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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look what I WON!!!

Happy Thursday to everyone. I had a nice surprise last week from the mailman. I attended a Doll & Bear show in Portsmouth NH and entered my name in the drawing. I was so surprised to see that I won, you see the most I have ever won is $30.00 on a scratch ticket. That was a Christmas gift from one of the parents at the daycare.

Her name is Kristen,(she is so pretty)  and she came from Collins Gifts in Rye NH. They have a web site and a blog so check them out. Off to stitch and you have a good night

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Discount on Etsy for 2 days only

Happy day to all of you. I made a 25% disc coupon on Etsy for all things that are listed there. I need to work this weekend and add new things so this is my end of year sale. Remember it is for 2 days only.
Have a great day

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas From Our Home To Yours

Just a quick note to say to everyone "Merry Christmas".
We are waiting for my son and his wife and the 2 grandchildren to get here. The ham is cooking and appetizers are ready and the Celtics are on. But later I get the TV and  we are watching a special movie that my mothers loves called "The Gathering".

This is our new addition to the family. His name is "Toby" and Meagan is so happy. He is so loving!!

This is Bailey and loving the wrapping paper

Our "Precious Moments Nativity". I have had it for sooo long. A tradition.

This is our fire place that we only use candles in, and our tree is in a bucket on top of my potty chair

I will get back to you all tomorrow with more pictures and updates of my stitching.
Have a glorious day and I wish you all peace this day for you and your familys.
God Bless

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bailey says Merry Christmas

Bailey has been jumping in the wreaths that I do not have hanging yet. Maybe I will leave one for her. Have a good day

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mom has been so busy knitting hats

I think it will be a long winter. Mom has been very busy making hats. I just added a few and I will add the rest tomorrow to the Etsy site for "Wool N Whimsy Delights". Until tomorrow :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sharing a photo from a fellow stitcher.

This is a picture from Mark who has been stitching for 20 years.
He made it for his wife for their anniversary.
Lucky lady!!
Hi everyone, it is getting so cold here. I have a picture to share with you from Mark. Who I am sure made his wife so happy on their anniversary with this gift. See men can stitch too.
I also have a couple of photos of the Drive Through Nativity that we had at church.

There were quit a few scenes and all of the actors did a wonderful job. Especially the children!!
I am going to cuddle on the couch with my stitching. Sounds like fun!!
Have a good night

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sign Up For Email and be entered into a BIG giveaway!!

I have been trying to update myself into all of this social networking stuff. I am really trying :).
So I am having a big giveaway to celebrate all of my Funky Flowers being finished. (I just have 3 more to be released and it will be in January.)
All you have to do is sign up for my email and you will be added to the list. If you already signed up for my email you are automatically added in the list but if you have not yet then please do sign up. I am running this giveaway until Feb 14th. The lucky person will win all of my 24 Funky Flower Cross Stitch designs. That is sure a HUGE giveaway. ALL 24!! So sign up now and wait until Feb 14th to see who the winner will be. What a lovely Valentines Day gift. :)))))
Have a good night

Thursday, December 08, 2011

I messed up :(

Good afternoon to everyone. I want to say thank you for your comments, they really mean a lot to me. I do check out other blogs and try my best to answer emails but things have been very busy lately. My hubby has been going to the hospital everyday for the past 2 weeks for a treatment and it takes about 3-4 hours by the time we get back home and then he has another appointment every afternoon also that takes about an hour. They are still not sure what is exactly wrong with his system but are trying new things. So I have been driving and waiting and driving. But tomorrow should be the last day and I can get back to work.

I have April helping me with stitching.She finished one of the Funky Flowers over (1), and then I was picking the background over dyed color and stitching it myself. (April did a great job, it was just me choosing the wrong background color)

I thought this over dyed would look great but NO!!!
It looks horrible, you cant even see the pink dots, It looks like I dropped ashes on it. I DON'T LIKE IT!!
So I am stitching it again and changing a color or 2 to make it work and I chose another over dyed for the background.  That will teach me to be more careful with the background colors!! I will keep you updated on how it looks but I just hate it when it is finished and I don't like it :(

Funky Flower Patricia
 On another note I have 3 Funky Flowers ready to go to the printer.
Funky Flower Sisters Andrea & Heather

Patricia was suppose to have her sister with her "Veronica" but she is the one that needs a new background so Patricia is making her debut all alone.
I will have more things to share tomorrow as I am working on my new releases and I cant wait for "Winter Whites" with all of that wool!!!!!
OH!!, one more thing, I had a great time at Yankee Cross Stitch last Saturday. Our Wool Feather Tree class had 10 wonderful people and most of them finished the tree during the class. We have one more class scheduled for this Saturday at 1:30 if anyone is interested. Give Erica A Call @ 603-964-9434 to see if there are any spots left.

Off to put together directions for the new charts. Have a great day and it is getting cold here. Brrrr......

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Venture "Wool N Whimsy Delights"

Good day
Just a quick note to tell you that I started a new Etsy shop. I just love to crochet and my mother loves to knit. She just had her birthday on Saturday and turned 77.

Mom and Liam singing Happy Birthday
 She was over for the weekend and has been knitting baby hats and I thought I would add a little to them and make some crochet flowers. We all know how much I love flowers.(And speaking of flowers...the Funky Flowers are almost done. I have 4 to release and the last 2 are being stitched) :)))yeah!!!)
Back to the Etsy Etsyshop.......I added the hats that she hand knitted with the flowers that I crocheted and turned into pins so you can use them either on the hat or on something else.
We only have 6 up at the moment but working on more.
So check it out if you have a chance and I am working on the background of a Funky Flower over one.
talk again soon

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pin Cushions on Etsy

Happy Monday
I just listed some of the Cork Pin Cushion kits and some of the finished ones that I have in stock.
A great idea to use up those corks you have been saving!!
Here are a couple of pictures of the Holiday sale at YCS and a special thanks to everyone that signed up for the first Wool Feather Tree Class it is full and the next one is planned for Dec 10th from 1:30 to 4:30 so if you can join us then it will be the last class until after the Holidays for the trees.

have a good day

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Busy Day Sale @ YCS

Hello Just a quick note that YCS is having a Holiday Open House today from 10-5.
Stop by if you can or if you are in the area. Directions are on my side bar.
Have a great Saturday. Dont forget to shop for small business' today.
This is the Make It Take It today at Yankee Cross Stitch

Friday, November 18, 2011

Winners, flowers, & hungry birds!!

Good evening, I picked a name for the free chart and frame, and then I said oh its Christmas time so one more and then I kept going. So I have the giveaway for 3 people. And the winners are Giovannas Stitches,
Kielrains Stitches, and Cat Tails and Needles. I will send them a note this evening and get those charts and frames out to them.
I also have a peek at Funky Flowers "Andria & Heather"
Today I looked outside and here is a pic of what we saw. We had left the pumpkin in the middle of the yard for the squirrels and chipmunks but the crows had a better idea!!:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Give Away

           I have a give away for someone special.
 A Stitch an Inch Christmas chart and a frame.
Just leave me a message and I will have a drawing on Friday night. 
Good luck and I hope to hear from you

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just updated Etsy with All Thing Winter & Christmas

Good morning everyone. Just a quick note that I just updated the Etsy shop with all Winter and Christmas charts that I designed. And I have a new Etsy shop coming soon too. I will keep this one for all By The Bay things but my other shop will be for wool, and other things. My mom has been knitting things for the new shop and I am crocheting things and felting them. Busy busy busy!!!
Watch for more news coming soon

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Class schedule Wool Trees and Long Legged Birds

I have some info for the class at Yankee Cross Stitch. The "Wool Feather Tree" will be on Saturday December 3rd from 12:30 to 3:30. The cost is $35.00 and is limited to 8 students. Also I will be having a workshop for some long legged birds made with wool, felt, and a little whimsy. That will be one the same day in the morning from 9:00 to 12:00. The cost for the workshop is $30.00.
(I will get some more pictures soon, the models are at her shop)
So I guess that day will be class day!!!  :)))
If anyone is in the area and would like to join and make some friends and Holiday gifts please call Yankee @ 603-964-9434. Class space is limited.
Have a great day and I am off to make more birds for samples
Also a quick note that I started a page up above under the header that is called "All Things Stunpwork". This will be a page that I can update with my stumpwork projects to share with you!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wool Feather Tree all finished :))))

Bailey cant wait for Christmas. She is already waiting under the Charlie Brown tree!!

Good morning,
I am still working on the newsletter with the free Christmas design for an ornament and also directions for finishing a Stitch An Inche as a tiny 1 1/2 inch ornament made with felt or wool. So it will be worth the extra wait, I hope :)   But I finished my wool feather tree and I am sharing a photo with you. It measures 12 inches and is sitting in a red base. I plan on giving classes on these at Yankee Cross Stitch and I will post more info as soon as I pick a date. Should be fun!!
Well I am off to stitch, finish ornaments, and take pictures, talk to you later.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Its Tuesday and the winner is CISCA

Thank you everyone for your comments it was fun reading them and I am glad you liked the rock with the heart on it. I really tried to wash it of to make sure it wasn't painted or something man made. It is so never coming off. :)No budging, dried the same way.
It is Tuesday so I did a drawing for the free chart and the winner is Cisca. I am waiting for her to get me the mailing address and off it will go!!.
Still stitching little Christmas stitch an inches and crocheting. I really will share soon.
Love donna

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spreading Some LOVE

I just had to share with you a photo of our rock collection. My husband and I go to the beach about 3 to 4 times a week and take a stroll. It is our quiet time to talk to God, just relax a little and think about what is really important in life. (Soul searching journeys). So as we stroll along the beach we always keep an eye out for sea glass and rocks that are shaped like "Hearts".  I say a quiet prayer and ask for signs. These are the rocks that we have collected and the larger ones are in the flower garden outside. 

 But yesterday morning my husband asked for a sign, and as we were walking I found what I thought was a rock that someone maybe painted or stenciled a heart on it. So I made my way to that little find, picked up that rock and guess what?? It is the rock itself. NO paint, No stencil, just formed by nature, so I am sharing the photo with you because it is so cool and I cant stop thinking about it. Just what we both needed and a little lift for the day. Hope you enjoyed it. 


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pic of Stitch An Inch Christmas AND A GIVEAWAY :)

Here is the cover of the chart. I am still stitching them up to hang on a Feather(Wool) tree that I am making to share with you. And don't forget that in the Nov 1st newsletter I will have directions on how to finish an ornament with wool and a free tiny chart for stitching. The charts will be available from distributors at the end of next week for shops - except for the shops that have automatic accounts and they should receive them by Tuesday or Wednesday. I will be updating Etsy too by Sunday night. AND of course I will have more to share because I am having so much fun crocheting.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Last peek @ Stitch An Inch Christmas

A busy day and an early post. Tomorrow I will show you all of it and my crazy crocheting!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Todays Peek

I am having fun stitching these they go so quick. I will share photos of some of my crocheting too. But I have to get a new card for my camera. I have almost 2000 photos on that 1 card and I have to wait for it to load on the computer every time I want to add a photo.  I really need to pick one up soon and just put this card away in a safe place. But yes I love to crochet again , that is my night time thing to do. I cant see to well to cross stitch even with the lights so I stopped struggling and save that for day time.
More tomorrow

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amy & Julie are framed & a mixed up peek of Stitch An Inch Christmas

I will post messed up pics of Stitch An Inch Christmas 2011" today, tomorrow, and one the next day. Then I will post the whole thing. There are 10 different designs.
 But for today Amy & Julie are all ready to go!!

More tomorrow :))))

Funky Flower Amy is REALLY Funky!!

Here is Funky Flower Amy stitched over 1 on 28ct linen. She is so bright. I just love them over 1 with overdyed back grounds :)  I will frame her today and share the photo later along with her sister "Julie"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh yeah!! Frames are back in stock on Etsy

Just a quick note to tell you that the 2x2 inch frames are back in stock and I just listed them on Etsy. I also am on my way to the printer to pick up "Stitch An Inch Christmas 2011". Oh I cant wait to share photos with you (Very Soon)!!!!!
Happy Day

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I did today :)

It is so beautiful today, and I finished designing "Stitch An Inch Christmas 2011". There are 10 tiny designs that can be tiny one inch treasures or they can be two inch Ornaments. I went to Yankee Cross Stitch this morning to drop off more things for her sale so I took a picture to share. I also have fallen in love with crocheting again and have added a little bit of it to one of my Funky Flowers. You can see it on the table in the photo. I made a ruffle and used the same DMC floss on the edges as I used in the flower. I also made the ruffle for the candle stick with the pumpkin pin cushions. It was so much fun, I love trying new things and adding embellishments.
I am going to sit on my porch and do some stitching so that I can share it tomorrow.
Have a good night
donna - OH YES!! "Bailey" says HI!!  (Shes on one of my book shelves and I think she looks grumpy! Must be naptime)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Only a few kits left

The white pumpkin on top of the block is in the kit and this picture is to show you more ideas of what to do with your little pumpkins. Glue them on top of a candle stick, add some ruffle or even change the color of your wool. You can also make them larger for displays or smaller for ornaments.

Good evening every one this is a quick post to tell you that I have approx 6 kits left for the "White Pumpkin Pin Cushions". I will be working on more kits for Christmas and also a class for Yankee Cross Stitch of a white dragonfly with wool and cream colored flowers for the holidays and into winter. I cant wait to work on it and I will share some photos too. Feeling blah today and what a headache, so I am going to bed early and I will talk more tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has ordered from Etsy, your orders will go out tomorrow, there was no mail service today :(

Friday, October 07, 2011

Etsy has just been updated.

Good evening everyone. I just finished updating my Etsy shop and I have some wool available for "Oak Hill" and the pin cushion kits plus so much more so check it out and if you signed up for the newsletter dont forget your coupon.
keep warm

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Newsletters Just Went Out. A Day Late :(

The newsletters just went out. I hope you like them. Here is a peek of the new kit coming to Etsy next week.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

& the winner is .....

And the Winner is ""Keeper of The Farmhouse"   Leisha
Leisha is the winner of the free chart "Oak Hill" Yeah!!! for her

And I have a couple of lovely ladies that shared their stitching with us and here are their pieces.
 "Strawberry Hill" from Alexandrine

"Pumpkin Head Family" from Cathis Stitching Blog

Thank you to everyone that signed up for the giveaway and I am still checking out your blogs.
I am of to work on the newsletter that will go out on Saturday so if you did not sign up yet please do.
Have a great night

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Evening, Just added some frames & charts on Etsy

Hi everyone, I just love reading your comments and thank you. I will this week stop by every ones blog that left me a comment.
I just finished the frames and added a small bonus chart to go along with them, so for every frame purchased I will send you the design of my 4 tiny acorns. I only have so many frames that I made from this batch. I can never get the same 2 batches of faux paint and finishing the same. Oh well, I guess that is what makes them originals. I thought the opening was exactly one inch but it is 1 1/4 inches. So I still stitched my piece and framed it like any other picture with the extra material around and pinned it over mounting board, Here is the picture.
I am off to stitch some more and then tomorrow is a day set aside for painting. We go to the used furniture shops and pick up things that I can refinish. Oh what fun!!
Have a good night
Keep leaving comments for the Freebie chart because I will draw a name on Thursday

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here it is!! & I will give 1 chart away!! Just leave me a message!!

Oh my it is getting late, I just got home so many errands to do. So here is picture of the whole thing.

Hope you like it and I just dropped the model of at Yankee Cross Stitch today. Check it out if you are in the area. Leave me a message and I will put your name in a drawing for a Chart giveaway of "OAK HILL"
I will do the drawing next Thursday
Have a good night

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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