Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Design "Spring Has Arrived" coming Soon !!!!


Spring Has Arrived
will be coming soon....
The order has gone to the printer and will be ready in a few days..
Oh I cant wait because I will be including a new Idea!!
I hope you will LOVE it!!

I will be adding these Design Cards
for most of the New Designs coming out.

They can be used to hang on Project Bags to know what project is inside, or how about hang them from a Floss Ring to keep track of the fibers for the design.
On The back I have made room to fill in some important information about the stitching project.
When the stitching is finished these Cards can be Collected and kept in a Special place or they can be secured to the back of the finished and framed work.
Here are some pics!!

I Hope You will Love the new idea....Always thinking of ways to stay Organized
Have a good week

Friday, March 25, 2022

Newsletters Just went out and a Peek of another new design


Oh Happy Day!!
I just sent out the Newsletter before I head on out to the Post Office to mail orders 
go to the printer to give them orders HAHA

I hope you are signed up for the Newsletters 

Have a great Weekend and I will have some exciting news on Monday....

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Home Sweet Home Chestnut Hills Next Release

Happy Wednesday
This is the next release for the Home Sweet Home Series
"Chestnut Hills"
If you haven't joined us yet, you still can...


and one more thing

Happy Stitching Day


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