Friday, September 23, 2022

Harbor Haven PDF's available


I just finished adding all of the Harbor Haven scenes as PDF's to the Etsy shop!!.


It did take awhile..

These can be stitched as one long scene or 2 can be stiched togather,

and they are also individual scenes. 


The last Home will be released Oct 8th…….

So that is the LAST DAY to Sign up for the discounted Stitch A Long price

Etsy Shop HERE


Thursday, September 22, 2022

The SPECIAL is almost over!!!!

 Hello Fellow Stitchers, 

I want to thank everyone that participated in the “Home Sweet Home” Stitch-A-Long. I enjoyed seeing your progress and some of your changes. It makes my heart happy when I see you make them truly your own.

 I am working on another Stitch-A-Long…..Alphabet themed ….maybe?

 Future Release Plans for Home Sweet Home:

Just a quick note to anyone that wanted to stitch the “Home Sweet Home” designs…..these will be released starting in December as individual charts.

I will release 2 in December and then 3 the next and then 2 again until they have all been released.  

 Also there has been a discounted price for Stitch-A-Long participants, and this will be ending on October 8th with the release of the last “Home” in the Series.

Since these are individual patterns and not everyone will want to stitch the Design as a large project the “Layouts” will be extra $10.00 …And the price will be increased from $7.00 each Home to $9.00 each Home.

 If you were interested in the “Home Sweet Home” design series this would be a good time to sign up, before the price increase.

The last Home will be released Oct 8th…….So that is the LAST DAY!!!

 And Happy Fall!!! I just love this time of year…



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