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Harbor Haven 2018 Stitch_A-Long

Welcome To By The Bay Needleart!! The above photo is "Harbor Haven" which is our 2018 Stitch-A-Long. Click The Image to find more Information on This Exciting Project...Truly an Heirloom !! Hope You Join Us..It's not to late ..we will be working on Scene #5 this month. Thank you for Stitching My Designs, Love all of You , HUGS Donna

By The Bay Stitch-A-Longs, Friends Progress

This is the beginning of our new Stitch A Long.
We will start this one on 5/7/2014
The stitch count is 56 x 84.
The model will be stitched on 28ct fabric. It will measure 4 x 6 that will fit perfectly in a 5 x 7 frame.
Release dates:
Wednesday May 7th Part #1
Wednesday May 14th Part #2
Wednesday May 21st Part #3
Wednesday May 28th Embellish day !!
Materials (fabric)
28ct Lambswool linen 
Weeks Dye
1277 Collards
2200 Kudzu

1331 Brick

Hi everyone,
Check out our progress on the
"Mystery Summer Stitch-A-Long" and we just started our new "
Mystery Fall Stitch-A-Long" today on 10/2/1012

Please send pictures to stitchbythebay (at) hotmail dot com 
And I hope you join us for the 2012 Fall SAL no sign up necessary 

This is from Pam in Il

This is from Nancy and the Summer SAL, she is so creative

This is from Annie

These photos are from Annette

This is from Megan

This is from Arcadia and beautifully framed

This is from Meari

This is from Raffaella

This is from Char

This is from Annika

This is from Isa from France in little Brittany
she stitched it on grey linen in 1/12 threads, and all the colours are mine, except the leaves, wich is an old trademark "Brillant d'Alger" light yellow to dark orange.

This is from Cemavi Sophie, it looks awesome

From Anna S., so beautiful

This is Catherines progress

These are from Megan and the side photo is awesome showing so much detail. 
She used the Gentle Art Simply Shaker Fragrant Cloves 7026 for the leaves, and added the straight stitch over crosses for the pumpkins

This is Raffaella's progress, her pumpkins are so bright and love the added touch for the photo, 

This is Arcadia's progress, love the leaves
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This is Anna's progress, just love her photographs

This is from Amanda

This is from Annette

She decided  to hand dye her own fabric. She managed to get a very nice color of lt grey.
The fabric is 32ct Belfast Linen, hand dyed by Annette light grey.
Substituted colors:
 DMC variegated 4130 for WDW Autumn leaves 
The Thread Gatherer Silk - Chocolate Caramel for DMC 3371
And she  loved the suggestion of adding dimension by incorporating the Rhodes stitch AND she DID

This is from Arcadia in France and these are her substitutions

I used a Zweigart rue green quaker linen, a Needle Necessities "fall foliage" for the leaves, a GAST copper for the pumpkins. The squares in the grass are smyrna crosses, and the pumpkins rhodes stitches 

This is from Meari
She substituted blended GAST Buttercrunch & Burnt Orange for the WDW and white for the Ecru.

This is from Annika in Sweden

This is from Char, love the leaves

From Cemavi in France, love her leaves too

this is from Anna, I love the photos and the stitching too :)

This is part 1&2 from Amanda in Cornwall UK

This is from Raffaella from the Dolomiti Mountains

She used Crescent colours Fallen Leaves and Sotema L20 Grey

This one is from Maud and I just love the framing, so beachy

This one is from Suzanne and it looks beautiful framed

This is from Meari

This is from Donna and she used skylight blue perforated paper and changed the clouds from Ecru to DMc 168

This is from Cemavi and she lives in France close to Paris.  She used Newcastle fabric Zweigart grey

This is from Jill and she used DMC Variations 4130 for the tress and she also did the rhodes stitch in the lawn

This is from Catherine that lives in France

This is from Anna from Minsk Belarus
She used 32ct Belfast linen color 309 and DMC Variations for the leaves color 4130

This is from Char and these are her changes. I think they are great:)
She used steel grey cashel linen.  Substituted for the WDW 2234 to
Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe - variegated peach dark.   Also changed
the DMC 3371 to GAST dark chocolate.

This is the first person to send me a pic of their stitching and it is from Amanda, 
These are her changes and I love it
 it is stitched on a 28ct greyish linen fabric and she used a gorgeous Annick Abrial cotton floss for the leaves (Ocre de Provence) and used GAST limited edition Smores for the branches instead of the DMC 3371.
10/3/2012 from Myra

This is from Annette 

10/3/2012 from Donna

This is from Chris 
I just love how the gold in the frames brings out the golden colors in the grass

This is from Pam 

This is from Julie

This is from Watamo

This one is from Leslie
It is all framed and looks great :)

This is from Faith

This photo is from Amanda
she used a Velvet stitch on the sheep
oh so fluffy :)

These are from Nita
Oh my over (1) it is just so darn cute !!

This photo is from Christine

This is from Amanda

This is from Giovanna

This photo is from Judy

These photos are from Maude

This is from Pam 

This is from Maud

This photo is from Kim

This is from Annette

This is from Christine

This photo is from Faith

This is from Giovanna

This is from Amanda, she is fast :)

This is from Marilyn

This is from Meari

This photo is from Barb

This photo is from Amanda

This is from Pam

This photo is from Maude

This photo is from Faith

This photo is from Vivian

This is from Kim

This is from Nataly

This photo is from Christine

This photo is from Meari

We have our first person to complete 1&2 and share with us. This photo is from Amanda and she makes me want to go and hurry and stitch :) so cute!

This photo is from Maud 
stitched on 28 count antique white lugana.

This is from Katia

This picture is from Nataly
28ct LSL pearled barley

This photo is from Annie
She said the colors in the photo are not really true.  
You know how temperamental cameras can be.  This was done on 18-ct Aida, a hand-dyed mint color

These photos are from Donna
She used Mill Hill perforated paper in a soft blue-green
Changed fiber colors to brighter ones and used some beads

This photo is from Chris, she used colonial knots

Here is a photo from Lynda
antique white 28 count Monaco linen

This photo is from Myra

This is a photo from Kim
stitched over 2 on 32 count Moon Dust Laugna. she used Carries Creations Silks for the flowers and plans on putting little pink beads where all the alphabet letters are located once completely done.

Here is a photo of Christine's
28ct Antique ivory belfast linen

We have our first stitchers to share their photos
This is Pams progress she used a pearl grey aida

This is Faith's photo

This photo is from Dian. She used 16ct salmon aida

These photos are from Nita one is (over 1) and the other is (over 2)

This one is from Amanda
These are the changes she made. 
Stitched on 28ct Antique White Jobelan
Switched the DMC 961 for GAST in Pink Azalea
Switched the 3716 for GAST in Victorian Pink
Tried the drizzle stitch but couldn't get it to be consistent enough, 
so played it safe with french knots for the flowers!

And here is Meari's photo 

These are photos of my progress


  1. I have not even started stitching this sal, Donna.. I am stitching FLOWERS!!! lol

  2. lovely! I'm afraid of the specialty stitches but I'll be starting this, this weekend! :)

  3. I had to finish a round robin first and so haven't completed all of part I yet. Hope to soon. Everyone's is looking good.

  4. Everyone's work is just beautiful. I should be able to start this by Mon. I can't wait.

  5. I am hoping to go today and gather the flosses that I need for this piece... I have the fabric all ready... I can NOT wait to get started... These are so pretty so far... can not wait to see more.
    Thank you again for this SAL... I just love it!

  6. Jan Bills4:10 PM

    I have not received the last of the Summer Mystery Sampler yet.. Have you emailed them out...


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