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Thursday, September 23, 2021

They're ready!!! Kits are in the Etsy shop!!


Limited edition, I made 22

I hope you are having a good week, 
I've been stitching the first scene for the
"Home Sweet Home" SAL
I have to get one finished and framed, 
Almost there :)

and I also just finished designing a release 
for the Needlework Market in Nashville for 2022.
This one will be an Exclusive for Yarn Tree.
Happy and Thankful Thursday

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A bit of Stitching News


I found this site awhile ago
 and then of course I forgot all about it
 but I received an email from them today 
and wanted to share their site with you..... it is so interesting.
So grab a cup of coffee, tea, or some cool water
 and head on over for a good read regarding stitching!!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

New "Stitch & Quilt Textile Fragments" Pin Kits


I am working on some Pin Kits...
The kits will have enough material to make 2 of these adorable pins
Each pin will measure 2 x 3 batting size plus the Pin.
The only thing NOT included will be the floss and needle.
 Since it is stitched over (1) on 30ct not to much floss is needed.
THE DMC floss #'s you will need are
DMC 301, 732, 801, 3820 and 3828

Included in the KIT:
(2) pieces of Warm & Natural Batting measuring 2 x 3 
(3)  2 1/2 x 2 1/2 pieces of Autumn Design Fabrics for embellishing  
7 Beads, 
(2) 2inch Safety Pins
(4) Split Rings to sew onto the fabric and slide onto the pins
(4) precut wool leaves
Cross stitch directions for the Autumn Floral Basket and Acorns
General directions to assemble your pin.
The above photos are for your inspiration, 
How you assemble your fragments and other goodies is up to you and your creativity!!
They should be ready by September 24 or around there.

Have a great week
Always a limited edition because 
I only have so many supplies to create these!

Thursday, September 02, 2021

"Home Sweet Home" new Stitch A Long in the works

 Happy Thursday everyone,

 I have been working and designing a new Stitch A Long called

"Home Sweet Home"

There are 12 "Home Scenes" 

The Stitch A Long will start the beginning of November, 

with the first release of "Rosewood Estate"

Here is a picture of the "Home Sweet Home" poster

Each of the HOME Scenes has a stitch count of 42 x 70
and the whole design has a stitch count of 168 x 336
Since I love to stitch on 28ct over (2) 
I designed it to measure 3 x 5 
and each Home will fit into a 4 x 6 frame if you stitch them separate.
Stitching the Whole design will be 12 x 24

If you would like to read more about this new

I will start taking sign-ups this weekend...
..if I do not reply to your email right away please be patient,
 I will as soon as I can.

Have a safe weekend
Hope you will join us!!

Thursday, August 26, 2021



All I can say is Pray!!
The world needs it today more than ever!!
PLEASE download the word 
stitch it for your friends, family, loved ones...
I was led to make this and pass it on
 to all who would like to stitch it.
May God keep you and your loved ones safe.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Give Thanks in All Things is on the way to the printer


A more simple arrangement

I used almost everything in the Kit to Embellish this Textile Fragment

This is the next "Textile Fragment" 
I only will have 30 of these available.

This kit will come with the 3 pieces of cotton fabric
that measure 2 1/2 x 5 inches - Autumn Theme, 
2 Needles: a Sharp & a Tapestry
Package of various beads, paper flowers and wool for leaves.
Linen for cross stitching, DMC floss, and Patternayan crewel yarn.
The words "Give Thanks in All Things" pre-printed onto cotton/light canvas.
a 5 x 7 piece of Warn N Natural batting
a 5 x 7 piece of Muslin for backing.
Cross stitch pattern for the Basket and the Acorns
General directions for assembly.

This Kit will only make one of these 5 x 7 fragments, 
I have shown you a couple of ways to finish yours, 
please be creative...

Should be ready in about a week, just have to wait for the photos!!
Have a great week

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Special in the Etsy Shop, Limited Time


Happy Thursday everyone,,,,
I have made "Box of Fall" Available as a PDF
and I am offering 
"Box of Winter" as a Free thank you for your purchase. 
Both of these charts are PDF for this Special. 
Make sure you purchase the listing that has the 
SALE!!!   Photo to receive the 
Free one

Have a great day, 
Be safe
and Pray for the World
It is in NEED!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A Peek at what I'm working on!!


Just a little peek of the next 
"Stitch & Quilt Textile Fragment"
"Give Thanks"

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Noble Leap of Faith Embroidery KITS

 Good Morning!!

I have (4) of these Kits left in stock and 

I wanted to share them with my Bloggers before I add it to my Instagram Post

This KIT contains: The design for “Noble Leap of Faith” which has been printed onto a piece of Linen Cotton Canvas- fabric size is  12 x 9 ½, the design area is 6 ½ x 5 ¼,
Patternayan Crewel wool fibers to embellish your stitchery, “Donna’s Favorite” stitch directions, a Needle, and 10 Close-Up color photos to view stitching suggestions,

I finished my thread painted design to be a pocket for my Yazzi Bag. Using a hoop I laid the design fabric on top of a piece of warm and natural batting, embellished with embroidery stitches…after I then added a piece of cotton to the back and quilted the design with random running stitches in all directions around the design,…when finished I turned over my edges, iron , pinned in place and stitched around the 2 sides and bottom to make an extra pocket for my bag….there are so many things you can use the panel for….use your imagination and have fun!!  

Have a Great Day

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Some cute Fall Orni's

This design has (16) 28 x 28 stitch count ornaments for you to
 decorate around the house with 
or give to your friends as a "I Am Thankful For You" gesture...
we all now that "Being Thankful is what fall seems to be all about...
Thankful for our harvest...and our friends and family too..
I am thankful for all of you :)
Have a Happy day


Monday, August 09, 2021

Time for a little Fall stitching


An oldy but a goody, 
I can feel the cool Autumn air on the way!!
And those beautiful sunsets. 

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Pincushions Yeah!!


I just love pincushions and I have shared some on Instagram
I thought I would share some here too!!

I am working on some ways to display the 
"Stitch & Quilt Tapestry Fragments"
I hope to share them next week,
Keep stitching

Friday, August 06, 2021

Oh my goodness...look what I just found


Anchor has started making their 6 stranded cotton floss 
onto more winding floss on bobbins and getting knots. 
It looks so exciting, 
I think I will try some for my designs, but I still will give the DMC alternative.
OH they look LOVELY!!
I found this in a flyer from Joann Fabric

Just sharing exciting news
have a good weekend
and thank you so much to every one that purchased a 
"Stitch & Quilt Textile Fragment"
I am excited !


Thursday, August 05, 2021

"Stitch & Quilt Textile Fragments"


The Kits are almost ready, YEAH!!
I am so excited!
They will be available first thing Friday morning in the Etsy shop.
I posted a small video on Instagram and Facebook.
Here is the link to the Facebook video.
Not to good at videos yet HAHA, Always learning 😇
Have a good day
And I just sent out newsletters

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Busy stitching

 Happy Wednesday!

 I made another sample for the "Stitch & Quilt Textile Fragments"

That's what I am calling this new line of a little bit of cross stitching/embroidery and a bit of quilting along with whatever works, HAHA

This sample has the fabrics laid out a bitt different and the Bee and Bee Skep have been embroidered instead of cross stitched.
I am just waiting for the photos to come in and then the kits will be ready!
It is a limited edition since I only purchased so much fabric and all of the extras to go along with it. 
But I am also working on something else...very similar but it will be a 9 x 9 and not a 5 x 7.
It will have stripes, flowers, and a center saying.....
You'll have to wait for more when I can share a picture which should be by the end of the weekend,
 I Hope
Have a good Day or evening depending on when you read this.
My 1st Sample :) 

Friday, July 09, 2021

Can't Believe its been over a month since my last post


These a  couple of things I've been working on..
A new cross stitch design called
"Sail Away"
and a new idea
I will be making some 5 x 7 Textile quilts with some added needlework
They will have monthly themes...
So I have my thinking caps on.
I hope you are having a good summer!!
We finally got some needed rain thankful!
Have a good weekend and I will try to be more diligent to post

Friday, June 04, 2021

Gigi At the Seashore finally finished


I finally finished 
"Gigi At the Seashore"
She will be ready to send to shops by the end of next week...
Have a great weekend everyone

Monday, May 31, 2021

Harbor Haven winning a Ribbon in Florida

 Brick City Cross Stitch Shop in Ocala Florida 
shared with me one of her customers photos
.....she won a 
First Place Ribbon from the Florida State Fair 
and it looks like there are 2 Ribbons 
for stitching
"Harbor Haven"

Sorry I don't know her name ... but
Thank You for stitching the design and sharing too!!
It looks wonderful and you must be so happy!!

Happy Memorial Day


Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms. 📆

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Raising and Stitching Chickens!!


I have added a couple of oldie designs! to the Etsy shop!
I forgot all about these 2 Farm Yard Friends.
I made them in 2006.
I know of so many people that are raising chickens.
I thought it would be a good idea to re-release these.
To being self sufficient and healthy 😊💗
Happy Farming and stitching!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

In My Fathers House as a PDF


Good Afternoon. It is May 25th 2021
I have had many request for 
"In My Fathers House" as a PDF
So many stitchers live so far away in other countries.
I finally finished making it available for them!!

I hope you are all enjoying some gardening 
stitching time.
I am still working on Gigi at the Seashore, 
Ugh I need to move it before summer arrives HAHA
Well thank you for reading my blog and I will share more again soon

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Sharing some stitching on Gigi at the Seashore


This is my progress so far on Miss Gigi

I am working on the water at the moment
 and then there will be the sand, 

and what could be going on in all of that sand.....HAHA

I will share more as soon as I can!!
Have a great day

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Spring Time Funky Flowers are BACK!!


Funky Flowers are BACK In TIME for Spring Planting!!
I am sitting here listening to the birds singing their morning praises!!
It is one of the best sounds to me 💓
ONE of my other favorites are FLOWERS
so I thought I would re-introduce some of my Funky Flowers.
There are 24 of them.
The stitch count is 42 x 70 
If stitched on 28ct linen over (2) or 14ct Aida each would measure 3 x 5
This would fit great in a 4 x 6 frame.
I also have quite a few layouts available
 for you if you would like to stitch 3, 12, or 24 flowers as a group.

Monday, April 26, 2021

New Design Finished "Coastal Sage"


"Coastal Sage"

I finally finished "Coastal Sage"
The chart should be available by the end of next week.

Have a good week

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

"Coastal Sage" almost finished


Good evening, I have finished stitching "Coastal Sage"
I do have to finish with the framing 
and then I can take some photos to share.
That is on Wednesdays list of To-Do's
I started stitching "Gigi at the (Seashore or the Beach)
not sure which word I like better HAHA

She is coming along good....I do love her BIG eyes!
I'll be back tomorrow after I frame and take photos.
Have a good night

Friday, March 26, 2021

Have a Good Weekend


Baby Sitting our Grand-daughter, Ugh!! such a blessing 😇
Hope you have a good weekend, Happy Passover and Holy Week!
I will share my stitching progress Sunday, 
"Coastal Sage" coming soon 

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