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Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Ready For Classes Tomorrow & I didn't forget about the pear pincushion :)

Happy Friday to everyone, I just finished getting kits ready for classes tomorrow at Camp Wool in Kennebunkport. I also just finished the directions that I will sell on Etsy (by Sunday) for making wool feather trees. I have the dimensions in the chart for 8 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch trees along with color photos. I will also have on Etsy the directions to make the small wool clip-on birds. . The charts will be sold in PDF format so you will have time to make some before Christmas. I made a few of them in different colors and here they are:

And here are some pics of the different trees I made. These are so much fun to make with friends, coffee, cookies and a little Christmas music.
8 inch tree, it is soooo cute 
12 inch tree just the right size

18 inch white tree in a small vase with white seashells in the vase for fill

24 inch tree that the wool is just perfect, I wish you could see the real color it is a light green plaid and it looks like snow on the branches

And yes I remember about the Pear pincushion but it came out awful so I am going to take it apart on Sunday and redo it. As soon as I have something to share I will post about it and give you free directions for that pin cushion . 
We had a quiet Thanksgiving, hubby was in the hospital until this Wednesday. So I had been visiting him and all he wanted for Thanksgiving was desert so mom made him his favorite, cinnamon cake, he was very happy. I hope you all had a memorable Thanksgiving. 
Well I went to bed last night at 1:00am (I guess that was this morning) and then I was up at 6:30 this morning  just stitching away and making directions and I still I have a bit more packing to do so good night until Sunday

Monday, November 19, 2012

Still working on the Pear pincushion and I just added some frames to Etsy

Oh it is chilly here !! or maybe it is just me, I think I need to put some socks on. I have been working so much to get orders out and make Holiday deadlines. Had to bring hubby back to the hospital yesterday and we are not sure if he will be home for Thanksgiving he has to try a different form of a blood transfusion. So we will give thanks and pray more. My son is 31 and has a family of his own and we have to share Holidays with my daughter in-laws side of the family and my daughter is 19 and now we have to share with her new boyfriends family too. So if hubby is still in the hospital it looks like it will be just my mom and I for Thanksgiving and the 2 cats. We will see my son on the weekend for our Thanksgiving and who knows what time my daughter will be home Thursday, so mom and I will be doing some knitting and stitching, watching TV, eating turkey and pork pie and just relaxing and maybe if hubby is good we will visit him, haha!!
I hope you all spend sometime with your family and if you do not have family I hope you have some good friends. I am still cleaning and I need to make that grocery list and go to the laundromat but I just wanted you to know that I am still working on the pear pincushion and I should have in finished in a couple days maybe even on Thanksgiving. That would be a treat, I will pdf the directions for you too.
While I was cleaning I found a draw that contained some frames that were made just for my Funky Flowers if they are stitched over 1 on 28ct linen so I added them to my Etsy shop. Take a look they are so cute and would make a great Christmas gift
have a good night and I am going to find those socks
These are the small frames

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New designs just in time for the Holidays

Happy Thursday to everyone. I have another new design to share with you. "Santa Tending The Sheep"
I just finished him last night and took photos this morning and took directions to the printer very early. I just love him. I love all things with dimension so I made him by cross stitching everything first and then going over the cross stitches with french knots in the areas that I wanted to be raised. I also used different amounts of floss to make this. So the directions have my suggestions for the different thicknesses for the knots or you can just leave him cross stitched. Either way I love him. Oh and one more thing the frame I found at Michael s craft store  but I made him to fit any 5 x 7 frame if you stitch him on 14ct Aida or 28ct linen over 2.
And here he is

I love his mustache and eyebrows

I made the berries from french knots but you could also use beads 

The fur on Santas coat is made with Gentle Arts Cinnamon and the sheep is so woolly I just want to hug him

I also want to share a photo of my "Birds Of A Funky Feather" I have a 5 stitched on one piece and the next one is in the works. Maybe a red cardinal :) for winter

Just one more thing to share. I have a thing for pears and partridges so since I have quite a few of my Pear pincushions kits that are left over from an event last spring I would like to offer them you along with a pin that I made especially for the pincushions. I took my pattern of my partridge and sized it so I could make pins for you. I then drew and filled in each one with oil pencils. So for each kit you purchase from my Etsy I will include a Partridge pin. These are limited because I only made so many but I can always make more but at the moment I am so busy.

Ok just one more thing I forgot to tell you. I am offering the models of my "Vineyard" series on Etsy. I have no more room at home for models of the discontinued charts and my husband just love these but there is only so much wall space in a home. So if you know of a vineyard owner (Maybe you do) or someone that loves grapes and wine check it out on Etsy

I will share more this weekend but hubby has a doc appt tomorrow and it is far so I will spend the day traveling but I will catch up with you on Saturday
have a good Friday

Friday, November 09, 2012

Update for "Birds Of A Funky Feather" and a new peek

Happy Friday to all of you, 
I have been busy stitching and designing, I just finished Birds #5 and it is just in time for the Holidays. It is a partridge in a pear tree (or at least branches) I am also working on restitching it and finishing it as a pear pin cushion. I will put the directions for the pincushion on this blog for you.(give me about a week:)) 
I also sent a new design for winter to April (my helping hands), And I have added a peek at another design that will be finished my Monday. So you all know what I will be busy doing, stitching, stitching, and more stitching. Have a good weekend

who could this be???? 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

SAL update

I just finished posting the finished SAL photos for everyone to see all of their great work. I so enjoy doing these SAL's but the Holidays are upon us so I will do another but not until this winter, maybe January. 
Please enjoy scrolling through everyone's work and leave a comment if you like, they worked hard and the stitching is wonderful. I also have these posted on the SAL page of this blog.

These photos are from Annette. I couldn't decide which photos to share so I posted all four

Finished work from Megan

Finished work from Arcadia

Finished work from Meari

Finished work from Raffaella

Finished work from Char

Finished work form Annika

Finished work from Isa

Finished work from Cemavi Sophie

Finished work from Anna S. 

Anna S.

And I just found this email from Annie Bebop she finished the summer SAL into a camera  pouch, what a great idea :)

And another finish for the Summer SAL form Nancy in SC. You guys are so creative at the finishing. A denim bag is a great idea too

Another summer SAL finish from Pam in IL

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