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Time For Seasons Stitch A Long

01/14/2020 Update
Order of Work,
First we will start with Summer Scene #1
Second will be Summer Scene #2
Next is Autumn Scene #1
Next is Autumn Scene #2
and then we will jump up to Spring Scene #1
Next will be Spring Scene #2
And Then Onto Winter Scene #1
And finish with Winter Scene #2

10/17/2019 Update:
The stitch count for the center is 112 x 112
This information is for anyone that might want to make their
 own design for the center or just need the stitch count for any other option !!

Happy Stitching!!
It’s finally time to introduce my new SAL. 
It takes me approx. a year to design and plan these.

But it is finally finished YEAH!!

I had some request for a season theme and I myself love the season changes.
 Living in New England certainly has beauty in all of them. 
So whether we are speaking about the season of nature 
or seasons of our lives one thing is for sure every day is a journey.

“Time For Seasons”

Start Date: Nov 15th

How Many Releases: There will be a release every month for 8 months. 
There are 2 scenes for every season.

The Cost: 
$10.00 per month for 8 months 
or $80.00 can be paid with the first payment

Hard Copies or PDF's
If you would like your local needlework shop
 to participate please send them a message, 
hard copies will be available from them.
There will be PDF copies available from me.

"Thank you Gifts"
And... I usually have a Thank You gift for those that Participate in the SAL
 and this year it will be the 4 Season Separate charted designs.
These will be available only at the end of the SAL.
Here are the SAMPLEs

Each of these designs has a stitch count of 160 x 208
If these are stitched on 16ct Aida or 32cr linen over 2,
 they would measure 10 x 13 and fit great in an 11 x 14 frame.

What is the Stitch Count for the SAL Design
The whole design for "Time For Seasons" is 226 x 226

And one more thing
Every month when you receive your pattern for the SAL section 
you will also receive a layout for the sections that can be stitched 
to make the design look like an antique vintage POSTCARD!!
Here are the Samples

These little postcards have a stitch count of 101 x 70
If stitched on 16ct Aida or 32ct Linen over 2 
they will look wonderful in a 5 x 7 frame

How Do I Sign Up?

If you would like to sign up for the PDF's please

  send me an email to 
stitchbythebay at aol dot com

I will need your Name:
and email address for Paypal and emails

You can choose to pay every month $10.00
or Pay all at once $80.00

If you live in the EU I will need to process this in the Etsy shop for the VAT tax, 
so please tell if you live in that area

When Will We Will Be Billed?

PayPal invoices will go out on the 5th of every month, 
this will give you a few days to pay

When Will I Receive My PDF?

  PDF's will go out on the 15th of every month until June 2020

Date To Sign Up By

Please sign up by Oct 25th with a shop 
or by Nov 5th with me

After I sign up can I have more info?

I can will send you a PDF with information such as fabric dimensions, 
and floss suggestions and usage. 

How can I share my stitching with others in the SAL?

There is a Facebook Group that is just for "By The Bay Needleart Stitch A Longs"
so please send a request to join and also for Instagram we have started a #
If you are not a big social media person please don't fret,
 If you could email me a picture I will gladly share it for you with your permission!

Thank you much for stitching By The Bay Designs
More Updated 9/30/2019

These center ideas along with the corner options will be available also!

I have a few different center designs that I made along the way with the Bible Verse
 and then a Simple saying and then just the Word "Seasons". 
All of the others were to busy for the design 
because the design is so busy itself, 
so I settled on the Word "Season". 
I have added one of the others as an option
"The Sailboat" 
I figure we are all sailing through life each in our own Season 

My other option was to give you a suggestion about the center 
and leave it blank, 
find a framer that could make you a frame 
or at least a Mat that would fit the design
 and then in the center of the open mat instead of a photo
 you could add a mirror.
 I have posted a couple of pictures from Pinterest
 with this idea. I Do love old things and I especially love Stumpwork
.....Maybe I could draw this design out,
 have it printed onto fabric 
and make a stumpwork class, 
but I would have to paint the background sky, hills,and grasses
...Oh that would be awesome.
I could go on and on HAHA
But lets get on with the cross stitching first !!

These are just samples for framing with a mirror in the center!



  1. So excited! I will be signing up!

  2. Donna: These are lovely.


  3. Very excited, and want to sign up!!

    1. Excited Too!! Send me an email for sign ups :)

  4. Donna - I have a question for the Time For Seasons. It looks to be a full coverage piece - just want to confirm that, because if so, I think I am going to try the Aida gridded fabric. Also, for the skein count, I am guessing that 1.3 skeins means 13 skeins and .1 skeins means 1 skein???? Thanks. Can't wait for November 15th. (Thanks for the priority mail on my order - I am going to start Joy this week.) Hugs, Kathie

    1. Hi Kathie, if it says 1.3 for a skein it means only 1 skein plus .3 of another, so basically you would need 2 skeins because it more than 1.0 ...definitely not 13. The design is basically full yes but there are open areas of fabric between the actual season scenes and the corner pieces. hope this helps and I am excited too

  5. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Where do i get the list of thread from.

    1. If you signed up with me I would have sent over a PDF to you already and if you signed up with a shop they also have the PDF's to give to you, please contact the shop you signed up with. If I missed you then please send me an email and I will find you on the list, thank you
      my email address is listed above in the SAL description page.

  6. Donna: I did email you my information, I hope I am on the list for the SAL>


    1. Hi have a huge note by your mane, the emails were returned, do you have another email I should use, not sure why they cam back

  7. Reeda Hickman10:20 PM

    Can we still sign up for this sal? How would I go about getting the pattern for ur harbor heaven that was a sal.

  8. Hi Reeda, yes you can, just send me an email. My emails address is above in the message on the Page.

  9. Can we still purchase the pdf for this?

    1. I had to redesign the chart because that one had to many instructions for being a stitch a long but I am, working on it, it should be ready soon


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