Thursday, January 31, 2013

a couple quick notes :)

Just a few quick notes for you and then I am off to get ready for LeAnns open house at Camp Wool in Kennebunk Maine :)
This is the crochet cotton I used for my hearts and a size D hook :) because some of you have asked

This a tiny peek of a new design that will have wool applique and cross stitching. I sent 3 flowers to April to stitch for me because you do not have to do applique if you do not want too so I am giving you the directions to stitch it also. She is stitching up a few of the flowers so I can finish them as tiny pillows 

This is a picture of one of the many roses that I made to add to my 36inch wool feather tree that I  made. I am going to Camp wool tomorrow and Saturday to demonstrate how to make them at her Open House. 

Do you see the tiny bird. He matches the tree!!

After this weekend I will post on line the free directions on how to make these cute little roses.

Monday, January 28, 2013

And the winners are Rita  and Raffaella . So as soon as they get me their mailing address' I will get those out for them. I would have posted earlier but had to bring hubby to the hospital again on Saturday and I had my grandson this weekend. But all will be well :) I am sure. I will have more to post soon just waiting to finish getting the trunk show ready for Camp Wool and finish a couple of wool trees too. Have a good night and to those that did not win there is always next time :). But yes thank you for all of your kind comments too!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Crochet Heart Directions Are Here

I have been making so many of these hearts, I just love the pattern and they stitch up pretty quick.
I added small flowers to the tops or you could embroider on top too. Crochet some small flowers or make some from wool or how about some stitched spider web roses with wool leaves. I always wanted to have a heart collection and this is my start along with the stitched ones from the "Heart To Heart" pattern. I am in the process of making about 12 of these hearts and stitching them together to make 6 small  puffy hearts. I will string them together with huge beads to separate them, then I will hang them in one log vertical string of hearts and hang it in my office. I just love color :))

Well enough of my jabber here are the directions:

Chain 2
2 sc in 2nd chain from hook, chain 1 and turn
2 sc in 1st sc, sc in next sc, chain 1 turn
2 sc in 1st sc, sc in the next 2 sc, chain 1 turn
Continue with this pattern of making 2 sc in the first sc of each row. this is your increase of each row.
Continue with the pattern until you have 16 sc across.At the end of this row ch 1 and turn.
Next: skip 3 sc and make 10 tr = treble (triple) crochet or you can use a double crochet instead of the triple, you can hardly notice the difference :))-- do this in the 4th ch from hook, (1st hump)
skip 3 more sc and then sc in the next sc (which is the 8th sc from hook), this will make your valley,
then skip the next 3 sc's and make another hump of 10 tr = treble (triple) crochet   {which is the 12th sc from hook},
then you will slip stitch in the last sc of the row.

You are all finished. weave in your ends and have fun. I actually make 2 for each heart puff and stitch them together. (Dont forget to stuff it with fiberfill before you close it up if you want it puffy)
Once you get the pattern down of increasing the row and making up to 16sc across, then always skipping
3 sc across the top for the humps you will be a machine, HAHA!!
Here Are Some Photos Of The Progress And I just made this one- I did add The Spider Web Rose

Mary Corbet has a great tutorial on the spider web rose. I just added some wool leaves after I made the rose :) I also did not stuff this heart but sewed 2 together to make it extra thick.

I hope you enjoy these and if you make some and would like to share a photo I would love to post it.
 Have a good night And I will have the drawing on Saturday for the give-aways so keep leaving thoses messages, it's not to late

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Having a Heart To Heart Giveaway

Well we were suppose to have so much snow today and we have nothing. Not that I am complaining but I think some weather men need new jobs :). No I really feel bad for then because I am sure everyone comes down on them when they are wrong :((
I just updated Etsy with my "Heart To Heart" chart in a PDF form and I also added the Patera heart pendants that the designs fit into. But most important for you is that I am having another give-away.
So please leave me a message that you are interested and I will be giving away not just 1 but there will be 2 lucky winners. And included with the chart for this give-away will be a silver Patera Pendant so you can stitch yourself a gift.
Have a good day and I will post directions soon for the crochet heart , promise !!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Heart To Heart

I want to thank everyone for their kind words, it means a lot to me.The sun did come out yesterday and I have kept busy working. I did all of the finishing work on my new design called "Heart To Heart"

This is a pic of some of the hearts. You can stitch them over one on 28ct linen and it will fit great into this heart pendant by Nunn Designs. I added a chain and lobster claw to hang  from my new scissors that April sent me :) I will have the pendants available on my Etsy shop shortly. Also, the larger heart with the letter B is cross stitched and then sewn  like a tiny pillow with a pin back. I will be pinning mine to my stitching bag. This chart will include an alphabet that fits perfect in the squares so you can make them for anyone

This heart was cross stitched, then Fray Check was added to the outside edges, and let dry. Then, a cardboard heart was cutout, slightly smaller than the stitched heart. Then, glue was applied to the edges of the cardboard heart and the stitched fabric was glued down and around to the back of the cardboard.  Next I glued a piece of felt to the back to hide the glued and folded over area. After it dried I added a grommet , chain, lobster claw and then attached it to my floss ring. If you notice also I did not stitch the center heart in the frame to the framed fabric. I made the heart separate like the others and then I pinned it in the center of the frame. That way I can change my hearts. Maybe you could make some hearts with the first letters of your children's names and if their heart is in the center of the frame for the day, then it is their special day :)   Just a idea. to make someone feel special

If you notice I have some crocheted hearts in the photo because I will add the directions for these crocheted hearts on my blog this weekend. These are quick and easy to make, A simple pattern to follow that I came up with. That is what I have been doing late at night just crocheting hearts :)
So many ideas to make with them and yes this is the season of LOVE
Pass it on

Thursday, January 17, 2013

News from ME

Good morning to everyone,
Sorry I have not posted again in a while but the "After Holidays" and winter blues got me :(
Maybe it did not help either that I had a cousin that passed away suddenly. He was only 55,  life was not easy for him but to me he was always like the brother that I did not have. I have good memories of growing up with him,  playing cars in the sand, hide-n-seek, and cowboys and Indians. I do wish that I had kept in touch more to let him know he was not alone. But he is in Gods arms and at peace with more love than we can give.
So with me feeling blah I have been home doing a lot of stitching. I am going to finish up my new designs which are hearts for giving LOVE. I have made them to fit into a heart pendant like the "Stitch An Inch" series that I made. I also have the center of one of the designs made so you can put an initial in it and it is a great size for a necklace or a scissor decoration, or maybe you can just hang it from you stitching bag or pocket book  I do not  have a peek of those to share but I will tomorrow.

One of the other things I ave been stitching is a model for Just Cross Stitch Magazine. I am so excited to be the featured designer in the March/April edition. Christy said it is a floral edition and thought some Funky Flowers would be great. So if you like the Funky Flower series that I came up with you should get a copy of this edition of the magazine because there are 9 flowers in it for you along with an interview I did for the magazine. This is also their 30th year so please check them out and here is a peek of the design.
 I am so happy for LeAnn at Camp Wool. She is moving to another location in Kennebunk Maine. She will have an open house there on Feb.1st, 2nd and 3rd. I will have a trunk show there for the month of February. If you live in the area please check it out and I will also be there Feb 1st and 2nd to meet people and sign charts for the open house. She has so much wool and more, I can spend hours there just being inspired and looking for treasure.

So until tomorrow and I need the sun to lift my spirits. I think I see it coming out today :)
thank you for reading my blog

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