Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Design Finished and ready for Market

I am so excited it is finished. 
The name is "Les Fleurs Chics"
I have the directions for you to either cross stitch the whole thing or do ad I did and just cross stitch the leaves, stems, and vase. Then you can applique the flowers. It was so much fun and I added some fiberfill underneath some of the petals to make them more dimensional. 
So if you are happy to cross stitch then this is for you and if you are adventuresome with your stitching then this is for you too. It will be available March 4th. The model is on the way to the trade show in Nashville. Also I am anxious for the stitched flowers to come back from April. When they do I will have more to share with you. I will finish those as small pillows, this way you can see what the stitched flowers will look like too.

Oh and one more huge thing :>).
Here is the finished photo of the design that I made for Just Cross Stitch magazine and if you like then you can purchase the magazine. The flowers are a good size that you can stitch them individually and make scissor fobs or small pincushions, or how about making needle books. 
Oh just have fun stitching and keeping out of trouble :)  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sharing my progress on a new design

sorry a bit wrinkled but i was in a rush

Happy day to all of the stitching souls out there :>)
I am sharing my progress on my new design. It does not have a name yet but any suggestions would be appreciated. And if I do pick one that you suggest I will send you a chart of the design for free. Yeah!!!
I have the vase complete with some bead work and some Rhodes stitches, eyelets, along with a little satin stitching. Then the leaves are complete with a few baby's breathes stitched with french knots in the center. And the last thing will be the flowers. I am having 5 large flowers that will be made with wool applique. And don't worry if you do not like to do wool applique  I am including the directions so that the 5 large flowers can be cross stitched :>) with some Weeks Dye Works floss.
This design will be released at TNNA in Nashville. So if your shop that you usually shop at is going to the show have them stop by Nordens booth because they will have the model and the charts.
So here is my sharing for today and I am off to visit mom

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Chart For Easter - Bunny

i just labeled some of my older giveaways as FREE DESIGNS and this one is the only that stayed at the top of the post page ? dont know why but I have to leave it here so if you never saw this one before , here you go :))

Yes Easter is still a bit away but I want you to have time to stitch up this little guy or girl. You can change the colors of the flowers to match your decor. Just pick 3 shades (light, med, and dark) of your favorite color and exchange them for mine.
You should be able to click on the white chart below and print from your computer.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Free Tutorial For Wool Roses

Happy Blizzard to everyone. :(
I have the directions to share with you for the wool roses that I made the other day
Here We Go
 Cut or rip your wool strips into 1 inch wide by however long you would like. The small ones in the wool tree that I made were 10 inches long. These are a bit longer at 14 inches.. After you have the strips, fold them in half and take your scissors and make a free hand scallop edge on one side only. See photo above. 
Thread your needle with a knot at one end. Starting at one end of the wool strip and make sure it is the straight edge make a running stitch all the way to the other end. My running stitches are about a 1/4 inch wide. Then pull your thread (not to tight) because you just want a ruffle and not a very tight ball of wool :). Secure the thread at the end so your ruffle does not come apart and get lose.  
 Start to roll your wool strip from one end. Hold it together and start to secure your rose bud with your threaded needle and a knot on the underside (The straight edge). 
 Keep rolling about 2-3 inches at a time and keep securing it underneath with your threaded needle. 

 When finished just secure the thread underneath with a knot and set aside
 For leaves I usually cut a long strip of wool 1 inch wide by however long I can and then I cut it into 1 inch squares. I cut around 2 opposite sides to form leaves. See sample above 
 Just waiting for the glue gun :)
An presto, all done. I like to glue these onto clothespins and place on curtains, my jacket, or anywhere for decorating. If you use the tiny clothes pins these would look great in a tree. How about different colored wool, maybe a plaid. The leaves could be a plaid also or an over-dyed wool.
 Well I hope you have fun with these, they work up easy and no two are ever the same just like real flowers :)
Oh and I wanted to mention that last weekend I was at Camp Wool for her new shop open house and she has a new web also. Here is the link. I have posted a picture of my giveaway that I had and yes I crocheted the basket :)
The other picture is of my little display. It was so nice to be there and so many people, it was fun, check out her shop, lots of warm wool, inspiration and antiques. Give her a visit if you are near! 

Here is a link to my directions for the Wool/Feather Tree .....these have been available since 2012
This is a PDF pattern with directions to make wool feather trees. Directions are given for a 8in, 12in, 18in, 24in, and a 36in trees. There are approx 25 color photos and clear directions for you to follow.
The tree in the above photo is the 36 inch tree I made...It is a spring time green and I have added so many of the clip-on wool flowers in pink....

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