin spice" so you can make it into a mattress pincushion....all of the pictures are ready but I am just finishing up with the directions....this will be available on the blog very soon, and I also made some cute flower and pumpkin pins from Shrinky Dinks that will be available on etsy.....these match the black and orange pumpkin and the flowers on the stitched piece.
Time for Bed (its 11:00pm here ) have a good night  donna :)

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Weekends What to do in the Neighborhood

"Happenings in The Area"
Here are some things that are going on the area if you are around on vacation,  live close by or would like to make a trip :)
Attention Rug Hookers
Saturday, August 15, 2015
at the Historical Society 
   40  Main Street 
    Cornish, Maine
Attention Quilters

Check out the annual quilt show .....worth a special trip 


York Days along with the lighting of the Nubble .....a bit of Christmas in July 
This weekend on Sunday July 26

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesdays inspiration

Good day :)
Since Yankee Cross Stitch closed and I have acquired the shops Patternayan Crewel wool I have decided to make some designs for kits that can be created with these fibers. 
I have some already started and I am working on more.....I have been drawn to crewel work for some you can tell by my "Noble Leap Of Faith" design...........searching for ways to fill in spaces with different stitches has been fun .........I came across this blog "Anna Scott"  and her post that is up is for a design called "Lone Tree" is beautiful, I just love the mounds that are filled with much check out her blog it is very inspiring...........
 here is my share of my "Noble Leap Of Faith" that has been printed onto a linen-cotton canvas fabric. I am embellishing it with the crewel wool and I am still undecided how to finish it. 
Here is a peek :)
"Noble Leap of Faith" printed onto fabric 

Embellishing with crewel wool 

still a work in progress :) 

having fun.....:) 
These pre-printed panels will be available soon along with the crewel wool.....embellishing is up to you....a chance to be creative.....maybe we could do it as a challenge and share our progress and is a question? do you prefer to share on a blog or on a Facebook group?
thank you for checking out my blog today 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

More stitching shares from busy hands

Barbara and Selda have shared their progress with me for Serenity Harbor.
Here are their photos but check out this blog for more info from them...
Selda's work Section 1-6

Barbara's work Section 1-7 

Thank you for checking out my blog and have a great day

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Sharing some stitching friends hand work :)

I just noticed from following on Bloglovin that Karen from Karen's Handiwork has finished 13th Colony Bay and she has shared some photos, Please check them out, she has done a great job, :)

I also received a photo from Melanie. She participated in a Mystery Stitch A Long I had a while ago. She finished the Welcome door and it is beautiful. Thank you Melanie for sharing with me!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trunk Show on the way to your neighborhood ?

Happy Wednesday, 
I just mailed out a trunk show to Beehive NeedleArts in Pittsburgh PA .
 It will be there for the month of July.
 They have a great website and so many fibers, check them out :)
I will have some new things to post soon but not today, miss you all
Love donna 
My Grandson Liam by a dock in York :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Noble Leap of Faith better photo :)

Noble Leap of Faith by By The Bay Needleart
I didn't like the first photos I had , so I took another outside with some natural light and a little pop of color from my geraniums. 
and another closer look with no frame 

Have a happy day

Monday, June 15, 2015

Every child on the planet needs to watch this, please share...

This is not one of my usual post but I saw this the other day and shared it on my personal Facebook. It is very moving and made me cry, I hope you can share this with someone that may need to hear it.
 We awoke this morning with my daughter telling us that some one else that she knew died from an overdose of heroin. We hear of so many kids addicted and even parents, Many people think that it will never touch them or their family but it does touch every one, it is becoming such a tragic epidemic. I see so much attention on the news about things like MERS and the number of people that have died from that is sad.... but what about the thousands that are dying from drugs. Maybe we think that our children are grown and they are all set but we have grandchildren....and every passing year it is getting harder for them.......Please pray for all of our family's and those that don't have a family.........
I pray this video touches you as it did me....thank you for watching it, 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Noble Leap of Faith"

 I would like to thank Tripps Grammy for a "Leap Of Faith" and   Kim M.   for "Noble Spirit" . With these 2 suggestions I have decided on "Noble Leap of Faith". These 2 ladies will be receiving a copy of this chart as soon as I get it to the printer with a name and the directions.
 So sometime next week, it should be ready for the mail.  
Thank you everyone that submitted a suggestion, I appreciate your time and thoughts. 
It sure is a beautiful day here today, letting in some fresh air with some music. I just love the sound of birds in music. Does anyone know the names of any  CD's with this type of music? It is very relaxing for me!! I am of to do some folding of charts.....almost time for Section 7 for Serenity Harbor.....just picked them up from the printer and waiting for my order of bags.....then of they will go :)
Have a beautiful day

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Design Needs A Name. Suggestions !!

Happy Thursday, 
I finished the new design yesterday, It is the one from a couple of post's ago about how I miss crewel work so I designed one for cross stitch. 
I need help with a name.....any suggestions would be here is a bonus!!!.........if I choose the name you suggest I will send you a free chart of this new design as a THANK YOU.......
Here is the photo below ......thinking caps on.........lets go...........
By The Bay design

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A photo share from Barbara of Serenity Harbor

I have a photo to share from Barbara, she wasn't able to share it herself on the blog so I am doing it for her :)
She decided to change the bird as it was to light on the fabric and searched through her stash for other colors and found a variegated blue and used it. She tore out all of the vine and leaf colors as they looked to golden and brown on her grey fabric. They are darker, don't pop as much, but at least they go better with her red roses. She is doing this over one on 32ct . She has done a lot of frogging as she has changed colors but is very happy with it so far!!
Looks beautiful
and thank you Barbara for sharing

Friday, May 22, 2015

Peek at a new design

I wanted to post earlier but hubby has not been well.........3 days of doctor appointments and more I have finally found a bit of time to share a picture with you of a new design.......
no name yet...........I love crewel embroidery and I believe there are so many people that stitch and are doing cross stitch so I have decided to take a drawing that I did years ago while it was nap time at the day care center I was working at.......those sleeping babies :)............I took the drawing and enlarged it.......traced over and then scanned it in the program and went over all of the stitches because there were so many shades of grey - black..........pulled threads and then added all of these to the design and tweaked it as I went..........this is my result............

still stitching away at doctor appointments and late in the evening......but I am liking it..............I will share more as time goes on......hopefully I will get it finished this weekend........I would like to also make it as a crewel, embroidery, and or punch needle design........still thinking.....What do you think? 
Have a good night.....until next time......donna

Monday, May 18, 2015

Taming The Tongue :) and a free chart

Sunday service was wonderful, I loved the message that was given by Pastor Bruce this Sunday at Bethany Church. I wanted to add the YouTube for it but it is not available I decided to have my freebie anyway.
It is a comment from Mother Teresa that I have had posted on my sidebar on the blog for a long is....
"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

The message was about taming our tongue...think twice before you speak.....make sure they are uplifting..........I need to remember this myself, always think of the right words to this age of the internet many times our words are mistaken for the wrong one can hear you tone or see your facial my mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything.....and idle no no.

I have been stitching a bit, not as much as I like but a little bit, I will share a peek of a new design tomorrow.......hubby has a couple of doctor appointments so we should be home early enough for me to get on the computer again.......God willing :)

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