Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Finishing Pattern For Kindred Spirits and Closeups of Seaside Blue In Wool

I have made some changes to my "Kindred Spirits" cross stitch finishing. For the release I photo shopped  a black frame on to the pattern cover because I pushed for time but I kept looking at the unframed piece in my room and thought I could come up with something else. So I took out my pencil and my wool stash and came up up with this to share. I think it adds so much to the finished piece and if you click here on the word "Kindred Spirits" you will be taken to the free finishing directions to make the flowers and add them to your piece. This is also a great idea for finishing some of your other work. You can find a flower pattern, get some wool to match your stitched design and have a fun. So Many Ideas!!

And here are some closeups of "Seaside Blue In Wool"

This pattern will be available tomorrow on my Etsy, Have a great day :)  donna

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Wool Applique Design

the photo is a little dark but I will take more outside today
Good morning
I finished the stitching for my wool applique design late last night. I just have to do the finishing work with a backing and a rod pocket for hanging.I am excited and I cant wait to start the other lighthouses that I have planned. I am making them all the same size so they can be used to make table runners. You can pick which designs you want to use for either side of your runner. This design will be ready in about a week. I will have the model at Celebration Of Needlework at Yankee Cross Stitches booth along with more models of cross stitching.
On my way to Camp Wool to pick up more supplies and LeAnn will also have the model at her "Hook In" on April 27 and 28th.
thanks for reading my blog and have a peaceful day

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Etsy Update with Limited Edition Kits

We had our grandson Liam this weekend. He is such a joy.We picked up sticks in the yard, threw the ball.  I drew a fish for him and then he and Pop Pop colored it. Here he is with them hanging in the hallway. We are starting a collection for every time he visits. Who knows maybe there will be Funky Fins in the near Future.
"Funky Flowers" Funky Feather's" and Funky Fins" 
I also updated the Etsy shop with a couple of limited edition kits that I have available.  I am on my way to pick up the printing order and photos. I will then be folding gluing and bagging so I will have charts ready tonight. But check out the kits because once they are gone I am not making anymore of those.But I do have some of the scissor fobs in mind with different designs. I am almost ready to share with you my progress on my wool applique.
Have a great day and my thoughts are with the people from the Boston Marathon, Saying prayers all through out the day that God give them peace in the midst of this tragedy.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Design for Summer. Take a LOOK

Happy Wednesday, This is "Seaside Blue"

I finished framing this for you this morning. I know summer is around the corner and this chart will be available next week just in time to stitch and decorate for summer. I did teach this piece before but I changed it around and it had wool flowers coming out from the frame but I did not put those in for this design. .
I will share tomorrow my wool applique progress. That one will have the wool flowers coming out from the bottom.
I want to thank all of you for your comments. I have not been able to reply to you yet I just need more organized time. I am working on it :>)
have a great day

Monday, April 08, 2013

Birds Of A Funky Feather #6 & #7 finished

Good Afternoon,
I finished #6 and #7 of the bird series and here are some photos.

I also have finished "Nantucket Blues" in cross stitch and I am working on it in wool applique.That should be ready Wednesday to share with you. I also just finished dyeing a yard of 14ct Aida for a class to be taught at Camp Wool for beginning cross stitch and it will have a new design called "A Simple Sampler". I will share that next week but I off to pick up hubby from the hospital again, then to the post office to mail out the giveaways and the Christmas ornament for Just Cross Stitch  magazine.  Then back home to stitch more. I think I have to squeeze some housework in there!! oh I dont want to...........
have a good night

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