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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sneak Peek New Snowman Design

Hi, I've been working on this snowman and thought I would share a peek with you. I've been planning alot of class's, stumpwork, fabric painting, and my stitch book. As soon as I have more to share I will. Until then keep smiling and stitching, Donna

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Class Preview "Stitch Notebook"

I thought I would share some photos of some things I've been working on lately. I plan on giving a class at Yankee Cross Stitch in North Hampton NH. I'm planning a "Stitch Notebook". We will learn a whole bunch of different stitches and make samples for a notebook. We will also receive a pattern to try out these stitches on. We will use that design to make a cover for our stitchbook. I haven't figured out all the specifics yet but I'm working on it. Here are some pics of my design with all the stitches we will learn. I will post a pic of the notebook as soon as
I finish the cover and maybe I'll have more info then, Donna.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Avrils Stumpwork

I wanted to share a picture of one of the students work in our year long stumpwork class. This is Avrils piece that she finished and framed. It looks so good. Everyone made their own changes to their homework pieces. They made them their own. I am so proud of her work and she actually finished it. Better than me, I'm still on those borders. I'll still try to get in touch with the other people in the class and see if they could share their pictures with us too. Donna

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Frostys Tree Trimmers

Hi everyone. I finished my new designs. These went pretty fast for stitching, they make great ornaments. You could add some beads for a little sparkle. Maybe I'll try that on some that I make as gifts. Stitching all four in a grouping , or in a row is another idea.
I made Dad (in the black hat), Mom ( in the red hat), Baby( in the green bonnet), and one plain with no hat. You could also print someones Name underneath the ornament to make them personal. Well I'm on to my next project.

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