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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Nubble

I just finished framing my "Nubble". I made my way to Walmart and got a couple of quick frames and quickly framed it to give you a picture. And I did make a mistake because I wanted it to fit into a 4X6 frame but it looks better in the 5X7. I made the design to close to the edge and a couple of stitches all around disappear into the 4X6. The charts should be ready in a couple of weeks and the kits will be ready in about three weeks. I'll sell the kits(chart, floss, needle, and fabric) on my Etsy Shop and you can get just the charts from your local needlework store.
I didn't get my taxes ready yet!!!Oh My!!!
I'm working on some designs that will be similar to 13th Colony Bay's theme of 3 charts or just stitch one. These will be of "The River" instead of The Bay. I'm also planning a challenge for you if you stitch all three. But I'm still working on details so I'll keep you posted.
Have a peaceful day

Monday, March 23, 2009

What I'm working on.....

I want to thank everyone for their comments left on my blog. I love reading them. I wish I could reply to everyone but I haven't even worked on my tax's yet. So getting organized is something I must do this week. I do sneak some stitching in though. (It's my escape). We live next to the Nubble Lighthouse and I thought I would stitch that next. I am working on it and I'm making it to fit a 4 X 6 frame. I'm trying to make it easier for people to frame. Also with this chart I'm going to kit it for people that go on vacation and want something to stitch while they sit at the beach or wherever the summer may take them. So I'm sharing a picture that I took this weekend of the Nubble, but not my stitched piece yet.
Have a peaceful day

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Chart For The Bunny Lovers

Good Morning,
I thought I would share this bunny chart that I made. I just love to stitch with overdyed threads. I like to see what the colors come out like when I play with them on a design and especially one that uses only one color thread. I also love to use different stitches to fill in areas. So I leave this one up to you to choose your own colors and try different stitches if you like. And also the size fabric is fun to play with. Make it a tiny or large as you like and maybe needlepoint it with your own color background. Wish I had time to finish it into a scissor fob or a floss tag but when I do I will post a picture to share with you.
Have a good spring day

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I just want to share a photo of a frame that Dolly had Joy and Janet from Valley House Primitives make for her 13th Colony Bay scenes. Just thought I would share what a great job she did stitching and what a great idea they had for framing it. Check out the site and see all the other frames they have. They're just what I like.

I am so tired today. I felt like taking a nap in school with the kids at nap time. Of course it didn't help that I was reading, that always wipes me out. I work at a daycare center in the infant room. They all slept so soundly today, this is unusual for them but I did enjoy the quiet.

I think I'm going to sleep early tonight. I don't care whats on TV. But we do have a movie we rented to watch, "Australia". So it's an early bath and on to the couch to watch the movie and then right to bed.

Have a good night and I'll post the bunny Saturday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peek at shipping day

Happy Wednesday,
I finished a couple of samples that I made of a bunny that I'm going to share with you. I'll post the freebie later this week. Today I'm sharing a look at my floor after cutting pictures, folding charts, gluing, and putting in envelopes. Now counting in packs of 25, tying, and getting them in box's for the trip to the Post Office. And then after a busy morning we are off to lunch. That's the real treat ( no cooking or cleaning up after). We are going to a little place called Wild Willies that has the best burgers around. Talk to you again soon, Donna

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Monday

What a great day. It's so warm, all the snow is melting. Melissa shared a photo with everyone on her blog She finished 13th Colony Bay all three together. What a great job. So proud of her for her determination to complete it. I have not finished mine yet but I will someday. Well I tried to finish framing "Spring Cove". But I don't really live close to the art store and I wasn't able to get there yet so I found a frame at home that it fits in. I'm not sure if I like the finish or not, But it will have to do for know, and only if I could take a straight picture that would be nice.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Free Chart. Thank You For Checking Out My Blog.

Well the nice weather is finally here. We went for a walk on the beach and found some sea glass. I should take a picture someday and show you my collection. It's getting pretty big(well I think so). But today I am sharing a chart that I made a few years ago and sent to some stores for free distribution. I thought I would share it now with all my blogging friends. It's called "Bayview Estate".
I live about 2 miles from the beach. I like to imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning and look outside at what beauty the ocean has to share and then I remember that I can get in my car and drive there. I am so very grateful for that. As you stitch this picture for you or a friend just imagine the smell of the ocean and the feel of the breeze, spring is here at last.
Have a good day
(You can copy the chart for your own personal use)
One more thing. It took me 2 days to get this to work. You have to double click on the chart and then you can go to your FILE and press PRINT from there. I tried saving it as a photo but the print I got was awful, so this is the only way I could get it to work for me. Good Luck

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pics of Spring Cove

Hi everyone,I finished Spring Cove. It was all that snow this weekend. Well it's still very cold here only 1 degree this morning. But it should be in the 40's by this weekend. I'm so excited. I think I have spring cleaning fever because I'm moving furniture again. I always do that. It seems to be therapeutic for me. I just need the little change of scenery. And of course I get some extra cleaning done too. I moved my kitchen table close to the window so I get alot of sunshine and a very nice place to see so I can stitch. My plants share the table and they are very happy today.
I posted these pictures to share with you. It's not framed yet. One of the pictures is with a flash and the other is natural daylight(I couldn't decide which one I liked better)And I wish I could show you the true colors because I stitched it on Star Sapphire and you can't even see that fabric color in the pictures. Sorry I tried. I'll get a better camera someday.
Off to do laundry and errands. Have a good day

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring Cove Peek

Oh my gosh, I can't stand this weather. It was so nice yesterday in the 50's and well today it's snowing again and oh so cold. And more snow for tomorrow.
I've been stitching and I'm almost finished Spring Cove. I don't have another design ready to go yet. Yikes, I'd better get going. In my peek(still working on the flowers and eyes) you can see some birds that are livinig in the tree. I have a couple of Egrets and Blue Heron. I know that the Blue Heron don't seem to nest in trees but mine do. Anything in my world is possible. Hope you enjoy the peek.
Have a good evening

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