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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Happy Thursday

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Good Day, 
I guess it is suppose to be spring but I think we are suppose to get some snow...
Oh well, its ok...Gives me more time to stitch....
This is a quick note that Harbor Haven is available in the Etsy Shop
Scenes 1-8 and next month will be scenes 9 and 10
...then one more month and they will be all available...Yeah!!
I am working on a new design called "Summer Harbor" 
I'll share some progress next week!!
Have a great weekend and I am off to stitch
.....oh and yes work on taxes, Ugh!!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Ruby and Addison Kits and PDF's in the Shop

Happy Tuesday:
I have a quick post for you...There are PDF's an Kits available in the Shop for Ruby and Addison...
There is a limited # of Kits available but if you miss out on one of these there are some PDF's available...These Spring time flowers can be stitched as Crewel/Embroidery or punch needle too, 
I am working on a few Needlepoint flower kits too....Summer is coming and what a great way to keep busy.....Just stitch away!!
Have a good week and I will share more soon

Friday, March 08, 2019

Newsletter post about Ruby

The Bible says that
"There is nothing new under the sun,
what was old has become new again" Ecclesiastes 1:9

And so it goes....
my old love for embroidery has become new again!
It feels liberating ....no counting :)
But it is not the end of cross stitch designing
but the beginning of an added line......a new Adventure!!

Now this is where I am going...
I admire rug hookers, the way they can create by choosing their own colors, fibers along with dimensions and techniques.
All this by only looking at a colored image and some have no color guide just their own creative ideas. 

I am creating some kits with this in mind...
Flowers are one of my Loves and that is my plan to start.
The kits will have the fibers I used and stitch suggestion will be given but it will not be a "Step by Step" instruction Kit.
Not a Kit for beginners
but for the Adventuresome.
Stitching freely should be enjoyed and exciting.

The kits will be limited but there will be PDF's available.
If you purchase the PDF keep in mind that you will be choosing your own colors, fibers and stitches.
These designs would also be great for Punch Needle.
I do suggest how many shades you will need for colors....example:
for a flower I might suggest 3 shades.
On the diagram I will tell you where I placed the (L) light, (M) Medium, and (D) dark shades.
Color choice is all up to you. There are so many wonderful thread and fiber companies out there
........so the "World of Fibers" is your oyster!! HAHA!!

They are in the Etsy shop for "Ruby" 
"Addison" will be coming soon

Have a Great Week and a Happy Stitching

The kit

If you purchased the PDF and would like
to purchase a Fiber Pack the options above.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Another Flower on the way

This one is called "Addison"
after my grand-daughter
This will be available as a PDF for embroidery or punch needle, 
And there will be a limited # of kits.....
I draw these myself onto the linen for you
 so it takes me a little time and 
 I dont want to draw to many.....
it can be boring...I would rather be stitching up new ideas!! HAHA
I will share more info soon, 
Working on the directions and kits
have a good night
and this is Addison
Oh what a Blessing and Joy

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