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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Newsletters Will Be Late but here is .........

This months Affirmation is Faith. Can I be Faith? Not sure.... but what I do know is that I can certainly have Faith and show it to others...I think it is a great attribute to strive for and to grow.....and if other people see our Faith then their Faith will grow I sit in my comfy chair in the morning....looking out the window at one of my favorite things (the trees) and say my prayers before the day begins, I glance over at my wall hanging of "Words" and apply them to me and the day....
I am having so much fun with these words...I added more things this month. I added a stumpwork bumble bee to the top white flower, more wool leaves on the pink flower stalk on the left and of course the word "Faith" which I added a stumpwork bird on a branch with wool leaves.
So hopefully I will get the newsletter out by Thursday.
thank you for following me
some progress of this Funky Bird as a Punch Needle Design 

Monday, May 23, 2016

What a Beautiful Day Here

Good day everyone, 
I have been busy on the computer today and getting some paper work done...also I have been trying to organize my time.  
So my plan is to take one hour a day and rug hook, one hour a day to cross stitch, and one hour a day to punch needle. And then more things to do in the other time but I do hate paper work and that is a huge part...and then there is time needed to design new patterns, and network on the computer, blog updates, newsletters, trunk shows, and get the Studio/Porch ready for summer customers.....and dont forget housework :(.......and oh I forgot ...Time to cook....but I have tummy issues lately so that it is not a big priority.

So in my Rug Hooking Time I finished my "Birds Of A Funky Feather #8. I need to order some rug hooking linen, cut the fabric, finish the edges and trace the pattern.....I should have these in the Etsy shop by next week....and I started doing the same bird in a punch needle design with 6 strands of floss. Cant wait to share that one with you :)

 And yes George and Martha are coming along nicely!

So here is the picture of my Blue Heron and will will notice from the first picture I made some changes along the way. I was having such a hard time getting a background color in there. 
I might change his head feathers back to black! What do you think?

And one more thing to share....Camp Wool in Kennebunk Maine is moving to a new location....only a block away. She will have an open house on June 4th. I will be there along with a trunk show of 22 cross stitch designs. So if you are in the area please stop by I would love to see you and I will be demonstrating "how to cross stitch". Please check out here web site for more info. 
Have a blessed day

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

New word "Patient"

I just sent out the newsletters along with the new Affirmation word "Patient"
Here are a couple of pictures of my progress. 
"SAL" from By The Bay Needleart

"SAL" from By The Bay Needleart

Enjoy and have a blessed day :)

Monday, May 02, 2016

New design on the horizon :) "G&M"

 I am finally all caught up on things and have taken out some designs that have been started but not finished. One of them is a design for George and Martha Washington. If you remember on one of  my post I gave hint for a new design and the hint was the letters "G" and "M". I started working on that design again last week and here are a couple of peeks of what is in the stitching box :)
"Martha" part of a new design coming soon from By The Bay 

"George" part of a new design coming soon from By The Bay

 This will be part of a sampler that is a bit primitive. 
Cant wait to share more :)

I am late for this months "Affirmation", it is stitched but I just have to add it to the sampler :)
I should have it up for you tomorrow and the newsletters will go out. 

One more thing to share.....I have decided to take some of my "Cross Stitch Designs" and turn them into another medium.......rug hooking.......we have so many rug hookers here in Maine and wonderful shops to meet at and make if any of you rug hook please check back soon for pictures of my progress.......I am so excited :)...and if you do not rug hook maybe you can think about is so much fun to pick all your own colors and use different fibers!!

Another "SAL" is in my thinking cap :)
Suggestions are welcomed!!
Until tomorrow....Have A Blessed Day

Monday, April 04, 2016

Affirmation "Caring"

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
I added some wool leaves 

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
A long way to go but so much fun!!

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
for this month. and a group pic of words to date :)

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring",
 I found the 
perfect button for lending a caring hand

By The Bay Needleart Free Affirmation Word "Caring"
Embellished with buttons and stitching

This months affirmation word is "Caring"
I wanted to stitch mine in blue because I have printed one of my Funky Feathers (#10) and he is a blue bird..... my inspiration is from a memory I had about an artist that was to draw what  PEACE was to him. He painted a picture of a bird in a nest under the branches of a tree and all around him was a terrible storm, but that little bird was content and not a worry.....that to the artist was PEACE. So maybe a word for the affirmation should have been peace for this bird but I choose CARING.....because God so loved us (and cared) that he gave a way to find that PEACE.

I have these little blue birds printed on cotton already if anyone would like to add one to their work....they are in the Etsy shop....I actually printed them a couple of years ago .....I was doing some crazy quilting and embellished them with stitching...I have one on the cover of my phone case that I made and also a crazy quilt mini pincushion......just some ideas for you :)
Newsletters will go out today....I am behind in my work...Whats NEW ??
Enjoy and don't forget I would love to see some of your ideas

Thursday, March 31, 2016

More Pictures from Woodlawn

Two more pictures to share with you!!
Thank you so much for sharing Wendy and Joan,
 I appreciate all of your work!!
Wendy standing with the 2 stitched pieces of  Serenity Harbor.
Wendy's  is the over (1) on 36 ct and the larger stitched piece belongs to Joan 

Wendy Holt's and Joan Schmidt's stitched Serenity Harbor displayed at Woodlawn in Alexandria Virginia.
 I noticed Joan's blue sky.....very beautiful touch 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Serenity Harbor" Displayed at "Woodlawn Needlework Show"

Just a quick note from Wendy Holt that she is displaying "Serenity Harbor" at the Woodlawn  Needlework Show in Virginia. She has won 3rd Prize. Congratulations Wendy!!!!!  She shared her work with us on my Feb 3rd post....she stitched it over (1) on 36ct.....and Joan has also submitted her "Serenity Harbor" stitched over 2.......Wendy said they are displayed right next to each exciting......if I am able to post a picture of the 2 stitched pieces I will......keep your fingers crossed...but Wendy sent me this one of her and her stitched piece .....thank you thank you !!!
Wendy with Serenity Harbor at Woodlawn

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sharing Devons Stitching :) "Spot Of The Bay"

This is progress that Devon Hanna has shared with me and I am passing along her work to you. This is "Spot Of The Bay" . There are so many motifs you can stitch for scissor fobs and more......I can just feel summer on the way :)
Thank you Devon for sharing, I hope it will be done on time for your summer decorating.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Newsletters Just Went Out & Fabric On Etsy

A quick note that the newsletters just went out !!

I have also added some "Serenity Harbor" fabric on Etsy....maybe a pillow, pincushion, pocket on a sewing chest and many more things to make.....
Check it out and have a wonderful day.....raining here ...but that is ok cause SPRING is around the corner!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Next Affirmation Word going out tomorrow

This months Affirmation "Kind"

3 words so far :)

Plenty of room to add much more....having fun :)

Bailey has been helping me work this morning .....more like getting in my way :)
This months affirmation word is "Kind"
The newsletter will be going out tomorrow so make sure you are signed up. 
I stitched mine on 28ct linen over 2 and the other words are stitched on 28ct linen over 1.
I also love to crochet and have so many flowers made I thought this white flower would be perfect and I added some wool leaves and a bit of dyed lace that I purchased from RavioleeDreams on Etsy. she has so much lace and so many colors to pick from....

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sharing Day :)

Today I am sharing with you some stitching projects that other stitchers have shared with me......
This is from Lynn. She made "Sandy Bird"... I happened to have a kit left from a class and Lynn made some modifications so "Sandy" would fit in her moms antique birdcage.
Well done :).....thank you Lynn for sharing....i love it!! 

This is from Jackie....she is a very devoted stitcher ....she lives in Fryeburg Maine and no matter how she is feeling she always makes time to stitch....just beautiful, thank you Jackie for'll get there before me :) 

This is the Tidal River Series that Janice stitched. It is just beautiful....I have mine stitched as 3 separate sections for the photos for the charts but I do wish I had it stitched them all as one long scene.......maybe I can figure a way to seam them together....
Thank you Janice for sharing !!
Dont forget if you have some stitching you would like to share I would be honored to share your work and if you are working on the "Affirmation" words...send those along to...
thank you again 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United - with Lyrics

Well it is certainly very cold here today!! Brrrr..........
I want to share  this YouTube. 
I LOVE this song and since it is a day about "Love", I thought I would share it 
since my Savior is Jesus and he certainly has showed us how to LOVE!!
Enjoy the video, the Ocean......and the worship song.
Sending you love
donna :-)

Monday, February 08, 2016

The first of the "Affirmations" are on the way

Newsletters just went out along with the first 2 Free Affirmations . 
Here are some pictures of my work so far.....I am having so much fun :).....just being free to stitch what I would like and no directions or counting.......:)
LOVE...with embroidery, lace, wool hearts, buttons, beads and a key because Love is the KEY

Still need to work on Precious.....

Plenty of room for more Words :)
If you are joining in this Free SAL and would like to share your ideas I would love it if you would send me photos and I will share them in next months newsletter .......
Enjoy your week and be creative

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” 
 Philippians 4:8

 :) donna 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Make sure you are signed up for emails to receive the monthly "Affirmations"

I have been working on my fabric for my monthly free "Affirmations"
I am going to be using a muslin fabric that I coffee stained the other morning. I found a great hanger for what I had in mind. 
I found it on Etsy and it measures 13 inches perfect....they do have others that are shorter but this will work great. 
I then took a yard of fabric and cut it 13 inches wide by 36 inches in length.....I also cut a piece of very thin batting the same size. I layered the 2 together and pinned the edges.....sprayed it with morning coffee ...let it dry...then I used "Fray Check" all around the outer edges of the it will not fray to much because I am not going to finish my edges :)
After it dried I stitched the 2 layers together along the outer edges about a 1/4 inch in....I used a large gathering stitch but obviously did not pull to gather :) and a perl cotton thread.

And I am all ready to add my embellishments......
Once a month I will add a "Word" that has meaning in my family's life.....or my friends lives........I will think on that word all month and see how I can be it....and share it. :)

So I have 16 words so far and this will go on for more than a year but since I did want to start it in January that means I am a month problem.....I will release 2 words for February........
The first 2 words are "Love" and "Precious"
So if you would like to receive the small charts to stitch these words please make sure you are signed up to receive my emails........I will send the first ones out this Sunday.....

Here are a couple of pics of what I have started !!
This is not going to be something perfect....just having fun.....adding buttons, lace, free hand stitching, some quilting along the way and applique.....maybe even some crochet.....Cant wait to be free and have fun!!!

13 x 36 coffee stained, 

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