Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Framed

Good Evening Everyone:
I just cant wait until spring comes. I never worked on my "Silk Road" design yet. I have put that on the back burner for now. I sometimes jump around to much on my ideas. But I framed the "Old Brick House". I designed 2 more charts to go with it. The next one is a church and then the next one is a sea captains house. You can stitch them together or separate. I just love things in threes. I am stitching the church at the moment. I figure its a good time to release it before Easter. Each one has 3 words of wisdom. Well I just got home and I have to help with diner, so have a good night.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

"Old Brick House" First Finish for 2010

Yes I did start this last week but its my first finish for 2010.
Just finished 15 minutes ago and I thought I would share with you. Now onto my paperwork. UGH!!!
(Whoops NO complaining) I forgot already!! Be thankful

Friday, January 01, 2010

One More Note

If there is anyone that purchased Christmas Cove and does not work on linen to stitch the over (1) areas. I have made a couple of changes to those areas only. I did hear from a customer that said she purchased the chart and didn't realize that it had to be linen (something she does not like to work on) So if you purchased that chart and would like me to email you those changes to those areas only, (sleigh, tree, and windows) please email me and I will email them to you. I did post a picture of it on the side bar with the changes and I am sorry to say but my horse looks a little like a great dane. I did try my best but it was hard to get detail with so few squares.So email me and I will try to help you.

Happy New Year & A PEEK

I hope everyone had a great Holiday week. I sure did. It was nice and no stress. Everything went smoothly and when I was tired from being in the kitchen I remembered to be thankful that at least I have a family to cook for. So that is my resolution for the year. To find thanks in everything, (even the dirty dishes) and to find JOY in everyday.
So enough of my blabbing. I wanted to share a peek of "The Old Brick House" I have been stitching alot and I am almost finished. And then later I am going to chart another design on the same idea but maybe a church or a sea captains home, with words that go along with the memories of those places.
Have a good day, I think we are going to have snow. Good Day for relaxing.
:) Donna

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