Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nantucket Summer Sampler

Happy Sunday morning. I finished framing "Nantucket Summer Sampler".
I thought a distressed white frame would be appropriate for such a beachy theme. Here are some close-ups and the complete picture. I am glad I finished it, I was stitching slowly lately, but I made it. It should be ready for distribution within a week or two. I started on "Summer Cove". I decided that I need to start a stitching group in this area. I really don't have anyone that cross stitches that I know of and it would sure be a treat to get together with other stitchers, so if you live in the York Maine area please email me and maybe we can get a group together. I think we are going to take my grandson to the beach today for a little bit of playing in the sand, it finally stopped raining. Have a great day and hope to hear from you. Donna

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Hi everyone, I spent part of the day putting together a fire pit, so we can pretend we are camping in our backyard. Also spent some of the day sitting on the sidewalk that is in front of the ocean. It was high tide, no place else to sit, and so many people, that was the best spot we could find. That's OK, I just love the smell of the ocean. I stitched in front of the water and that's all that mattered. I am working on "Nantucket Summer Sampler". Almost finished. Here is a peek. My daughter had a green filter on the camera so these are not the correct colors. I'm off to light that fire pit and just relax. Have a good night, and thank you to everyone that left me a message on my blog.
Thinking of you

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

still here

hi everyone,
i have been feeling the winds of change blowing through. i feel like mary poppins when the wind changes and something big is happening. not sure of what it is but things don't feel the same anymore. life is evolving as it always does. i'm still stitching but not as much. i have 5 projects designed. when i have new pictures to post i will. just wanted you to know that i'm still here just moving along a bit slower. i found an appropriate song for my feelings. have a good week, donna

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Hi everyone, my name is Donna. I just love stitching of all sorts, I also love antique, and book stores. I am married and I have 2 children, and 3 grandchildren :). My Christian faith is the foundation of my life, and has sustained me through the ups and downs of this journey. Keep spreading kindness so you can change the world. So glad you stopped by, leave me a message and I will stop by and visit you.

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