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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy Holidays Stitchers !

Ho Ho Ho ! , ........  'Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow !'

Thank God for 'stitching'!   As you all are likely aware, I'm recovering from Bacterial Meningitis, and am awaiting surgery for a complication. But, 'It's All Good' as they say,...... and all 'I' can say
is ' Thank God for Stitching, and Thank God for our Stitch A Long'.
Between stitching through one of our many upcoming snowstorms, and The 'Social Interaction'
gained in our Stitch A Long . (  Many Thanks to Mo and her great Harbor Haven FaceBook Page! ), my recovery will be swift, fun, and additional designing will quickly resume.

YES ! , ........ The Glass is Half Full !

During the next month or so, I may not be able to answer some emails as quickly as I typically do, so don't be surprised if you get an email from my lovely daughter Meagan, or my Super Hunk of a Man, husband Bill !  haha  (old joke, some may get it).
But as a Family with a Family Business, we just wanted to assure you that ( WE'RE  ALL  IN ! ).
For the next month or so, we're all here to support YOU !, and your Harbor Haven SAL.  It's sure a blessing that ALL of my Design Work and Directions for the Harbor Haven SAL was done before having to go through this Meningitis Nightmare !

PLEASE  NOTE :  Until fully recuperated, from my upcoming surgery, I will NOT be able to 
                                 design, and my typically quick New Design release schedule will be set back
                                 a bit. ,.........  I'm really not liking this Meningitis  " Thingy " but, I'm
                                 upright and grateful.



  1. praying for a swift recovery!

  2. "Get well soon" wishes coming your way from North Carolina! I think your glass is a lot more than half full! Keep it up!


  3. Really like the changes you have made to your Blog, Donna.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and keep getting better each day.


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