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Monday, November 19, 2012

Still working on the Pear pincushion and I just added some frames to Etsy

Oh it is chilly here !! or maybe it is just me, I think I need to put some socks on. I have been working so much to get orders out and make Holiday deadlines. Had to bring hubby back to the hospital yesterday and we are not sure if he will be home for Thanksgiving he has to try a different form of a blood transfusion. So we will give thanks and pray more. My son is 31 and has a family of his own and we have to share Holidays with my daughter in-laws side of the family and my daughter is 19 and now we have to share with her new boyfriends family too. So if hubby is still in the hospital it looks like it will be just my mom and I for Thanksgiving and the 2 cats. We will see my son on the weekend for our Thanksgiving and who knows what time my daughter will be home Thursday, so mom and I will be doing some knitting and stitching, watching TV, eating turkey and pork pie and just relaxing and maybe if hubby is good we will visit him, haha!!
I hope you all spend sometime with your family and if you do not have family I hope you have some good friends. I am still cleaning and I need to make that grocery list and go to the laundromat but I just wanted you to know that I am still working on the pear pincushion and I should have in finished in a couple days maybe even on Thanksgiving. That would be a treat, I will pdf the directions for you too.
While I was cleaning I found a draw that contained some frames that were made just for my Funky Flowers if they are stitched over 1 on 28ct linen so I added them to my Etsy shop. Take a look they are so cute and would make a great Christmas gift
have a good night and I am going to find those socks
These are the small frames


  1. Tourtiere for Thanksgiving? Is it because you are of my people or just among them? My parents don't make it and since they aren't in NH anymore, they can't bring one. Maybe the dude and I will have to experiment by making it for Christmas this year!

  2. Oh Donna, I'm so sorry to hear your husband is in the hospital. I am adding him to my prayer list. Well if the kids are not going to be with you on Thanksgiving day - Your making the best of it. Enjoy every moment with your mom and with your hubby to. Looking forward to seeing your Pear pincushion when its done.
    love Annette
    ps pretty frames

  3. Dear Donna I hope your husband can be home for thanksgiving with you. Take care

  4. Hiya Donna. I am so very sorry for the tough time you are going through right now...especially during the Holiday week. I will be doing the Holiday dinner for my family. Have been doing it since my Grandmother couldn't anymore. My Mother was disable so it fell to me. I don't mind though. Family to me is everything. I don't think I will have the time to stitch, tat, knit or anything but I hope to have great pictures family hates when the camera comes out. BUt I so love the family group shot. Take care Donna and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Donna..

    I hope your husband is out of the Hospital and home with u!!

    When reading your Blog you mentioned having 'Pork Pie'. We called them "meat Pies". My Grandmother was orig. from Maine. She married and moved to Mass. then to RI.
    I can remember Meniere & Mom cleaning off the kitchen table and making them. They made them for Christmas Eve when my Aunt's and Uncle's would come over. They would all go to Midnight Mass and Come home and have Pie.
    I moved to FL when I got married at 21 and I was given the receipe which I have since lost in our moving around.
    If it's not a family secret would u share your family's receipe?? Please!
    Sandy Winters


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