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Harbor Haven 2018 Stitch_A-Long

Welcome To By The Bay Needleart!! The above photo is "Harbor Haven" which is our 2018 Stitch-A-Long. Click The Image to find more Information on This Exciting Project...Truly an Heirloom !! Hope You Join Us..It's not to late ..we will be working on Scene #10 this month. Thank you for Stitching My Designs, Love all of You , HUGS Donna

Monday, November 03, 2008

New Design Peek

Here is a very small peek at my new design. Can you guess what it is? Well I changed "Autumn Cove" to "Winter Cove". I finally finished it this morning. I'm not used to the hour change yet and I was up bright and early. It went so quickly with the Aida cloth. I'm off to the art store to buy my frame bars to put together and paint for the model. I will post a finished picture next weekend.
I need to plan some kind of town for my MM&IRR.


  1. I like the snowflake and the snow covered roof. Can't wait to see it next weekend!

  2. I need to plan my town for the MMIRR, too. Nice design preview!

  3. Just the snippet looks great! I'll definitely be anxious to see your finish. However, I know for sure it's going to be beautiful!

  4. Can't wait to see more! Love the snowflake:)

  5. Looks great, I love snowy designs!
    Can't wait to see!


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