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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy  Holiday
By The Bay

Holy Shamoli , It's White Christmas Snowy !
Remembering the reason for the Season

Hellooooooo Stitchers !

Sorry, but it's not Donna today, but her Handsome, Dashing, Charming, and obviously 'disilusioned'
husband, Bill. But please know that Donna, myself, daughter Meagan, and da Kitty Katz wish you ALL the very Happiest of Christmas' with Warm Blessings from our currently Snowy Bay !
Perhaps a Winter Stitching Retreat Next Year ???
Let us know if this sounds interesting to you.
Stitching from the fireplace warmth while gazing at the Snowy Bay !
Perhaps a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride !
A Chestnut Roast !
and so much more is available in our beautiful Old New England Bayside tourist destination.
Hmmmmm !

Attention Harbor Haven SAL Participants
It appears we are poised for yet another fun-filled On-Line SAL
( available through participating retail shoppes or through By the Bay )
There may still be participants who have not yet been officially processed at our end. Please know that Donna has 'two fingered frankie' (me), working diligently processing your info.
in the computer. Please bear with me ! , ..... Donna's crackin' the whip, and the remaining
newer sign-ups WILL be processed in short order. If Shoppes or Individuals have any emergent questions needing quick response, please feel free to contact me directly at bill.bayliss@aol.com

Aside from the Harbor Haven SAL, our ETSY shop will be on vacation until December 28th.
Retail Partners may also feel free to call, and shop orders will be filled as usual.

We Thank You for your prayers and concern for Donna's Meningitis and Surgery set back.
Your e-mails, cards, and calls, doesn't so much appear to be a Business Network, but a FAMILY ! , ...... and we Thank You !  For you are indeed special to us, and we feel very blessed
to Stitch with You !

Happy Christmas to All , .... and to All, a Good Night !
Bill n' Donna 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Free Holiday "Stitch An Inch" charts from the Newsletter


I gave these little "Stitch An Inch" designs away in my newsletter for the Holidays and I have just posted them here for you if you did not receive my newsletter !! 

Click on the words below the chart to be taken to the PDF file ...

Let your light shine this Holiday season and always...
Love you

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy Holidays Stitchers !

Ho Ho Ho ! , ........  'Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow !'

Thank God for 'stitching'!   As you all are likely aware, I'm recovering from Bacterial Meningitis, and am awaiting surgery for a complication. But, 'It's All Good' as they say,...... and all 'I' can say
is ' Thank God for Stitching, and Thank God for our Stitch A Long'.
Between stitching through one of our many upcoming snowstorms, and The 'Social Interaction'
gained in our Stitch A Long . (  Many Thanks to Mo and her great Harbor Haven FaceBook Page! ), my recovery will be swift, fun, and additional designing will quickly resume.

YES ! , ........ The Glass is Half Full !

During the next month or so, I may not be able to answer some emails as quickly as I typically do, so don't be surprised if you get an email from my lovely daughter Meagan, or my Super Hunk of a Man, husband Bill !  haha  (old joke, some may get it).
But as a Family with a Family Business, we just wanted to assure you that ( WE'RE  ALL  IN ! ).
For the next month or so, we're all here to support YOU !, and your Harbor Haven SAL.  It's sure a blessing that ALL of my Design Work and Directions for the Harbor Haven SAL was done before having to go through this Meningitis Nightmare !

PLEASE  NOTE :  Until fully recuperated, from my upcoming surgery, I will NOT be able to 
                                 design, and my typically quick New Design release schedule will be set back
                                 a bit. ,.........  I'm really not liking this Meningitis  " Thingy " but, I'm
                                 upright and grateful.


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

What a long day :(

I just updated the Page for Harbor Haven and I also have sent out some emails...actually a bunch :)
So tired...going to bed early and I will have more to share soon...brains pooped !!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving and an Harbor update

Happy Wednesday to all of you :)
I have been busy getting ready for Harbor Haven :)
I have made a list of the participating shops to date that might be able to help you with fabric and fibers, and if you want to join and receive a hard copy please reach out to them :)
I have the PDF files and shops have the Hard Copies

There is a Facebook Page that Mo has graciously started for me for Harbor Haven!
and she also has a Facebook Page for herself and her fibers :)

Thank you for reading my blog post and I am off to make a meat pie and cocktail meatballs...we have been invited to my daughters boyfriends parent house this year and it is the first time in about 35 years I am not making the whole meal :)
Have SAFE TRAVELS and a BLESSED Holiday!!

Friday, November 03, 2017

Processing sign-ups

Good evening !
I will be processing sign-ups during the weekend....
If you sent me an email it should be processed by the end of the weekend...if you sent me one and did not hear back by Sunday night then please send me another :)
Thank you for joining and your patience
have a great weekend

More Borders :)

I cant sleep very well yet :( so I was up early and made another border for you if you stitch 2 conjoining sections together...I am almost finished with the PDF information sheets that I will send out soon as soon as I start responding to the sign ups...thank you for your patience with me!!

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Harbor Sign Ups below and a look at a couple of Borders that you will receive for joining!!

Information for joining is in the previous post but I wanted to share a couple of borders that will be available for you when you sign up for the year!!
Lets get stitching :)

Harbor Haven Sign-Ups !!

“Harbor Haven “
Stitch A Long
Dear Needlesmith:

Sign-ups will start Thursday Nov 2nd, 2017, and the “Harbor Haven” Stitch A Long will begin on Dec 10th, 2017

This is a 12 month Stitch A Long

The cost will be $8.00 for each of the 12 sections or a total of $96.00 for the year.

You can pay with Paypal and I can sign you up for automatic bills every month which will be on the 5th of every month or if you prefer to pay all at once I can send you A Paypal invoice for the total for the year…
I can also accept checks…just email me about that J

If you sign up for the Stitch A Long you are being given the discounted price of $8.00 for each section…These 12 designs will be released in the future but will have a retail of $10.00 for each section at that time…..

Another Special for Signing Up will be the individual border that can be stitched around each section if you choose to stitch individual scenes….this will be FREE …It is similar to “Serenity Harbor”….

I will need this information to sign you up:
Mailing Address
Paypal email address:
Email address for PDF’s:
Do you prefer a monthly bill or pay at once?:

These charts that you receive from me will be in a PDF format…if you prefer hard copies please see if your local Cross Stitch Shop would like to participate in the Stitch A Long!

My THANK YOU GIFT at the end of the year for participating in the full program will be a Free personalized chart….something similar to “I Am A Needlesmith” but different J
After you sign up I will send you the PDF file with all of the information you will need for floss suggestions, fabric sizes, and floss usage……

Thank you so much for considering joining us in the “Harbor Haven” Stitch A Long

My Email address is stitchbythebay (at) aol.com...    please add the @ instead of the word (at)
didnt want spam :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Harbor Haven Full Nautical Scene

I have uploaded an image of the whole Nautical Scene for "Harbor Haven"
Sign ups will start tomorrow and I will post in the morning what I will need for you to sign up..
I tried to see if I could add a border around the whole design like Serenity Harbor but the Stitch Program is giving me an error!! I guess it doesn't want it any larger :(

I will try again later :)

Getting There !!!!

Early Monday morning a huge hurricane like storm went by and we lost power for 2 days L…So finally the computer is back up and I am doing work on Harbor Haven…Just finishing up some details. I should have more the final information by this evening, I will post the full and final design picture then..So basically I need the full day to finish it all… and we will get this SAL going….
Thank you for your patience …who would have ever known I would end up in the hospital and then lose power too…..never know what a day will bring!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I'm HOME :)

Happy Sunday

I came home Friday afternoon!!!I am so blessed.
I need to thank all of you from the bottom of my HEART for your Prayers and well wishes. I hope you enjoyed messages from Hubby...he has a blog , so he was able to help me out!! Thank you Bill!!
When I came home my Daughter Meagan was here doing housework and cooking healthy food for me...what a blessing that was...she has become an amazing woman. 

8 days on the hospital was along time...I will still be on IV antibiotics a bit longer, and then we will address the AFib that I had an episode with in the hospital...and found out I have sleep Apnea too. So at least we found these things out while I was in the care of nurses and doctors and we can get them addressed. 

Etsy Orders
All current Etsy orders will be going to the Post Office on Monday

"Harbor Haven"
I will be finishing up details for the "Harbor Haven" release.
Thank you so much for your patience and  I will have the full reveal on Oct 31st and then sign ups will start November 1st.  

Below is Harbor Haven Scene #11 and #12
I will leave this for you to ponder! A bit dark but that is the Mystery  :)
Harbor Haven scene #11

Harbor Haven Scene #12

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Prayers being answered at Serenity Harbor !

Hello Dear Stitchers !

This is (bill, Donna's Hubby) once again with an update on Donna's health challenge. And, it appears that all of your prayers are evidently being heard above, as Donna's ' Triple Antibiotic Cocktail ' seems to have taken hold and her white blood cell count is very slowly DROPPING !

We Thank You Deeply for your Prayers !

SO ! , ...... Where does that leave us  ???   Well, if  all  goes as hoped for, and we continue to see these improvements, my Dear Donna will be home by the end of the week. In anticipation of this, the hospital placed a PICC line in her upper arm, and donna will receive two doses of IV antibiotics daily for 2 to 4 weeks once home.( I guess this 'Bacterial' Meningitis takes quite a while to clear up!)   BUT !

We pray you will bear with us as we progress through this week. We do expect to be able to ship any ETSY  SHOP  ORDERS  next week. AND ! , ..... donna told me to let you know that these orders will be accompanied by a ' SPECIAL  SURPRISE ' . 

SO ! , ......; and as a matter of fact, I've done so well on the 'HONEY-DO' list, that Donna has promoted Me !.  I am now the ' Vice- President of Manufacturing ' !~  WaHoooo
( folding and stuffing charts in envelopes! )

As a new V.P. ! , (donna doesn't know this yet) BUT!, from now till Donna gets home, ' So we'll say, through the weekend, ALL , yes  ALL  ETSY  ORDERS  WILL  INCLUDE  a  very
( only one per customer )
And again, we Thank You from the very bottom of our hearts for all of your Prayers, Cards, and emailed notes of encouragement. This has made a significant difference to Donna's recovery from what was a  life threatening situation.  Bless You All
( if needed, you may email me at bill.bayliss@aol.com . I can call u back if needed )

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hello Dear Stitching Family !

Hello Dear Stitching Family !

This is actually ( bill ) Bayliss posting today. Yes! , I'm Donna's 'extremely handsome'  Husband.
( with the obviously odd and self indulgent sense of humor )

I am posting for my beautiful donna as she is currently 'in-hospital' being treated for bacterial meningitis. Most of you have likely heard of this, and of it's seriousness. Needless to say we've seen a difficult few days, and still have a bit of tough road ahead. But, on a positive note, and after a somewhat 'concerning' night, today we were blessed with a slight improvement and a slightly lower White Blood Cell count. For the non med-heads, this is a sign the aggressive therapy she is on may be taking hold !   ................ needless to say, there's been quite a bit of praying going on.

The other very positive sign is Donna's concern regarding the Fun upcoming On-Line Stitch A Long,  ' HARBOR  HAVEN ' ,  ( which 'I' think will generate more national level awards by our stitchers than SERENITY  HARBOR ! ). SO ! ,...... donna wanted to be sure to tell you that ' She's feeling a bit better, and if the treatment continues to improve as it appears it 'may' be , ..God willing, ....  she should be able to get you all up to date with the 'Sneak Peeks', etc. etc., next week some time.
I believe donna is now planning on extending the sign up date until November 1st, and the START  DATE should remain unaffected.
SO ! , ......... ' In- Short '
Please excuse this unexpected ' RAIN  DELAY ' !
Donna will be back with you all as soon as her continued blessings restore her health
We both have an overwhelming feeling we are on the way to recovery, and that donna will be further blessed and that this issue will be " Stitched  Up ! " in a few more days.
Prayers for continued improvement are most certainly appreciated.
I ( bill ) will keep you up to date

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

Harbor Haven Peek #16

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek ..this is Section #9

check back for more :)

And I have removed the previous sneak peeks...So catch them while you can!!
The full and final reveal will be Thursday!! WooWoo!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #15

Harbor Haven
The last peek for the week!!
Sections 1-8


Peek of what I have been working on
"Stitch An Inch Autumn Orni's"
More to stitch :)
and I will give one away next week for a Freebie!!
Which one could it be??

Newsletters Have Gone Out
Enjoy your weekend and keep stitching 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #14

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

A very quiet scene, a little lamb enjoying some flowers
 and a lone seagull flying above, 
I can hear the sound of the water rippling on the small sandy shore!!
More tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #13

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

This is a peek of Sections 1-7
Still a bit Blurry...that's because it is a peek!!
Section #8 is for tomorrow!!
Check back then and here is a peek of a single section with a "Serenity Harbor" like border!!
Don't forget that each of the 12 sections can be stitched as a separate design and I have made a border for you to add to any of the sections that you might want to stitch separate and add a little Serenity!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #12

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

To days peek is of our Fisherman.....
Yes our Needlesmith is knitting for her Gentleman friend.
 He has been fishing for her !!
Lobster traps and buoys are on the ground...
Maybe it will be lobster for diner.
Lets see what the scene looks like to date...
........Tomorrow :) 

Monday, October 09, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #11

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

Happy Monday :)
This is section 1-6 of "Harbor Haven"
 and we are half way there!!
Not only does each section make a design in itself 
but 2 conjoined sections make a design. 
Two sections have a stitch count of 112 x 84 and if stitched on 14ct Aida or 28ct Linen
 this would measure 8 x 6 and would fit into a 10 x 8 frame, 
I'm sure I could come up with a one inch border to help fill in the extra space.
Oh!! the possibilities. 
Please check back Tuesday to see who our Needlesmith might be knitting for!!

Friday, October 06, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #10

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

This is Section #6
Look who is visiting "Harbor Haven"
It's our "Needlesmith" and she is relaxing under the shade by her loyal sheep.
She is busy knitting with the yarn she made from their wool!!
Oh what a day!! 
Maybe she is knitting a sweater for her beloved....we will have to wait and see!!
Have a wonderful weekend and more again on Monday!!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #9

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

And here are sections 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 of Harbor Haven 
Thank you for checking out the peeks!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #8

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

Section #5
I think I might add a little lamb in there on the grassy hill..

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #7

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

This is Section 1, 2, 3, and 4
Thank you for checking out the peek and tomorrow will be Section #5
Hope you enjoyed yesterdays video!

Have a good night

Monday, October 02, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #6

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

Good Day,
Here is a peek of section #4,
A large Blue Colonial home nestled by the ocean inlet
with a couple of sheep helping to keep the grass short ...
a small blue hydrangea bush by the water along with beach rose bushes by the home....
I can just smell the flowers and the ocean breeze....
but it wouldn't be complete without 2 seaside birds flying by
sending a good morning squawk to you.
Here is my Good morning to you too  
Enjoy HAHA!! I really do love the sound of birds :)

Friday, September 29, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #5

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #5
This is section 1, 2, & 3 
(The red long straight line are to separate the sections for you) 
not to be stitched HAHA
Since it is Friday...Have a great weekend and I will post another peek on Monday

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sharing Lori's Award for Her work on Serenity Harbor

I just realized that I did not share Loris award for her work on Serenity Harbor..
It was shared on Facebook but not everyone has a Facebook Account.
She won First Place and Peoples Choice!!
Awesome job Lori!! Thank you for sharing :)

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #4

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #4. 
This is section #3
Sign Ups will start October 25th 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #3

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #3, 
This is a peek of sections 1 and 2 stitched as a larger scene :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)

Thank You For Looking :)

Enjoy the PEEKS. This is scene #2

Monday, September 25, 2017

Harbor Haven Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek Removed :)
Waiting for full Image, keep checking for the next peek :)
Welcome to the sneak peeks for "Harbor Haven". This is peek #1 ...
the picture is blurred to keep it a bit misty for a peek :)
I have made a special PAGE for the Project,
I am sure you have plenty of questions...
here is the link to the PAGE..
Another Peek available tomorrow :)
Signups will start October 25th

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Etsy Special

"Poinsettia" is on Special...never to early to start stitching...This chart is on Special for $4.50
Some Info you will need:

Stitch Count 56 X 59 Design is approx. 3.5 X 3.69
Model stitched on : 32ct Laurel” linen , over 2 linen threads

Floss Listing

Sampler Threads

Weeks Dye Works
*Blue Spruce

*Rhubarb and Blue Spruce are needed for the Pink Poinsettia

14ct Aida or 28ct linen (over2) 4 X 4.21
16ct Aida or 32ct linen (over2) 3.5 X 3.69
18ct Aida or 36ct linen (over2) 3.11 X 3.2

If stitched on the 32ct linen or 16ct Aida this will fit in a 4 x 4 frame opening( that is what the white frame is) 

Click here to go to the Special

AND just another note that the Free "Postcard From The Past" is #4..You will receive this free postcard in your mailed out package with a purchase from the Etsy shop...These are available as long as supplies last
Have a good Sunday
donna :)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

More Pictures of ..."Stitching Potential"

Happy Thursday, 
I have more pictures for you that I promised..."Smooth Sailing" with Potential!!
and just a note that this design is mainly for the Counted Cross Stitch sail boat..
...but I have included templates for some of the wool embellishments if you choose to add more to your design! its all up to you :)

Have a Happy Day and Enjoy your CREATIVITY 💗

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Smooth Sailing, New Design

Happy August!!
August is almost gone and September is on the way but I just dont want to let summer go yet!
I have a small design that I finished called "Smooth Sailing", 
I did post a peek before and told you that it was small but had potential.
Smooth Sailing from By The Bay

"Smooth Sailing" cross stitch design with POTENTIAL for more!! haha
The above photo is the potential :)
I just couldn't resist doing more with this little design, so I cut around the outer edges, fray checked them and added it to a piece of upholstery fabric I had. Took some brown wool and added a tree, cut out some green for the leaves, added wool rocks for the ground with some sea grass.
 I wanted to bring in the same colors from the design into the forefront so I made some wool roses to tuck in between the rocks, I have some small pieces of Serenity Harbor fabric so I used that also by tracing some small hexagons, cut them out, and attached around the very bottom of the scene. 
Cant forget the clouds and sun...wool yarn couched down for the clouds and the center of the sun was some weaving with floss and very long lazy daisy stitches for the rays. 
OH! I almost forgot the seagull, wool and embroidery...
I did finish it as a small quilted wall hanging and it is hanging from a tree branch...It was FUN!!
SO IF YOU want to try your imagination too, I have included the template for the tree, leaves, rocks, hexagons, and bird with the charted cross stitch for "Smooth Sailing", you can have FUN too.
This design will be available for shipment to shops by the end of next week and in the Etsy shop the week after. :)

If you like the simplicity of the small design it measures 3 x 5 if stitched on 28ct linen over (2)
 or 14 ct Aida, 
it will fit great in a 4 x 6 frame. 
The stitch count is 42 x 68, Stitched on 28ct lambswool linen
I will share more photos soon!! Have a great day

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Out of Pendants

Good day everyone, I sent a newsletter out yesterday about the "Stitch An Inch"
designs, and the Etsy shop just ran out of stock on the Pendants, I will have more in the shop by the end of next week., I've been busy on another "Stitch An Inch" design...

I will share more soon 💗
I think I feel Fall in the air...how about you!!
Not a recent picture but I love the scene :)
yes I know it is still summer HAHA 👀

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Some Goodies in Etsy and "Stitch An Inch" Wild HAHA

Happy Tuesday 

I added some pendants last night to the Etsy shop, The design "Heart To Heart" uses the heart pendant and I listed some in Antique Silver and Antique Copper..I have also made a
  free design to go with the purchase of a pendant
...Here is the one for the "Heart"

Also there is a listing for the "Stitch An Inch" Square Pendants. 
The listings are for Antique Silver and Antique Copper.

These are great for all of the "Stitch An Inch" designs. They can be used for ornaments, necklaces, scissor fobs, anything you can think of. Great for small gifts!

You need to stitch these on 28ct linen over (1) linen thread for them to be 
and fit into the Pendants but don't despair you can stitch them on 14ct Aida and make them perfect
 "TWO INCH" designs, 

These are great for all of the same finishes except they will not fit into the Pendants at that size. :(
So if you like to stitch SMALL but not to Small the "Stitch An Inch" options are a great idea!!

With the purchase of a Square Pendant I do have a free design also
Here is the one for the "Square"

These Free designs are limited to the supply and the season, this one is for Fall, 
I will order more Pendants and change up the free designs with the seasons :)
Happy Stitching

and  one more thing HAHA💗
Here are some photos of the "Stitch An Inch" designs that are available!
"Stitch An Inch Summer #2"

"Stitch An Inch Summer #2 Lobster Freebie in Pack

"Stitch An inch Summer #2" as a long design or can be 6 separate small designs

"Stitch An Inch Summer #1"

"Stitch An Inch Summer #1" Mermaid Freebie in the Pack

"Stitch An Inch #1" as a long design or can be 6 separate small designs

"Stitch an Inch Summer #1 and #2" as one long Scene
"Stitch An Inch Summer #1 and #2 can be stitched as one very large design.
All the sections fit together , if stitched over (1) on 28ct linen it would measure 1 x 12
or if stitched on 14ct Aida it would measure 2 x 24
So Much Fun!!

"Stitch An inch Fall" again stitch as 6 separate designs
 or as one long design...they all fit to make one long scene
"Stitch An Inch Fall" one long scene
"Stitch An Inch Fall" as one long scene 

"Stitch An inch Halloween #1"
9 little ornaments or a long banner
or pick your 4 favorite, arrange them as a square,
will fit great in a 5 x 5 frame if you stitch over (1) linen thread on 28ct 

"Stitch An inch Halloween #2" there are 12 small designs

"Stitch An Inch Christmas" 10 small designs

"Stitch An inch Spring"
Again these can each be stitched separate as small designs
 or fit all together to make one long scene
 ..this one also comes with a freebie design of an Spring time OWL!!

"Stitch An Inch Spring" as one long scene
"Stitch An inch Spring" as one long scene

"Stitch An Inch Winter" again stitch as 6 separate designs
 or as one long design...they all fit to make one long scene
 ..this one also comes with a freebie design of an Winter time OWL!!

"Stitch an Inch Winter" as one long scene 
"Stitch An Inch Winter" as one long scene 

"Stitch An Inch Spring Orni's" There are 9 separate ornaments for Spring :)
Be Creative with your finishing

OK well I have exhausted you with all of the "Stitch An Inch" designs but I shared them because I have more coming soon!! YEAH!! cant wait..

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