Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Photos

Well here we are, resting from the holiday. I thought I would share some photos with you. It was very nice. We had my mom over for a few days. My son came by on Friday with my grandson. He's always smiling (most of the time). The weather was so nice compared to the weather we had last week. The snow is melting and I can finally get my car into the driveway and not have it hanging out in the street. Time to relax and share. Time to make plans for next year, God willing. Plans to lose weight, to make new designs, to stay positive, to grow as a person, and most of all to be thankful for everything no matter how big or small. I'm posting a photo of one of my favorite gifts that I received from my mom. It's "COURAGE".

Memere Jen and Liam

Ricky,Meagan,and Liam

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowy and Cold

Here are some pictures I would like to share. One is my bear that I made along time ago. He is so small. He was my attempt at miniature bears. Another is my picture of "Lend A Hand" on my door. The other one is a tiny stitched ornament that I purchased a long time ago too from a craft shop.
Going to do more stitching. I'll share more another day,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just Hi!

Just thought I would say Hi on this very cold Saturday. I ran out of toner so I can't print off directions for my new design or print a new design to stitch. So off to finish up some Christmas presents. I did add on my Etsy shop a Round Robin kit that I had left over from an event that I attended this spring. I also posted a picture of a pin that I made. It's the center of "Box Of Summer". I stitched it over 1 on 28ct linen. It's about 1 inch square. I finished it on some wood that I stained with my finger prints. Well hope you are keeping warm, Donna

Friday, December 12, 2008

Picture of Alphabet Sampler

Here is a picture of the Sampler I will be releasing some time in January. A-B for January. And every month after that 2 more letters. I put the pages for the wool book under the sampler so you can see those also. I still have to stitch the pages back to back and add the grommets, and rings. I'm actually excited when I stitch this because it's not finished yet so I get to anticipate the sampler and the book. It will be a surprise for me too. Well off to babysit my grandson. Donna

Finished "Mystic Island"

I finished "Mystic Island" last night. Here are some pictures. I still have to frame it. We have so much ice here today, no school and I have no work either. Plenty of people have no electricity but we still do. I am so thankful for that. Funny how you just take so much for granted and never think about until it's gone. Well I'm of to finish more projects and maybe post more pictures later.
Have a good day. Donna

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Peek at 2 new releases for January

Hi everyone,

I've been spending the day baking woopie pies(mm mm good), stitching, laundry, and my husband volunteered to clean the candle holders for the Christmas Eve service. We took them home to work on them here. To much stuck wax, ugh!

Well I plan on releasing 2 new designs for January.
One is my stump work alphabet piece. But instead of stump work I am working it in cross stitch with some different stitches. Every month I will release 2 letters for your sampler.

Also I am stitching the letters on linen and finishing with wool. Each letter will be separate with a different wool finish. You will blanket stitch these 2 wool pages together, insert grommets, and put the rings through them and make an alphabet book.( you'll have to see it, I'm too tired tonight to explain it well) Every month you can add 2 more letters. So you can finish this project either way, as a sampler or as an alphabet book.

My other design is a bay scene like some of my earlier designs.

I'm almost finished my "Lend A Hand". I decided to make a hanger for it and hang it from our door. So every time we leave the house we can think of what we can do for someone else.

Off to give my daughter a ride to a Christmas Party,
Have a good night

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