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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Winner is ........ & a look @ my porch studio

Hi everyone,
We had much wind from Irene but not to much rain. It was good for us except that we lost power :( until last night @7pm. I am thankful it was not worse. I hope you are all ok!.

I printed all of the comments for the Halloween giveaway and cut them into strips, then I crumbled them up. I tried to get Bailey to play with one but all she wanted to do was eat. So I bent down, closed my eyes and picked one. The winner is Sherri and you can see her comment.
I have a few pictures to share with you of my porch that I will be teaching in and opening up soon. Still have a few more things to get ready.

I am going to work on the newsletter and you have a good evening

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Release Coming Soon

Hi , I am going to the store soon to get ready for "Irene". We need batteries, water, and food that doesn't need the fridge.
But for the past few days I have been thinking about my "Stitch An Inch "fall scene that I made a month ago but I know I cant stitch in time for a fall release.
I really want to stitch the Christmas Stitch An Inch ornaments and I have another fall one planned along with Weeks Dye Works wool. So since I didn't want to hold on to it until next year I decided to release it with the computer image of the design. I hope you don't mind, I can work on it after Christmas and post pics or maybe some of you that finish it could share it with me and I can share your pictures.  
Just thought I would share a little FYI and I am off to the store!!. Hope you all stay safe that are in the path of IRENE
saying a little prayer for all of you

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Give-Away !!! Halloween chart & Pendant

Happy Day Everyone, It is so beautiful outside today, the breeze is just right and the temp is in the 70's. So since it is such a beautiful day and I am so thankful, I decided to share a little sunshine with someone. Just leave me a comment to tell me you are interested and I will add your name to a drawing for a free Stitch An Inch Halloween chart along with a pendant. I will draw the name next Monday and hopefully bring a smile to someones face. Just a reminder too that you should sign up for my newsletter to receive the free "Pumpkin Head Family" chart. I will try my hardest to say hi back to everyone that leaves me a message. I will check out your blog too if you have one. Well I am off to the post office to mail the charts to the distributors and to stitch away (after I do the dishes). Smile : ) 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just added Halloween planks and pendants on Etsy

Hi everyone. Just picked up hubby today he was in the hospital since last Saturday.  They are still not 100 % what is wrong with him, Ugh!! more test.

So I have been busy with stitching and I just posted on Etsy some Halloween planks. I added some green and some orange ones with black crackle on the top. I also added bronze petera pendants that have a small chain and black beads hanging from the bottom. So check them out and I am working on those funky flowers and Christmas Stitch An Inch designs.
I also posted on the sidebar a funky sneak peek of my new free pattern for Halloween that will be given away in my September 1st newsletter. So dont forget to sign up
have a good night

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just added a few Stitch An Inch Halloween on my Etsy

Hi everyone, I just added a few Stitch An Inch Halloween cross stitch charts on my Etsy shop. I am getting them out to the shops that have automatics this Wednesday and should be available for other shops to order from distributors by next Friday. These have been so much fun to stitch. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I am working on the planks. I will do some with the orange and some with the bright green back ground under the black crackle. I will also have pendants available and some plain so you can add your own beads and findings. I have to order some special frames also that have the one inch opening. They are so cute I cant wait to share them with you. Have a good night as I have been on the computer all day and need to stretch. UGH!! Oh one more thing. I am working on my Free Pumpkin Head Cross stitch chart for this year. This will be the 3rd year, but I am giving this one away on my email only. So sign up soon so you don't miss out. It should be ready to go out by Sept 1
have a good night

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stitch An Inch Halloween all finished!!! YEAH!!

Yeah !!! Happy Day!!!
I finished them and they are so bright and cheery. There are 8 designs with a little bonus of a white pumpkin (my favorite). I found the frame at Michaels. Its a 4 X 4 and I make the planks with a black ribbon hanger to sell on Etsy. I will also have more of the pendants available soon. They are copper with black beads and a copper chain for hanging. So I am off to get some sleep and tomorrow I will put the directions together to get to the printer, assemble more copper pendants, and paint more planks. 
Have a good night. (SPOOKY DREAMS)!! 

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thank you for your comments

Thank you everyone for the comments on the Halloween designs. I cant wait to finish them myself. Just waiting for more pendants to come in the mail so I can take the final photos. I spent some of the day getting things out of the basement at our old place and it feels never ending. I also went to Yankee Cross Stitch to hang up more models. My mom met me there to help and console me. I had to leave Erica a laundry basket full of charts because I was just to tired to price them all and hang them up. Yes my car is still acting up and I cried on the way to her shop because I am a baby driving in a car that is being crazy. So I got of the highway and took back roads so if I needed help it would be easier than being stranded on the highway. But I made it there and back but thought I would have a heart attack (that is how scared I get). We had an appointment for the car next week but my husband got them to bump it up to tomorrow because I cried. I usually can handle anything but the car is my terror spot. Oh well I am home safe!! I just added a few pendants on Etsy to go with the Stitch An Inch Summer's, but I cant wait to show you the Halloween ones, Here are a couple of pictures of the models at Yankee Cross Stitch so far.

Have a good night, I am off to take a bubble bath. I need it!!!

Peek @ (Zack)

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