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Welcome To By The Bay Needleart!! The above photo is "Harbor Haven" which is our 2018 Stitch-A-Long. Click The Image to find more Information on This Exciting Project...Truly an Heirloom !! Hope You Join Us..It's not to late ..we will be working on Scene #8 this month. Thank you for Stitching My Designs, Love all of You , HUGS Donna

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh What A Cold :(

Peek at Winter Owl - distorted

Peek at one of the scenes from SAI Winter - distorted
Sorry I have not been posting but I think it is the winter blues that caught me. I get spurts of energy, so many ideas, and I get so much work done. And then I poop out, procrastinate and my mind takes a break from work. But this time when it happened I caught that terrible cold that is going around. (so it just made my burned out season last longer) It is such an awful head cold, I could not breath for days and was so achy that it hurt to walk. And then Yesterday I could breath again YEAH!! So I am on the mend and I am sharing a couple of messed up photos of "Stitch An Inch Winter". The design will be ready by this weekend. It has 6 different scenes that fit into one long design if you want to stitch them together either over (1) or you can stitch bigger on Aida cloth. Its all up to you. It also has a bonus chart of a winter owl.
I do have to update my Etsy and the last of the Funky Flowers are due to be released next week.
Dont forget the big drawing on the 14th of Feb for all 24 Funky Flowers. Sign up for email to be entered.
Until tomorrow, I am off to catch up on all things I procrastinated with :) Have a good day
more photos tomorrow of the winter design


  1. Oh how beautiful even when they are distorted!

  2. I love Owls Donna!! I Seen an Owl !!! lol

  3. Very sweet post..I love the owl too:)
    Warm hugs cucki xxx

  4. oh i totally understand how you feel. I cannot wait until the spring, for some reason i just get lazy in the winter lol

  5. Owls are in and I like what I see! Am very curious in see the winter patterns. Feel better, I was in the same boat the week after Christmas. Still have a cough in the mornings.

  6. I hope you're feeling better Donna.
    Can't wait to see more of the Owl. :)

  7. Anonymous6:29 PM

    You did birch trees for winter minis! Yay! Love them! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Cool! I so love this one.


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