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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesdays inspiration

Good day :)
Since Yankee Cross Stitch closed and I have acquired the shops Patternayan Crewel wool I have decided to make some designs for kits that can be created with these fibers. 
I have some already started and I am working on more.....I have been drawn to crewel work for some you can tell by my "Noble Leap Of Faith" design...........searching for ways to fill in spaces with different stitches has been fun .........I came across this blog "Anna Scott"  and her post that is up is for a design called "Lone Tree" is beautiful, I just love the mounds that are filled with much check out her blog it is very inspiring...........
 here is my share of my "Noble Leap Of Faith" that has been printed onto a linen-cotton canvas fabric. I am embellishing it with the crewel wool and I am still undecided how to finish it. 
Here is a peek :)
"Noble Leap of Faith" printed onto fabric 

Embellishing with crewel wool 

still a work in progress :) 

having fun.....:) 
These pre-printed panels will be available soon along with the crewel wool.....embellishing is up to you....a chance to be creative.....maybe we could do it as a challenge and share our progress and is a question? do you prefer to share on a blog or on a Facebook group?
thank you for checking out my blog today 


  1. I have not worked on a crewel project in ages.I love what you created.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Very beautiful idea.
    Great project.

  4. This is just gorgeous! I've never done crewel before but would love to try it someday.


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