Harbor Haven "Stitch-A-Long"

“Harbor Haven “
Stitch A Long
Dear Needlesmith:

Sign-ups will start Thursday Nov 2nd, 2017,
and the “Harbor Haven” Stitch A Long will begin on Dec 10th, 2017

This is a 12 month Stitch A Long

The cost will be $8.00 for each of the 12 sections or a total of $96.00 for the year.

You can pay with Paypal and I can sign you up for automatic bills every month which will be on the 5th of every month or if you prefer to pay all at once I can send you A Paypal invoice for the total for the year…
I can also accept checks…just email me about that J

If you sign up for the Stitch A Long you are being given the discounted price of $8.00 for each section…These 12 designs will be released in the future but will have a retail of $10.00 for each section at that time…..

Another Special for Signing Up will be the individual border that can be stitched around each section if you choose to stitch individual scenes….this will be FREE …It is similar to “Serenity Harbor”….

I will need this information to sign you up:
Mailing Address
Paypal email address:
Email address for PDF’s:
Do you prefer a monthly bill or pay at once?:

email this info to me at 

stitchbythebay at aol dot com (wrote this out so 
I do not get spam but you can figure it :)
thank you so much 

These charts that you receive from me will be in a PDF format…if you prefer hard copies please see if your local Cross Stitch Shop would like to participate in the Stitch A Long!

My THANK YOU GIFT at the end of the year for participating in the full program will be a Free personalized chart….something similar to “I Am A Needlesmith” but different J
After you sign up I will send you the PDF file with all of the information you will need for floss suggestions, fabric sizes, and floss usage……

Thank you so much for considering joining us in the “Harbor Haven” Stitch A Long



"Harbor Haven" will be released in 12 Sections Starting In December
It is a wide horizontal seaside scene that has 12 separate scenes that can be each stitched alone as a separate design. These all fit together into one long landscape

The Stitch count for the whole design is 672 x 84 
The Stitch count for each of the 12 sections is 56 x 84


With a stitch count of 56 x 84
you can stitch this on 14 ct Aida cloth or 28ct linen over (2) 
and this would measure 4 x 6...
This fits beautifully in a 5 x 7 frame....


I have another idea for you!! If you stitched "Serenity Harbor"
you would remember the rose border!
Well I have designed a similar rose border that will fit around
 the outer edges of the single "Harbor Haven" section..
This means that the stitch count will be 98 x 126 and
again stitching this on 14ct Aida or 28ct linen over (2)
would make the design a 7 x 9
 and guess what size frame that fits into nicely.....
An 8 x 10....Just beautiful

You could make a wall collage of these
 small stitched sections for your home :)

I have designed Harbor Haven with DMC floss in mind
 but you can change to silks or some overdyes would be beautiful :)
(I will have a DMC list available soon)

You are welcomed to sign up with me as PDF charts
or if your local cross stitch shop would like to join us
 we would love to work with them to send hard-copies/paper charts.

If you sign up for the 12 month "Harbor Haven Stitch A Long" 
the cost will be
 $8.00 for each of the 12 sections.

These will be available in the future to be
sold separately but the retail for the
 individual sections will be $10.00 each

I also have a "Thank You" gift for joining
....no kit this time :)
I am still working on an idea .
 This will be personalized and be available
 for whomever joins the whole year "SAL" :)

More info coming soon ...
and there will be a sneak peek every day 
Monday thru Friday for about 23 days :)
Sneak Peeks Start Monday Sept 25th :)


  1. Donna - I have a quick question. I loved the palate for Serenity Harbour (I did Cathe Re's silk conversion and it is stunning) - - is the palate for Harbour Haven likely to be a bit similar to Serenity Harbour? I'm very tempted to do this to make a set - - would stick to the same fabric as for Serenity Harbour and do it 36ct over 1 like I did for Serenity Harbour.
    many thanks,

    1. I am using many of the same colors...and would match perfectly :)

  2. Hi, how do I sign up for the pdf chart option? I am travelling Australia at the moment and have no fixed address, so pdf is a really good option for me. Thanks for any info.

    1. Hi Kim, I will start taking sign ups on October 25th...I wanted to finish with all of the peeks first and get everything else in order :), Cant wait to start, hope Australia is being good to you and you are enjoying it :)

  3. Hi Donna, I'm wondering if the overall size (all 12 sections) completed will fit into a 5x7 frame or an 8x10? Kinda new to this and I'm guessing each section would fit into one or the other is that right?

    1. If you just stitch one section that would fit in an 8 x 10 frame if stitched on 14ct Aida or 28ct linen over (2)
      If you want to stitch all of the 12 sections as one long scene and on 14ct Aida that would measure 48 inches x 6 inches
      I will be adding more information next week with more dimensions for different fabric counts :)

  4. Hi Donna, What is your recommendations for a scroll frame or how to handle a piece this large? I am thinking 36 count.

    Thank you,

  5. Hi Lois: I have never stitched with a scroll frame before...I usually use a hoop but if you do use the scroll I am thinking that you could set it up like usual the only difference is that it is such a long horizontal design that you would need to turn the scroll to stitch it the correct direction...not sure how your stand would work to hold it in place?

  6. Hi Donna I sent email some days ago to sign up for the stitch along.
    I would like to stitch complete design on 28 ct and if I read correctly, I will need a 52x10 “ piece of fabric. Do you know where I can order a piece that big from?
    Thank you,

  7. Paige, I just updated the blog with the Participating shops...I am sure one of them could help you with the fabric...sorry I didn't do this earlier...see at the top of the page the list

  8. Here I go! I have started a little late but I will catch up :)
    I chose Belfast Silver Moon and will use 5200 in place of ecru
    I'm so excited! This is my first sol...

  9. How do I sign up for this to get the PDFs? My local store is hour or more away and would rather get them directly. I didntd see a link or email to sign up. I would need each from the start too. Help!?

  10. Hi is it still looking at the discount price or has the chart already been released?

    1. The stitch a long was in 2017 with the Special to sign up at that time. It is available in the Etsy shop at a retail of $10.00 for each section.


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