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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

and the Mystery begins.......

I have a link for you to download the PDF file for the First part of the Stitch a Long. 
Just click on these words "Mystery Stitch A Long Part 1"
I do have ONE change that I made and it is to the Floss that you need, 
You can eliminate Ecru but you need to add DMC 642. 
If you would like to send me photos of your progress please send them to stitchbythebay at hotmail dot com. If you do send them to me you are giving me permission to share them on the blog and if you have a link to your blog I will link them for you. I will not share any photos until at least Friday night or Saturday morning. This way people can stitch up a surprise for themselves.  
I cant wait until week 4 when we will embellish with embroidery. If you do not want to do the embellishing you dont have to the picture should be fine as it is. 
On this first part you will notice that there are some straight stitches. Please do not do these straight stitches until we complete all 3 parts of the design. Only cross stitching for the time being. 
Well good luck and most of all have fun


  1. So excited to stitch another of your mysteries!!

  2. sooo excited to start this . I won't be able to work on mine till tomorrow evening. I will be a good girl and wait till Sunday to look at others on here. Take care,Kimberly

  3. A very nice project. I love it!
    Thank you very much for the first part.

  4. oooo - Let the needles begin!!!!!

  5. Is this the top section of the design, or the middle of it? Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Honest to goodness, I was just going to ask the exact question that BarbH did:) Thank you Donna for answering - PERFECT!!!
    love Annette
    ps I'm about to place my first stitch.

  7. thanks for your reply and for the design. I've done a couple other SALs that you did, and I love them.

  8. Thanks Donna! Can't wait to get started this weekend!

  9. Are the lines in the sky area clouds? Just want to make sure before I play with different colors. ;)


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