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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summer Breeze

I just added a picture of my "Lighthouse Sampler" to Instagram and I thought of the song 
"Summer Breeze" so I just needed to share this video :)

 HAVE A Beautiful day

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mermaid.....seen swimming By The Bay

YES....she's been seen swimming By The Bay...I am so funny !!
She will be ready soon...she's making a trip to the printer's and then she'll be back home
The design will be ready hopefully by Wednesday!
Hope you are all having a Great Start To The Summer

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Needlesmith's Sharing Their Work !

Just a quick note that I am adding a LABEL to the Blog for everyone
 that has shared their Hand work with me...
I have gone back to 2007....
so check out some of your fellow stitchers work and if you
have some work to share yours I would love to pass it on...
I really Enjoy seeing all of your hand work...
The new LABEL is "Needlesmith's Sharing Their Hand Work"

And speaking of sharing we have some work from  Christine,
she is working on the Funky Flowers
 and has given us a link to her site with more pictures.
 Looking Wonderful!!.
Cant wait to see it finished

Sue Fassoles is submitting her work to the ANG's National Seminar.
Best of luck to Sue :)...it looks BEAUTIFUL!
Love the frame!

As I was looking through all of the blog post to find pictures that have
 been shared with me, it made me miss stitching...
I looked at all of the designs that I have stitched and wonder,
 how did I do it all?  HAHA!!
So it has been my inspiration to get going again...wish me luck :)
Have a great day
 ( I think we should have a Free Mystery SAL soon) it churning in my mind!!

Friday, June 08, 2018

Free Design for Encouragement and Thankfulness

Happy Friday to all of you.
I was watching YouTube on our TV last night and following the suggestions 
under cross stitching  and came across a picture of someone holding
 up a finished design of mine that I gave away long ago in 2010 as a freebie....
so I watched the video and saw that she was not sure who the designer was 
so I went to my computer later to send her a message that it was mine ....
I noticed a message in the Etsy shop and it was from Pam Schaffner 
who made the video...she was asking about the chart because someone told her 
they thought it was mine.....
So Cool!! that I saw it just by chance an hour earlier...
I think God is in this coincidence :)...
So I am posting the design because you never know
 who needs it at the moment!! God knows that someone does!...
Love you all

Click on the words "CLICK HERE" below the picture to be taken to the PDF
  so you can stitch it for yourself or someone that 
needs a little

Click HERE!!

I had the design printed on fabric long ago and then finished it a small floss tag :)

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