Sunday, July 31, 2011

Peek @ Halloween (Zoe)

This is the first of my peeks at the Halloween Stitch An Inch designs. I gave them names and this one is "Zoe". I hope you like her, all of them are whimsical and I do have more planned ( a bit primitive) but they will have to wait for next year because I need to start on Christmas. I also have "Oak Hill" to stitch and I am just waiting for some wool from Weeks Dye Works. I am going to start using wool in more projects and the oak leaves in the trees will be wool. I just love dimension in stitching and wool is one of the things I just love to work with. You don't have to finish the edges!! Well I will be going to bed early as I did so much unpacking today,  I am just exhausted. 
Have a good night and talk to you tomorrow

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pic of Marshall & News

Here is a picture of my son Ricky, grandson Liam and  new grandson Marshall. The 3 boys.

I have been working at getting my little corner in Yankee Cross Stitch all set up, but I had to delay going today like I planned. The lights on the dash of my car are going off randomly for my brakes and my engine. UGH!! Just go with the flow donna!! Thats me talking to myself. HAHA!! It will work out as it should, I will get in finished but just not this weekend. It gives me more time to get organized at home and work on those Halloween Stitch an Inches. I have 6 complete with 1 or 2 more to go. So for the next few days I will post a picture of one on each day on the blog for you to peek at.
So i will talk to you again tomorrow, have a good night

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our family has grown!!

I have a new grandson. He was born Sunday and his name is Marshall. Oh so cute and tiny!! Very Healthy with big blue eyes, and he looks like his brother Liam.
But I don't have the camera with me so I will have to wait for my daughter to load the pics on my computer.
And we have been busy moving tables, displays, and models to Yankee Cross Stitch. It should be done by Saturday late in the day. I will go there with the rest of the models and load her up on charts. Then I can work on getting my small porch/studio ready and making classes for September. So check back later for some pictures of my grandson and pictures of the new displays at Yankee Cross Stitch.
And I cant wait to share some of the Halloween Stitch An Inch designs. They are a bit whimsy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

And The Winner Is !!

Marianne is the winner. I printed everyone's replies and then cut up the sheets into the strips and threw them all over the floor. I had Bailey pick one, (She was playing with Mariannes) I will get in touch with her and get them out in the mail on Monday. Thank you to everyone that left a comment, I enjoyed reading them all and as soon as it gets a little cooler I will visit your blogs if you have one. It is soooooo hot all over the country!!!
It has been a while since we moved and it was an experience that we are still working at. Boxes every where. So if you placed an order on Etsy last week I am sorry for the delay but I could not find anything. The orders did go out yesterday. We just put the air conditioner in downstairs today but we do not have one in my office upstairs so I am dripping with (Well you get the idea). So I am going downstairs to stitch away on those little Halloween treasures, and the boxes will have to wait until it gets cooler. UGH!!  Its too messy for me though. Have a good night and try to keep cool

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pendants & Planks Just Added To Etsy & A Free Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,
I just finished more planks and pendants for my "Stitch An Inch" designs. They are up on Etsy. I am also working on planks that will be 16 inches long so you could stitch all 12 designs over 1 and have 2 extra inches on each side of the plank to glue down some shells. These are almost finished.

But my GIVEAWAY is 1 of each of my new Stitch An Inch charts. So just leave me a message that you are interested and I will have a drawing on Thursday night @ 8:00pm. The lucky winner will receive both of the charts.

I am working on the ones for Halloween!! And the planks will be orange with black crackle on top. Oh so scary!!

And please be patient for more Funky Flowers. I just found someone to stitch for me and they will be working on those.

I have more great ideas for the fall. A little wool might be involved.
You should probably sign up for my email so you don't miss out on any thing (Free online charts will be posted on emails only now)

Have a GREAT night

Stitch An Inch Summer Pack 2

Did I tell you my daughter turned 18  just last week and she decided she needed a tatoo.  RIGHT AWAY.  She said she got it for me because that is our song. "You Are My Sunshine" I think she figured that if it was for me I wouldn't be mad.
( And no I didnt get mad at all. How could I? She Is My Sunshine)
donna :)))

Thursday, July 07, 2011

News Update & Directions for Stitch An Inch Mini Masterpieces

Hi everyone,
I just posted a page with the directions for the Stitch An Inch designs as 1 inch designs.
I also just posted news under Shop updates.
So check them out. Click on the tabs above to read all about the shop moving and how to finish your Mini Masterpieces.
Have a good night. On my way to fold charts

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy 4th Of July Weekend.

Happy 4th of July, Happy Birthday To Our Country, and have a safe long weekend.
I just finished the lobster from Stitch An Inch Summer Pack 2. A little red, white, and blue for you.
Enjoy the days ahead

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