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Monday, April 04, 2016

Affirmation "Caring"

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
I added some wool leaves 

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
A long way to go but so much fun!!

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
for this month. and a group pic of words to date :)

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring",
 I found the 
perfect button for lending a caring hand

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
Embellished with buttons and stitching

This months affirmation word is "Caring"
I wanted to stitch mine in blue because I have printed one of my Funky Feathers (#10) and he is a blue bird..... my inspiration is from a memory I had about an artist that was to draw what  PEACE was to him. He painted a picture of a bird in a nest under the branches of a tree and all around him was a terrible storm, but that little bird was content and not a worry.....that to the artist was PEACE. So maybe a word for the affirmation should have been peace for this bird but I choose CARING.....because God so loved us (and cared) that he gave a way to find that PEACE.

I have these little blue birds printed on cotton already if anyone would like to add one to their work....they are in the Etsy shop....I actually printed them a couple of years ago .....I was doing some crazy quilting and embellished them with stitching...I have one on the cover of my phone case that I made and also a crazy quilt mini pincushion......just some ideas for you :)
Newsletters will go out today....I am behind in my work...Whats NEW ??
Enjoy and don't forget I would love to see some of your ideas

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