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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Design "Little Rose House"

I'm sharing some pictures of Little Rose House.(Sorry they are a little blurry) I also have Little Rose House Sampler included in the chart. I only wish I stitched it on something a little lighter but I didn't have time to stitch it again. I might try it though in between working on Gigi. But I have to start on Spring Cove too. Well I'll see maybe I can squeeze it in. But I still need to work on my MM&IRR. I guess it's time to put it all down and set some times and dates to finish. I can do it.
We don't have as much snow as they said yet but maybe it's on it's way, we will have to wait and see.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Weekend

Hi, Just sharing a couple of pictures from my weekend. We had my grandson, Liam. He is such a joy. He loves to help Pop Pop cook chili and cuddle on the couch with him. I've been stitching "Gigi's Garden". I'm so excited to share it with you but you have to wait. I'm working on her dress and just finished her hair, and oh what big eyes. Well I don't have work tomorrow and that's a good thing because we are suppose to have 9-15 inches of snow. I'm ready to stitch and stitch and I need to start paper work for taxes. I need to be more organized.Have a good night.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

An OOPS,A Sneak peek, and Bonus Chart inside new design

Hi everyone, I've been in a slump.It must be the weather it's to cold for me. My car doesn't want to start and I just got a new battery a month ago. My husband is still in and out of the hospital. He's home today but was there for a couple days again. They still can't figure him out, more tests and different doctors.
I've been busy with some new ideas.

But First I need to tell you my OOPS On "WINTER COVE", I said DMC B5100 but of course there is no such color, it should be B5200. It's just that whitest white they have.

I will also be giving away a free bonus chart with some of my designs this year. They will have a sticker on the cover that states if it's in the package. I will be limiting them to my first printer run only so these will be limited editions. The first one is with "Mystic Island" That one is limited to 300 charts being distributed with the free bonus inside.

My picture is a sneak peek at "Little Rose House". This one will have 2 charts inside but this just a peak at one of them.

Also I've been working on "GiGi's Garden" It will be a surprise because it won't look like my style to you but it is the other side of me. A bit whimsical.

Well I think I have to walk to the grocery store, it;s only about 8 outside. Better than yesterdays -12. Wish me luck.

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