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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things that did not work out as planned

I have not kept you up to date about Molly (the robin in the nest) because she left home:(
A couple days after the first pic that I posted she was gone along with one egg. She left the other 2.
My landlord downstairs said that last year she did the same thing. Starts her nest and sits for days and then leaves and leaves her eggs behind.
And then I really tried to get the kits ready for Etsy this weekend but hubby had an appt for surgery to have his port that is in his chest fixed because of a blood clot. So he was a bit nervous about that and when the surgery came yesterday there were so many things that just gave kinks the day. Things do not go as planned and he is the hospital for a week. Just have to go with the flow , leave things in Gods hands and one step at a time. So today I will work on those kits and directions for "Grow Your Faith". Hopefully that is in the plan.
I am sure you all know how those things go.
I am stitching "Nantucket Village Series" too. Hopefully I will share a pic with you tomorrow
have a good day


  1. No hurry. You and your DH are far more important. Many good thoughts being sent your DH's way.

  2. Sending hugs to you and good wishes to your husband.

  3. Hope everything works out ok for your hubby. X

  4. Best wishes to you and hubby. I truly understand - my mother, best friend in this world, had a major stroke a few weeks ago. It is difficult to see her struggle, but I know in my heart, she is a fighter and is strong. The power of prayer is beyond measure.

  5. Thinking of you and your hubby! We will be comes first.

  6. Thinking of you both Donna. I hope that your husband is home soon.

  7. Donna, sending prayers for you and your DH. Hugs, Cathryn

  8. Hope your DH is doing well. Sending prayers.

  9. So sorry to hear that DH is spending time in the hospital. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself too.


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