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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Design Finished and ready for Market

I am so excited it is finished. 
The name is "Les Fleurs Chics"
I have the directions for you to either cross stitch the whole thing or do ad I did and just cross stitch the leaves, stems, and vase. Then you can applique the flowers. It was so much fun and I added some fiberfill underneath some of the petals to make them more dimensional. 
So if you are happy to cross stitch then this is for you and if you are adventuresome with your stitching then this is for you too. It will be available March 4th. The model is on the way to the trade show in Nashville. Also I am anxious for the stitched flowers to come back from April. When they do I will have more to share with you. I will finish those as small pillows, this way you can see what the stitched flowers will look like too.

Oh and one more huge thing :>).
Here is the finished photo of the design that I made for Just Cross Stitch magazine and if you like then you can purchase the magazine. The flowers are a good size that you can stitch them individually and make scissor fobs or small pincushions, or how about making needle books. 
Oh just have fun stitching and keeping out of trouble :)  


  1. This design is so beautiful! I bought the JCS magazine just for your flower piece. I love it!

  2. Your new pattern is a beauty Donna! Congrats on your piece in JCS. I'll have to check the shelves for that issue.

  3. Your new design is gorgeous! I love the interest and texture that the felt applique gives to the rest of the design.

  4. This is fabulous. I'm in love!

  5. I read my Just Cross Stitch from front to back, I was thrilled to see your pattern in the newest issue.
    I have to call my local needlework shop to make sure I get the pattern, this is a beauty.


  6. Very interesting....combining the two "mediums" is gorgeous!

  7. Just lovely. Annika

  8. I just received my copy of JCS and was thrilled to see your design! What a wonderful honor for you to be on the cover!! My most sincere Congratulaltions to you.

  9. Les Fleurs is absolutely awesome. What a treasure piece!

  10. What a wonderful design and beautifully done! The colours you chose are lovely too!

  11. it's fantastic!!


  12. First thing I looked for when the magazine came - LOVE it - thanks so much for the flower design!

  13. Anonymous5:38 AM

    What wonderful work! I have just found your blog and I think all your work is fantastic, I will be back again.


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