Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Free Charts for "Letting Your Light Shine"

Happy snowy Wednesday here!!
I did give these charts away before
 but I can not find them in my LABELS for a Free Deign
 so I am posting them again

Have a Joyful time getting ready for the Holidays, and Keep Stitching

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Gift Certificate Giveaway starting today!!

Happy Holiday Season
We are having a Gift Certificate Giveaway for the Etsy Shop!!
How this will work:
For The first 50 Customers in the Etsy shop starting TODAY!!
 your name will be placed in a HAT!!
As Soon as we reach 50 customers
I will have a drawing for two Lucky stitchers.
Each of you will receive a Gift Certificate for the
 "By The Bay Needleart" Etsy Shop for $100.00

When you are out and about checking out the shop 
you will notice that I am also having a "Special" 
It is on a Soon To Be Discontinued Design Bundle!!
$10.00 for the 2 Design Bundle

"Stitch An Inch Christmas"
There are 10 small and quick to stitch designs that 
measure 28 x 28 stitch count.
If you stitch them over (1) on 28ct linen they will 
measure one inch or if you stitch them
on 14ct Aida or 28ct linen over (2) 
they will measure two by two inches. 
A great size for a "Teachers Gift" or a "Special Gift" for a friend.....
also a good size for an ornament!


"Santa's Blessings"
This design has some very Special Words that we need 
to share this Holiday Season.
"Love", "Joy", and "Peace"
You can stitch up these designs to display in your 
Home and share the Message!
and one more in the pack is the "Holiday Greetings" Home.
.....the lights have been left on 
for friends and family so they know they are welcomed!!

More information can be found for these designs
 such as sizes, fabric, and fibers on this site

Since these designs are being discontinued 
get them while you can, these are limited

Have a Great Week
and keep stitching
It is a stress reliever unless you are "Being visited by a Frog" OH NO!!
(Its a term used by stitchers that refers to
 taking out stitches when you make a mistake. 
When you take a stitch out you have to "Rip It" (What a FROG  says) KINDA!!


Friday, November 15, 2019

Boo Boo!!

Since we have started the "Time for Seasons" SAL and I started stitching this a few days ago
....I came across a Symbol that has gone rogue
....DMC 3052 has decided to venture out on his own
 and land in some peculiar places.  

On this section by the large tree and the house on the left he decided to hug the tree trunk
...I have highlighted him in yellow for that space should really be DMC 502

And on the section by the fence and the house on the right he had landed by the fence
...I have highlighted him there and that space should be 3011
....I guess he wanted to blend in with his family HAHA

So this little NOTE! is only for the charts that are hard copies and sent to the shops
 Because I found him early enough I could fix all of the PDF's last night...
So we are good to go,  but if you have received a hard copy 
please keep your eye out for this little wanderer. 
Happy Stitching

Friday, November 08, 2019

Check out the "Old Tattered Flag" and a "Special" in the Shop This Week

This weeks Special in the shop is "Holy Night"
Purchase "Holy Night" and receive "Outline Art Christmas Pack #2" for Free
The Outline Art was a cross stitch idea I had long ago, 
It was an idea for you to cross stitch the outlines of the designs first
 and then you can just fill in the sections after with no counting, 
So if you were stitching when you could be distracted....
there would be no worry about counting because you already had the counting part finished only had to color in the spaces. 
I do LOVE the Simplicity of the Dove with the word "PEACE"

And Speaking of Trees.....Were we speaking of trees?

Well that is the topic we are moving on to.
 "The Old Tattered Flag"
has been working with the Sizzix Machine for cutting wool strips for rug hooking
 and has the idea for the Sizzix Machine that will cut your
Wool Fringe Strips for you so can make your wool feather trees quickly, 
save your fingers, and save time...
So if you plan on making some of these tree's this will certainly help.

Also I believe you have to have Facebook to be able to see the video....Im not sure though!!
So here is a link to her website also 

So hop on over to the "Old Tattered Flag" and grab a cup of coffee 
and watch the video with Julie and her Mom
Have a good weekend and Enjoy stitch too

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

I just wanted to remind everyone that has made Wool Feather Trees of just wants to make some decorations for your own trees that I have directions on my blog for these little quick wool roses.  You could also add these to a barrette or stitch them on-top of any of your stitching, maybe onto a garden scene. 
Here is the link to the post with more information. it is from 2013 but still good directions HAHA
Have a great Tuesday

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Having A SALE in the Etsy shop

"Mister Turkey"
 Punch Needle PDF design 
on sale for $5.00 for a limited time

Stitch An Inch Halloween"
Counted Cross Stitch design
Hard Copy
On sale for $5.00

Making room for new things !!

I am gathering my supplies for the new SAL
"Time For Seasons"
and there was a question regarding the center of the design

The stitch count is 112 x 112.

Maybe someone would like to chart their own idea for the center
 or just need this count for any other ideas you may have!!

I just love it when you are creative and share your thoughts 
Speaking about being CREATIVE, Deborah Hendrix on the Facebook group had an idea for the POSTCARDS.
Here idea is to make a postcard book with “Seasons” on the cover
 and then an individual postcard on each page
....kind of a little coffee or side table accessory.
I LOVE it 💓

Dont forget to sign up for the Facebook Group so you can share you progress 
and ideas and the # for Instagram is #timeforseasonssal
Check it out and sign up to to see what everyone else is working on
have a good rainy Thursday here 

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

My Other Centers and some work along the way

These are the other ways that I worked on the design, 
I had the Bible verse and then I made it into a shorter verse 
and then I just added the corners to the center!!

Well as I said I kept changing things and finally decided 
on the darker borders I have and a
 simple word "Seasons" 
and then I did like the Sailboat too!!

So yes!! I am in a quandary,
 because I am giving the smaller Postcard borders free 
every month to fit the 1/8 sections and then 
at the end of the SAL I am giving the 1/4 Seasons 
with the added motif's as a Thank You for joining in the SAL

And There are the new options for either the Sailboat or the Word Seasons
So I dont think I can give these other options away too.

But .........Maybe towards the middle of the SAL I can make
 these Center options as a PDF for download 
if you email me and request them, as long as you signed up for the SAL

 ......But at the moment I have to many Seasons to chart out 
with directions, along with covers for Hard copies
 and then for PDF's, along with email list and billing list
.....HAHA I am sure you know what I am jabbering about  

So that is my ramble for today 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Optional Center Ideas

I have a few different center designs that I made along the way from the Bible Verse
 and then a Simple saying and then just the Word "Seasons". 
All of the others were to busy for the design 
because the design is so busy itself, 
so I settled on the Word "Season". 
I have added one of the others as an option
"The Sailboat" 
I figure we are all sailing through life each in our own Season 

My other option was to give you a suggestion about the center 
and leave it blank, 
find a framer that could make you a frame 
or at least a Mat that would fit the design
 and then in the center of the open mat instead of a photo
 you could add a mirror.
 I have posted a couple of pictures from Pinterest
 with this idea. I Do love old things and I especially love Stumpwork
.....Maybe I could draw this design out,
 have it printed onto fabric 
and make a stumpwork class, 
but I would have to paint the background sky, hills,and grasses
...Oh that would be awesome.
I could go on and on HAHA
But lets get on with the cross stitching first !!

Photo Credit Link
These are just samples for framing with a mirror in the center!

Photo Credit Link

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Peek 5 of 5 Final Reveal for New SAL

Here is the final picture that all those puzzle pieces made
Click here to be taken t the Page with all of the info for the SAL
Thank you so much for reading all my posts
and lets get stitching!!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Sneak Peek 4 of for New SAL

And last but not least of the Puzzle pieces is "Spring"
....Tomorrow will be the day for the reveal...hopefully :)
But it is Wedding Day for my daughter so maybe Sunday for the Reveal!
I will see what I can do
have a good Friday

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sneak Peek 3 of 5 for New SAL

Ohhhh, That time of year is coming to soon, haha
Still working on the Puzzle?
Almost there !!
Check back again tomorrow

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sneak Peek 2 of 5 for New SAL

And Puzzle Piece #2
Dont you just Autumn.
I will work late tonight to finish up a PDF for all those that are signing up.
I can answer some email tomorrow...
We are still so busy with Wedding preparations!
...and I will share wedding pictures next week too
Keep checking on these puzzle pieces and more info

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sneak Peek 1 of 5 for new SAL

Happy Tuesday!!
It’s finally time to introduce my new SAL. 
It takes me approx. a year to design and plan these.
I work a little bit then move on to something else. 
I come back in a day or 2 and add more, 
and make changes. Print it off, 
stare at it, draw on it, make computer changes
 and then do it all over again. 
I wish I could share all of my print outs of it from beginning to end ugh!!
 It is so fun to see the progression.

But it is finally finished YEAH!!

I had some request for a season theme and I myself love the season changes.
 Living in New England certainly has beauty in all of them. 
So whether we are speaking about the season of nature 
or seasons of our lives one thing is for sure every day is a journey.

“Time For Seasons”

My plan is to start this SAL Nov 15th.
There will be a release every month for 8 months. There are 2 scenes for every season.
Retail on each scene is $10.00

If you would like your local needlework shop
 to participate please send them a message, 
hard copies will be available from them.

There will be PDF copies available from me.

"Thank you Gifts"
And... I usually have a Thank You gift for those that Participate in the SAL and this year it will be the 4 Season Separate charted designs.
These will be available only at the end of the SAL.

These are the Sneak Peek Puzzle Pieces that I will being sharing this week. 
I have taken each of the seasons and charted them with motifs and words that surround the Seasons.
Each of these designs has a stitch count of 160 x 208
If these are stitched on 16ct Aida or 32cr linen over 2, they would measure 10 x 13 and fit great in an 11 x 14 frame.

The whole design for "Time For Seasons" is 226 x 226

This design is not as large as my other stitch a longs but it has so much detail and thought, I hope you like it.

and here is the first piece to the Puzzle
If you would like to sign up for the PDF's please send me an email to 
stitchbythebay at aol dot com
I will need your Name:
and email address for Paypal and emails

You can choose to pay every month $10.00
or Pay all at once $80.00
If you live in the EU I will need to process this in the Etsy shop for the VAT tax, so please tell if you live in that area

Paypal inv will go out on the 10th of every month and PDF's on the 15th of every month until June 2020

Please sign up by Oct 25th with a shop or by Nov 5th with me
SAL begins Nov 15th

Just a quick note ...My Daughter Meagan is getting married this weekend so we will be very busy :)
If I do not get back to emails right away please have patience with me, I will answer by next Tuesday 


Monday, September 16, 2019

New Design "Simply Autumn"

I have a new design that should be ready next week. 
I just finished the directions and have to get them to the printer
 and order photos...
I have a finish, its been a while.
and I am almost finished the with the new SAL,.....I just want to make sure I have all of the directions finished and ready to go before I give you some sneak peeks
....It should be ready to start by the end of October, 
but the peeks will be a lot sooner...
I will give more info for the new design tomorrow
have a great Monday night

Friday, September 06, 2019

Stitch An Inch Fall Sale and a Challenge

Happy Friday!!
I shared yesterday on Instagram a picture of my Affirmation Word Wall Hanging that I made a few years ago.

Still working on adding treasures to this section :)
I Gave the Affirmation Words away with the newsletters.
These Affirmation words will be available sometime in the future in the Etsy shop as a whole group.

This piece inspired me to make another one but this time it is for Fall.
I used the "Stitch An Inch Fall Ornis" cross stitch pattern and stitched up a few motifs.
I gathered some buttons, small crochet pieces I had and I am on a search for more little doodads in my shopping expeditions!!

So this is a work in Progress but this is what I have to date

Meet "Miss Autumn"

I have a challenge for you, 
I CHALLENGE YOU to Create your own Wall hanging made with cross stitching and some of your favorite treasures. But you must use some of the motifs from the chart "Stitch An Inch Fall Ornis".
I will give you a month to complete it....
so on Monday  October 7th The By The Bay Crew (Hubby, Meagan and Me)
will decide who the lucky winner is.
You will have to send me a  picture by email that I can use to share in Social Media....
email address is stitchbythebay at aol dot com
 (you can figure out the morse code haha, I do not want to be spammed).

The prize is a $75.00 Gift Certificate to the By The Bay Etsy Shop

......and to start you off I am having the chart "Stitch An Inch Fall Ornies" on Sale for this week only.
This design has 16 Autumn motifs that can be stitched on 28ct over 1 to make them into a one inch design or on 14ct Aida and they will be 2 inches in size. 
The regular price is $12.00 but until Friday Sept 13th the design will be offered for $8.00.
The chart is available as a PDF and also as a hard copy for mailing.

And Just one more thought!!
In the Spring I am planning to have a small retreat/class and it will be to make a 
Summer Time multi media wall hanging similar to these.
I just love being able to add small treasures and make an original little piece of Me!!. 
More info soon.

Well good luck if you decide you are up for the CHALLENGE

Monday, August 12, 2019

Out of the Office

Just a quick note that I will be out of the office from Aug 14th to Aug 19th, so the Etsy shop will be on Holiday!! If you have any last minute orders Tuesday Aug 13 will be the last day so I can get to the post office for you. I hope you are enjoying your summer and I am still working on the new SAL.....think 4 Seasons!!


Friday, July 19, 2019

Happy July :)

Who can think about winter.....not me but many people are stitching in July for the Season....
So I have a Special in the Etsy shop for the week as long as supplies last
"JOY" Kit was $14.00 and the Special is $9.50
So I am enjoying the warm lazy days of summer!! (some days)
No being LAZY here HAHA

Friday, June 21, 2019

Pincushions Have Arrived..and I'm taking a poll

Happy Weekend!!
I made these all by hand, I crocheted the doilies and flowers, I collected the Seashells, cut, glued, stuffed etc.....HAHA It was fun, I did make these a while ago but they are in the shop this weekend
They are all one of a Kind
And guess what?????
I just finished designing the NEW SAL for this year....
It will Start in September!!
I am so excited because it was so much work and I dont think you can guess what it is exactly.
But I Do have a question?
Do you prefer to stitch on at 14ct Aida/28ct linen, or a 16ct Aida/32ct linen,
I myself prefer a 28ct linen.....It is more enjoyable for me if I can see what I am stitching without using special lights and a huge magnifier.
Please leave me a comment so I can tally up your preference.
Have a great weekend and I will share more next week about the new SAL
I am a happy girl!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Free Design Download today

And I do have a Freebie for you.

This Design is Free for Personal Use (not for Resale)

Please be creative and change the colors to match your décor. 
Also this would be a wonderful design 
for the Holidays by changing the color of the letters to maybe gold or green.

And if you LOVE REDWORK 
then change the letters to a shade of RED

Also the design would be wonderful on an over-dyed fabric
Happy stitching
Hugs, Donna 

Friday, June 07, 2019

Wildflower Special for this week

The lilacs are blooming here at home and oh do they smell divine !!
This is a quick Special to add to your stash.....So many flowers!!!
It is a listing for this design as a PDF
... you will be able to download it immediately.
Have a blessed weekend and take time to smell those flowers

Friday, May 31, 2019

Sampler Special and a little BEE

The special is 
Order "Gathering Place Sampler" and receive Bee Kid in your mailed package for Free

happy stitching and have a good weekend
watch out for those Garden Bees' 

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