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Monday, June 22, 2009

Soooo busy

Well i have been sooooo busy. i have become a slow stitcher. i really think it's time to change fabric and get eye glass's from the doc. i have been working hard to finish this design and i finally did. but i think for the next project i will have to use either aida cloth again or maybe a lugana (i heard jobelin was hard to get) or at least a 28 count fabric with a more even thread. stitching is suppose to be enjoyable and this was a bit stressful, but it's done and hooray!!! here is a peek of the design and i'll post a picture of the finished one on wednesday. "summer cove" has huge geraniums that are growing in a tree. they are my favorite summer flower around here. i just love when i see them in pots with ivy hanging down and the red ones are also my favorite. until wednesday, have a great night. donna


  1. Looks so pretty! I just picked up your Nantucket Summer Sampler (that's what that new one is called right?) at my LNS today. I love your designs!

  2. Looking forward to Wednesday! Geraniums are one of my all time favorite summer flowers.

  3. I can't wait to see the entire design! The red geraniums are beautiful, and the leaves are very pretty too.

  4. Donna I can't wait to see Summer Cove. Love geraniums, they have always been a favorite for summer and they last so long!

  5. Donna, I have often considered to change to stitching on linen but I decided that as long as I use good quality AIDA, who cares. I want to enjoy stitching and I know I will stop enjoying it on linen. I also love the finishing result on Aida while on linen I find it so flimsy. My eyes are definately not what it used to be and I will not add to it by straining it further. Your new design looks real pretty and I cannot wait to see it. Here in Europe we plant geraniums every year and you see them outside shop and on balcony's. Its a real pretty flower with its striking red colours.

  6. Can't wait for tomorrow's full pic. I love geraniums, too, especially red ones.

  7. You are SO not a slow stitcher--bear in mind you are designing and stitching more every year than most of us, lol! You do just great. Can't wait to see the new design!

  8. I love the look of this one. I am sure I will add it to my list. I just finished Miss Fiona's Rose Garden. Everyone I show it to loves it. So I get to talk up your designs!

    I love stitching on linen and have pretty much stuck with 28. I can't really see anything smaller even with my bifocals. Next time I go to the eye doc I am bringing my stitching though to show or finding a doc who stitches. lol


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