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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy  Holiday
By The Bay

Holy Shamoli , It's White Christmas Snowy !
Remembering the reason for the Season

Hellooooooo Stitchers !

Sorry, but it's not Donna today, but her Handsome, Dashing, Charming, and obviously 'disilusioned'
husband, Bill. But please know that Donna, myself, daughter Meagan, and da Kitty Katz wish you ALL the very Happiest of Christmas' with Warm Blessings from our currently Snowy Bay !
Perhaps a Winter Stitching Retreat Next Year ???
Let us know if this sounds interesting to you.
Stitching from the fireplace warmth while gazing at the Snowy Bay !
Perhaps a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride !
A Chestnut Roast !
and so much more is available in our beautiful Old New England Bayside tourist destination.
Hmmmmm !

Attention Harbor Haven SAL Participants
It appears we are poised for yet another fun-filled On-Line SAL
( available through participating retail shoppes or through By the Bay )
There may still be participants who have not yet been officially processed at our end. Please know that Donna has 'two fingered frankie' (me), working diligently processing your info.
in the computer. Please bear with me ! , ..... Donna's crackin' the whip, and the remaining
newer sign-ups WILL be processed in short order. If Shoppes or Individuals have any emergent questions needing quick response, please feel free to contact me directly at

Aside from the Harbor Haven SAL, our ETSY shop will be on vacation until December 28th.
Retail Partners may also feel free to call, and shop orders will be filled as usual.

We Thank You for your prayers and concern for Donna's Meningitis and Surgery set back.
Your e-mails, cards, and calls, doesn't so much appear to be a Business Network, but a FAMILY ! , ...... and we Thank You !  For you are indeed special to us, and we feel very blessed
to Stitch with You !

Happy Christmas to All , .... and to All, a Good Night !
Bill n' Donna 

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