Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Saturday

Good afternoon.
I think I had THE FLU this week,fever,achy and sore, cough, sore throat, and very tired (LIKE I GOT HIT FROM A TRUCK) with a touch of dizziness. But they say they don't test for the flu so only go on symptoms, stay home. But I feel better today. I did bring my husband back to the hospital yesterday. He was also there 3 weeks ago, same thing. Just have to pray and have patience. I'm having one of those days when your head seems to think to much, a little lonely, and procrastinating on what i should be doing. Well one day at a time.
Did I tell you I am almost finished my last Christmas design. I'll tell you the name "Christmas Cove". Marianne gave me the idea for a Halloween Cove but I didn't have enough time to get that one done for the season,so I thought I could do it for Christmas.
And I have a new project brewing in the kitchen( because that's the only extra room I have). It's not stitching but has to do with soldering and glass. I used to do stained glass and thought this project would be great to take up since I already know about glass. So that's on my list for this weekend too. I'll post pictures of that when I have something to show you.
Well here is a peak of "Christmas Cove". I have to go and do a little of everything and try to stop thinking so much.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Angel Of Hope Punch Needle Design

What a beautiful morning. I've been up early today, I'm in a mood to work. I've been designing, cleaning, and taking pictures. So busy that my coffee is cold. Well here is a picture of "Angel Of Hope" I just have to add a hanger to her and she'll be already to hang for the Holidays and maybe forever. But we have a doc appt, and a dentist appt so I'll have to post her on Etsy later today. Have a good day and check back later on Etsy.donna

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whats Up

Hi everyone, My daughter and I helped out at church this morning with coffee hour. It was fun, we prepared, served, and cleaned up. It was nice to see everyone. It was my husbands idea to volunteer but he ended up no being well again today so it was just us girls. And then it started to rain, and what a cold rain it is today. One of those days to stay in. I decided to finish some directions on a punch needle angel that I made and sell her on my Etsy Shop, but guess who has the camera again and is not home? (my daughter) So I will post pictures tomorrow and post on Etsy also. But I'm of to stitch. I did put "The Tidal River #3" aside just for a week because I must finish another first. This one is for Christmas (Which is coming soon). But it's a secret that I will share next week. Until tomorrow (I am anxiously waiting for that camera).
Have a good day

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beautiful Day and Etsy Update

What a beautiful day here. I am going to do paper work(Ugh) and then I'm going to work on "Tidal River #3". I just finished designing a new one called "Old Brick House". Funny how I can't wait to start a new one but I must finish what I'm working on first. I decided to add my punch needle designs to my Etsy shop. So I did, check them out. Have a good day and don't rush life. Enjoy the moment.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Changed my mind again

Well what to do if you don't like your finish!! Try again. Thats what I did. I finished another frame for my pink Poinsettia. I thought it was so light that it needed a lighter finish. So I painted a frame for it and here it is. Well it's not here any more, its visiting Deb at Stitches N Things with its other model friends. I have been trying to post new things on Etsy but my new camera is not taking compatable pictures for them. Oh my, more things to figure out. Well have a good night, donna

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Free Chart Happy Halloween


I have been very busy and some what perplexed when it comes to putting free charts on the blog. Always a challenge for me, the design can't be too big, has to be the right format for blogger, oh, if I could only remember from time to time what I did.
Well at least I got it done. So here is my little paper doll figure (kind of). It started out looking more like a paper doll and has gone through some changes but this is what I ended up with. Hope you can stitch it and find a use for our little happy friend.
have a good evening,

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