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Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning - Peek @ stuff

Hi everyone,
I have a couple of pictures of the shop. But it is only the sign and the outside of the building. I had no time to go this weekend and work at fixing the shop, hubby has been sick again and mom was visiting. So tomorrow is another day. The shop will not be opened on the 1st of September like I wanted but I am working on it.
Also here are some photos of one of my new releases, still have to frame it.
Have a good day


  1. LOVE your sign :)

  2. I love your sneak peek! Beautiful! And your store -- great sign! I so wish you'd opened sooner. I was just in Maine last week for vacation and could have stopped in.

  3. Those flowers are great!

  4. Great sign and such a cute building! I can't wait to see it when you're open.

  5. Beautiful sign. Wish your shop was close to me as I do NOT have a LNS. *sniff-sniff*

    Absolutely love the beautiful stitches in those flowers!

  6. I love the sign!

  7. Your shop is just beautiful and these flowers here have got me so intrigued! I love the colors of them and I am very very tempted! Can't wait to see more!! Wish I could live closer and visit your shop. I will do just that though online!! :))

  8. I love the looks of your shop and wish I lived closer so I could visit when you open.
    Those sneak peeks are so colourful! I love all the flowers.

  9. Shops looks so great ! I know you are excited !!! I am !!! I love that new design! Can't wait to see all of it!

  10. Your shop looks so fun, and I love the sign! You are in for some exciting times!

    I love your new release too and can't wait to see the entire design! Gorgeous colors!

  11. Donna: Great sneek peek, I love the flowers, thank-you for paper doll pattern, I can't wait to see your shop pictures, the wait will be worth it.
    I did your Happy Haunting Pattern at a week-end get together I had lots of compliments, now I have to do the finishing work.

  12. LOVE your sign and the sneak peak. The new design looks amazing and a MUST have for me that's for sure. Now all I have to do is live to be at least 100 with all my faculties to stitch everything i want to.
    Patti xxx

  13. Congrats for a special and giving person and that is you. I just wanted to tell you that I just bought your Halloween Cove chart. I love the design. Anyhow....congrates again and it couldn't happen to a more giving person.

  14. Hi Donna!
    WOW your shop looks amazing already!! How cute. It suits the style of your work so well.
    Wish I could wander in - but for now an ocean seperates us.
    Wishing you lots of success and enjoyment - hugs from Australia.
    xo Catherine
    PS LOVE your designs!!!!


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