Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update on Etsy and Peek of Bumble Bee design

Here are the pictures of my new design. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry and I didn't have time to iron the piece, but you can get the idea.

And I also have put a few designs on my Etsy shop (I will do that from time to time) What a surprise.

Have a good evening

Trunk Show visiting Always In Stitches, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. for the month of July

Good Morning,

Just a quick note to tell you that a trunk show will be visiting Always in Stitches
3828 Northlake Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, FL. for the month of July. So if you are in the area stop by and visit Carole and her staff. Make sure you sign up for the free raffle.

And on another note:

I spent most of the night planning the Funky Flower Garden Sampler plans. I will be designing 5 more flowers to make 12 vertical and 12 horizontal designs. This will make a total of 24 designs instead of 19.

I have made at least 9 different plans for laying out the flowers along with a few smaller motifs to fill in some areas.
I will put these together by next week and have them available on Etsy.

I will post a peek later today of my "Bumble Bee" design. Maybe I can have a contest for a name, because I just cant think right know. To many other things in there.

Talk to you later

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things Change & Added Beatrice & Camilla

So I never got to make my Shrinky Dinks yet. The weather was awful when I came home. We lost power until 10:00pm. So no stitching, reading, or computer time. But I am thankful we got our power back, there are so many people still without. We had what seemed to be mini tornado's, a ton of trees down, streets closed and a huge mess. I worked yesterday with no power taking care of babies, really not cool.
But on to other things.
I posted on the side bar the added "Beatrice" and "Camilla" to my Funky Flowers Garden Sampler.
Just have to frame them and then I will get them out to market too.
I stopped by Yankee Cross Stitch on Thursday and dropped of the models of Halloween Cove and Annabelle. So if you would like to see them check it out and she changed the shop around. I just love change it makes things look so new.
Have to take hubby to the hospital this morning, should take a few hours (I have plenty of stitching time).
Have a great day

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trying something different

Good morning,
I have been taking the "Kelly Rae Flying Lessons" course online. She talks a lot about going with what you really enjoy and what makes you happy. I do love stitching but I also enjoy other crafts. It might sound crazy but I miss working with polyshrink. We use to use shrinky dinks. I use to make these with my daughter when she was young and we would make pins and sell them at craft fairs and give as gifts. So I have a little more time off from work this summer so I am going to play. I will keep you posted and show you my progress.
On my way to visit mom this morning and then home to start my fun new venture.
Keep Creating

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just to answer a couple of questions

Monique asked if the Harry Potter Park was handicap accessible. I don't believe it really is.

They have a large area outside but in the castle it has some seating restrictions for the ride. After waiting in line the whole time to finally get to the ride part they have you try to see if you fit into these seats (that's only if there is any thought that you might not fit). So a big dad or a mom with huge boobs might have a hard time and might be turned away.

Sorry to sound like that but they seem to have it geared toward kids and young adults.

Also the shops they have are awesome but are very small in side. There were lines waiting to get into them. And then you have to push your way around.

I would wait for it to be off season (if that even exist for them).

And Bonnie asked how to make the apples on "Temptation Hill"
Here are some photos I tried to take today(Not the best)

Here is the first line out of 4 that you have to make.
It is a 4 square. Come up in the middle(center) of the four squares and go down into each outer corner.
4 squares = 4 corners and make sure you come up from the middle(center).

When the 4 anchor lines have been made come up the middle again.
Take needle with thread, and go under one(anchor)thread and go over the next, under the next, over the next.
You will continue this way (Actually you are only going under the same 2 threads the whole time because I have an even number of anchor threads used) until all of the anchor threads are covered.

Keep Going!!

Good Job. What lovely little apples. Just add the stems.

Here is sneak peek at "Beatrice"

Have a good evening and talk to you again on Wednesday.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank you, I feel better

Thank you for all of the well wishes and prayers because I feel so much better. My cold is almost gone except for a little cough, it is great.
Just to tell you that K-G Knitter guessed the location of our trip. We went to Florida and visited Universal Studios. I was disappointed because I didnt realize that the Harry Potter park wasn't scheduled to open until the 18th. But when we went to visit Universal we were able to walk by it and it was OPEN. They were letting people come in so the park employees could practice on customers before the big day. It was so crowded and our ride did stop in the middle but continued in a couple of minutes. I am happy we got to see it, and the little shops were so cute.
I am stitching up Funky Flowers "Beatrice" and a new Bumble Bee - hive themed design with no name yet.
Have a wonderful Father's Day

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sitting here with my tissues

Wow I have such a terrible cold. I cant breath. Sitting here trying to fold charts and glue pictures. The charts will be mailed out to shops that ordered from me on Saturday and will be available for other shops to order from the distributors by next Friday.

What a beautiful day here in the 60's. But its suppose to be in the 90's tomorrow and Saturday. Ugh!!
Here is a photo of a place we visited on our vacation. Can you guess? Hint: It was not cold there at all. That's fake snow and it was 96 degrees outside

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New "Annabelle" from Funky Flowers and models visiting The Stitching Post in Baltimore Maryland

Here are a couple of pictures of "Annabelle" from the Funky Flower line. And a note to tell you that some models are visiting The Stitching Post in Baltimore Maryland. So if you are in the area give Melinda and her staff a visit and sign up for the free raffle.
Have a good night

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi, I'm back and with photos of "Halloween Cove"

Hi everyone, I am back and I finished stitching Halloween Cove. I am sharing some photos with you. I will post more later but I am rushing out the door. So here goes!!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Flying Away

Here is a peek at my witch that is flying over Halloween Cove.
(Blogger posted her flying down UGH!!)
She does not have her eye yet or her broom but she certainly does have her wart. I wanted to show you something before I took my break. Off to have family bonding time, I will check in next Sunday. Missing all of you but I should have plenty to share then.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I am going to take a blogging and email break for next week. Just a little time to unwind and stitch up some of those Funky Flowers, and have some family bonding. Spent some of the day getting car repairs done and I tried to shop for cloths but it is not my thing. Maybe if I was in shape like I was when I was 17, it would be easier but for now it is the worst thing ever (not really I'm just being dramatic). I need to walk, maybe next week (definitely next week).

Well I have 19 funky flower designs made up and I might make 5 more. I am posting the grid that I made for the 19 flowers that I do have. On my side bar is a plain format for the flowers to be stitched as one big piece, and as I finish them and release them I will add a colored picture of it in each 3x5 space.
But for now I am inserting the first one to give you an idea. I just love the brightness of it.

Have a good night and I will post one more time before next week begins.


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