Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Cove

Well here are the pictures of Summer Cove. I had a hard time the other day. I had to get the picture done by Tuesday morning and the charts in the mail, so I picked them up from the photo store and it was to pink, but I had to take it because there was no time for a retake. So the pic on the charts has a bit to much pink, the cloth is really Lambswool. I just did a retake today with a frame and this one is a bit better. Here they are! I am off to get organized to start "The River Series". Have a good evening, Donna

Monday, June 22, 2009

Soooo busy

Well i have been sooooo busy. i have become a slow stitcher. i really think it's time to change fabric and get eye glass's from the doc. i have been working hard to finish this design and i finally did. but i think for the next project i will have to use either aida cloth again or maybe a lugana (i heard jobelin was hard to get) or at least a 28 count fabric with a more even thread. stitching is suppose to be enjoyable and this was a bit stressful, but it's done and hooray!!! here is a peek of the design and i'll post a picture of the finished one on wednesday. "summer cove" has huge geraniums that are growing in a tree. they are my favorite summer flower around here. i just love when i see them in pots with ivy hanging down and the red ones are also my favorite. until wednesday, have a great night. donna

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little Side Tracked

My daughter and I decided that we needed to spend a little more time doing something together. She does not like stitching so we had to find something and it's drawing, painting, and collage. So here is our attempt.I made the girl with the big eyes and inside her dress I put some photos of us together from the years with "Love it's all that matters". She worked on a personal one for her of a girl walking down a path with some words to a song that she likes. Can't show you to much of hers because its just for her. Thank you for all your comments on my last design. I'm working on a freebie that should be ready in a couple of weeks. Have a good day, donna

Saturday, June 06, 2009

New frame for a design

Hi, I am in such an organize mood. It's crazy. It's actually driving me crazy. I've been searching for the right bins or storage ideas that fit in my very small closet.
But one of the things I wanted to do was change the frame for "Spring Cove". so I decided to just get a can of spray paint from Michael's and give the old gold one a new look. Here are a couple of pics of it. It's kind of funky, but I do like it better than the gold. Still working on a couple of other projects for my Etsy shop. Well of to my organizing. Wish me luck.

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