Monday, January 29, 2024

A little more stitching


I've been working on this for a few months....
one of those things you start and put away and move on to something else 
and then remember "Oh Yes, I forgot about YOU"!!
 So I'm almost finished with the small sampler 
and I need to finish the Sewing Machine...maybe a mattress pincushion...
One more thing with the first 150 of these designs going out
 I will include a little scissor charm with the hanger...
I think I'll put mine on the pincushion....
Can't wait to share more and "But God" is finished too
 I just need to iron, frame and make directions....
have a good Monday :)

Friday, January 19, 2024

How I Design and Create a Pattern

 I thought I would share with you "How I Design and Create the Patterns"

Most of the time I scribble down the idea's 

and then draw them out in quick sketches. 

I found these pictures that I had saved in one of my scrap books

...started spring cleaning, good thing I never threw these out :)

These pictures are from the design "Time for Seasons", 

this was originally a Stitch-A-Long 

and has been released in the Etsy shop as a PDF.

It's so funny that I came across these 

and then I realized that

                                              Pam from "Just Keep Stitchin" on Youtube 

is starting to stitch this design for her February 2024 stitching project.

 She actually purchased the last of the Stitch A Long Kits that I had, 

so she has some of the extra's that were included with the Stitch-A-Long.

Here is a link for her Video sharing all of her 24 starts for 2024, 

check it out, she is going to be one busy lady :)

Here we go.......follow the pictures :)

I think the only thing I did not mention is that I usually design with DMC in mind 
and then if I feel I would like to use another floss company I just change it as I go. 

I hope this was interesting for you and you can design too :)
Just be creative 

Monday, January 15, 2024

"But God"


Good morning !!
Here is a peek at a new design "But God"
Sorry its not ironed :(
I seem to be in a rush sometimes :)
Its pretty cold around here today and in other states too
so try to keep warm and keep those fingers moving by stitching :)
Errand day today, I'm keeping very busy, 
until next time 💓😎

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Brr It's Cold


"Brr It's Cold"

Happy Thursday to all of you!
On my way to the printer to order this chart..
should be ready by the beginning of next week... 
and to moms to take her on her errands...
post office, bank, grocery store, and all those other needed stops.
She gave up her car a couple of years ago so we have a once a week visit.....
oh and lunch too HAHA
Have a good day and keep warm

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Another Sneak Peek of "But God"


A Sneak Peek of "But God"
Oh I cant wait to share the rest of is finished!!

Also the newsletters have just gone out, 
and I have included some pics of my Whimsy Paper Flowers.

More to share tomorrow, hopefully haha, 
have a good might

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