Friday, December 29, 2023

Just sent out newsletters

The above picture is what is in the hoop for this month, 
I better get moving haha.
The name of it will be 
"But God"
and I will share more soon :)

I figure I never really post a pic of myself, 
Kinda shy I guess.
But I took a quick picture of myself this morning 
while I was working on the computer..

Not the best at selfies , but I tried HAHA
Have a Blessed New Year!!
Keep looking Up
donna 💗

Monday, December 18, 2023

A Few Discontinued Designs.....I need to make room for new ones on the way !!

Here is a link to my Design Catalog 
and the post with the Discontinued  Designs...
I'm needing more room at home for NEW DESIGNS on the way!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Winter Holiday Free Designs


Link Here for last years post for the free designs.

I have not posted much at all this year...I do miss all of and sharing some stitching work.

I will try harder this year to share more. I need to get organized and basically more focused.

I have been busy with Family, church, and many other things, so I am sitting here with a book to Plan.

My goal is to plan for every week and try my best to accomplish those goals, everything is God willing.

That is what Pastor Gough used to say to us for all of his plans. :)

So while I am working on my book of goals I thought I should at least share my previous years free designs, you never know if there is someone new that has not seen them yet.

Have a good rest of the week!! and more sharing to come :)



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