Friday, July 12, 2024

Newsletters just went out :)


Just a little peek of what I have been working on.
There are more photos on Instagram .
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.
 It has been so hot here
and across the country UGH!! 
We need a bit of rain too.
I am planning on a small 2 day stitching retreat here in York Maine in the fall.
It will be on free hand embroidery and slow stitching.
Lets be creative :)
I do not have any information yet but as soon as I do I will send out more. 
And if you have any suggestions they are always welcomed. 
I hope you have a good weekend, 
I am off to work on my Blue flower vase.....almost finished YEAH!!

Be Safe My Friends

Friday, July 05, 2024

PDF of "I Am A Child Of The King" discounted price for a limited time


I just added these 2 designs as PDF's to the Etsy shop
I do have them at a discounted price for a limited time.
Here is a link to the Design Blog that has most of my designs with lots of info for them. 
And then a link to the Etsy shop!!
We are having a yard sale this Sunday at home.....lots to do !!
Have a great weekend

Thursday, July 04, 2024

Friday, June 07, 2024

Happy Friday and a few updates


A new design coming soon called "I Am A Child of the King"
Great to stitch for your child or your grandchildren.

"Smooth Sailing" from 2017 
and a Little some extra embellishing that I did.
I guess I was being creative that day :)

"Smooth Sailing" as a stand alone cross stitch pattern

Something new that will be in my hoop this weekend.
Can't wait to see what I can come up with :)

Have a Blessed Weekend 
and Create

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

I Am A Child of The King Coming Soon


"I Am A Child of The King" coming soon!!! 
Still adjusting a few things, I can't wait to release it. 
It started out by a drawing that I had made for the little girl, 
I wanted only a touch of color. 
I downloaded my drawing and made it into a card 
and decided it would be great as a cross stitch design too. 
Then I Thought hmmmm what about the boys? 
So I got into the pattern program I use, adjusted the girl...
lots of adjusting.....
and then changed lots and made a boy too....
I have not stitched them but I will stitch one for my grand-daughter.....
Watch for the design coming soon!!!
Love you all

Monday, May 27, 2024

A Freebie from 2021 and someting we all need today!


Faith purchased a chart from me this weekend, sent me a note in the Etsy shop, and Thanked me for the "Appeal to Heaven" flag that I made and posted on the Blog for Free.....So that reminded me it is a good time to share it again since its been 3 years....

Here is a link to the post from February 2021 February 2021 if you have not seen it yet.....Please head on over the post....and stitch this reminder for yourself or a friend....

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Love you All

Donna B.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Happy Memorial Day and a little Bit of NEWS


Happy Friday!!
It's been awhile since I've posted but I have a little bit of time this morning.
I just sent out the newsletter but still wanted to share here too!

I have been busy with Life not much to share for stitching.
I've been trying to think of all the things that need to be done to help
Mom move in with us...
she is 89 and has been living on her own
but the apartment building
 was sold and the increase in rent is way to much
...I am sure lots of you know what that is about :(
And she has so much stuff :(
lots of things to sort, as to what to keep ,
what to get rid of and what to put in storage...
So with that being said my stitching has taken a back seat at the moment.
But hopefuly I can get my time more organized,
and that has always been my problem.
Especially workng for myself with no one to answer to but myself..
...those long conversations with myself

I have so many designs ready to go but not enough time to stitch 
so I was thinking of making a Patreon account.
 It's a way to release more designs but not all stitched.
..I guess it would be on the idea on private Stitch A Longs.

Maybe someday soon I can share all of the computer images with you.
But for now.....have a Blessed and Safe Holiday Weekend

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Grow Your Faith


Happy Wednesday, 
I have been adding some designs as PDF's to the Shop....
and todays is an oldy but goody 
"Grow Your Faith"
 I designed this in 2013 
I just love the Daisies and especailly the messsage.....❤️ as I wait for blooms to appear in the garden I can gaze at these...
Happy planting.....your faith!!


Monday, April 15, 2024

As For Me and My House Cross Stitch Pattern


"As For Me and My House"

This little design stitches up pretty quickly. 
It would make a great "New Home" gift 
even a Special hand made Wedding gift.

A reminder that we are sheltered as long as we serve Him!
I have designed the trees to represent the shelter for the houses 
and of course I have some sheep to represent us :)

Stitch Count 62 x 90    Design is approx. 4.42 x 6.42
Model stitched : 28ct “Springfield Sage’ Lugana , over 2 threads
Fabric by: Yarn Tree@

14ct Aida or 28ct linen (over2)      4.42  x  6.42
16ct Aida or 32ct linen (over2)    3.89 x 5.65
18ct Aida or 36ct linen (over2)    3.44 x 5.0
Floss Listing
Hope you are being safe  and have a Blessed Week

Friday, April 12, 2024

Dear Mom


"Dear Mom.....
is in the Etsy shop today or at your local needlework shop..
Orders have gone out
the first run of charts will include a free 
Postcard made to match the design.
Stitch the design for Mom and add your own personal touch in the card.
Just in time for Mothers Day or for any Special Day for a Special MOM!!

Have a great weekend and I am off to Dog and Kitty sit,,,,,

Friday, March 22, 2024

But God is available


"But God" is available in the Etsy shop 
or at your local needlwork shop

I have been working on the little watercolor design I made
...busy stitching away
....and here is a little peek

It's going to be a busy weekend with Purim to be celebrated
 but I should have time next week to work on it more.

Have a Happy Weekend!!

Monday, March 18, 2024

A Kit is on SALE Bee Joyful


I'm having a Spring Sale in the Etsy shop on these little mni quilts 
Regular $22.00 on sale for $17.00
...scroll over to see what is included. 
These are a cute way to do a little cross stitch 
and a bit of quilting with some creative embroidery and embellisments. 
Make your own one of a kind mini quilt.....
On Sale as long as supplies last!!
Enjoy your day being CREATIVE!

Friday, March 15, 2024

Sneak Peek of a new design for MOM coming soon!!


Just a peak :)

and another design also coming in a bit!!

A little watercolor fun!!

And "But God" will be available next week

Hope you have a Blessed weekend and be safe

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

But God new design


I have a new design called “But God”
This design has a home with many rooms, 
and a giant sun flower giving it shade and protection.
 It’s surrounded by small blooming daisies…
and of course my scene could not be complete without 2 little sheep grazing…I
 have the words “But God” so you can remember that 
God can do miraculous things in our lives…we can not “But God can.

Inside the chart pack I have included a bookmark 
that has Bible verses on it with the words “But God”
on one side and a snippet of the design on the other.

Have a great week...
This design should be available by the end of next week!!


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Nashville Release for Market


"As For Me and My House" is my Market Release for Nashville
it is an Exclusive available with Yarn Tree
....This is a once a year Market Show for retailers,
 so if you would like your local needlework shop to 
order one for you please send them a message
 to check out the Yarn Tree Room in Nashville.

and I'm off to visit mom and take her on her errands...
have a great day

Monday, February 12, 2024

Needleworkers Spot Motif Sampler

Happy Monday!!
I just finished my next design called 
"Neddleworkers Spot Motif Sampler"

This little Spot Sampler has lots of motifs for the needleworker
...button, scissors, safety pin, mannequin, measuring tape,
 needle threader, tomato pincushion with pins and needle,
 spool of thread and a strawberry pincushion
.....but the sampler would not be complete without 
our needleworkers sitting in their comfy chairs 
by their vase of fresh cut flowers 
and the hummmm of their busy needles in hand.... :)

AND I didnt forget a sewing machine 
but the design I made was to large for the Sampler
 so it stands alone as a seperate design.....

This pattern should be ready for release 
 Monday February the 19th.
for the first 150 charts I will include a 
FREE Stork Scissor Charm with the pin hanger.....

And onto my next stitching release
 ....."But God" is finished 
...just need to work on the framing, photos, and directions.....

Hope you have a Blessed Week and thank you for following 


Monday, January 29, 2024

A little more stitching


I've been working on this for a few months....
one of those things you start and put away and move on to something else 
and then remember "Oh Yes, I forgot about YOU"!!
 So I'm almost finished with the small sampler 
and I need to finish the Sewing Machine...maybe a mattress pincushion...
One more thing with the first 150 of these designs going out
 I will include a little scissor charm with the hanger...
I think I'll put mine on the pincushion....
Can't wait to share more and "But God" is finished too
 I just need to iron, frame and make directions....
have a good Monday :)

Friday, January 19, 2024

How I Design and Create a Pattern

 I thought I would share with you "How I Design and Create the Patterns"

Most of the time I scribble down the idea's 

and then draw them out in quick sketches. 

I found these pictures that I had saved in one of my scrap books

...started spring cleaning, good thing I never threw these out :)

These pictures are from the design "Time for Seasons", 

this was originally a Stitch-A-Long 

and has been released in the Etsy shop as a PDF.

It's so funny that I came across these 

and then I realized that

                                              Pam from "Just Keep Stitchin" on Youtube 

is starting to stitch this design for her February 2024 stitching project.

 She actually purchased the last of the Stitch A Long Kits that I had, 

so she has some of the extra's that were included with the Stitch-A-Long.

Here is a link for her Video sharing all of her 24 starts for 2024, 

check it out, she is going to be one busy lady :)

Here we go.......follow the pictures :)

I think the only thing I did not mention is that I usually design with DMC in mind 
and then if I feel I would like to use another floss company I just change it as I go. 

I hope this was interesting for you and you can design too :)
Just be creative 

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