Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Just added some books to Etsy

I just added 4 books to my Etsy shop and more coming tomorrow, these are slightly used and I have enjoyed them so much but its time to SIMPLIFY and clean out what I am not using.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cleaning the studio and adding books to Etsy

Good day to everyone :)
I have been very busy cleaning my studio/office. I love crafts so much and I always have been doing something. I have been stitching since I was about 8. I took sewing lessons when I was 12 with my aunts and made suits and clothes. I have crocheted for a very long time too making doily's, snowflakes and so much more. I took stained glass lessons and made a mirror, a table lamp and other gifts. I have done macrame, painted pictures, sketched, refinished furniture, done craft fairs, all kinds of stitching, made candles, quilted, made dolls, 3 dimensional paper pictures, and so much more. I guess I am from the 60's generation of using our hands and enjoying creativity. It kept me out of trouble. So with all of that said I need to get rid of some of my books. I have such a large stash of books that I have only looked at once or twice. With the dawning of Pinterest I have been exploring so much and have been inspired by so much that I have decided to try my best to bring my focus into a general area. I am keeping stitching, wool & felt, and a little crochet. With those 3 areas I have so many things in my idea book that it is overflowing :). So I am off to create. (Its my therapy). But I still need to "SIMPLIFY". I will be adding about 2-3 books a day onto my Etsy shop. I will give a brief description of each, I will try to keep the shipping cost down but some of the books are heavy. If you love books like I do please check them out. They are all crafty :)
have a good night

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pics of class from this weekend and something I forgot on Birds Of A funky Feather #1

Happy Thursday to all of you, My hubby had an operation yesterday and  also spent about 2 weeks in the hospital last month, so I have fallen a bit behind in some work. But I did teach this past weekend at Camp Wool in Kennebunk Maine, I taught a wool bird called "Sandy". It was fun and of course I could not leave without checking out the wool and adding to my stash.
Andrina was kind enough to send me an email and tell me that on Birds Of A funky Flower #1 I forgot to add  2 floss numbers to the supply list on the back cover. So you will also need DMC  3721 and DMC 3722. They are on the chart and directions, just not the supply list.
Patty, Pam & Martha & they finished their birds :)
I did have another class but I forgot to take pictures, :(

So many birds

To add to my stash
Have a good day, donna

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