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Stitch An Inch Garden SAL

2019 Stitch-A-Long
"Stitch An Inch Garden"
This years SAL will be for 24 Flowers that you can plant in your own Garden !

How Many Chart Packs Will you receive?
There are 6 Chart Pack Designs 
Each will have 4 Color Themed Garden Flowers

Start Date 
January 20th

Cost Per Pack

PDF or Hard Copy
You can receive the PDF charts from By The Bay 
can order the Hard Copy(Paper) from your local needlework shop

Sign Up by
Jan 5th 

Can I sign up later?
Yes you can but you will have to catch up to what has been released on the day you sign up. You can only sign up during the 6 months for the SAL in order to receive the freebies. 

Will These Flower Packs Be released at a later date?
Yes these will be released again in the future.

What do I get Extra for signing up?
You will receive the "Garden Patches" free
 There are 6 Garden Patches,
(These have retail of $8.00 each)
and also 
The Border Pack
This will contain the cross stitch charts for
A Single Flower Border
A 4 Flower Square Border
A 4 Horizontal Border
A 4 Vertical Border
A 24 Group Border

When will I receive the Free "Garden Patch" Charts
You will receive one per month along with Corresponding Flower Garden Pack for the month.

When will I receive the Border Pack
With the First Installment

Is there any "Social Media" available for this SAL
Yes there is a Facebook Group that has been made for all "By The Bay SALS"
Please send a request to join...The group Name is 
By The Bay Needleart Stitch A Longs

What Order will These Be Released in?
Red (Ruby N Rose)
Pink (Pink N Plum)
Orange (Orange N Apricot)
Yellow (Lemon N Lime)
Blue (Blue Bell N Sky)
Purple (Lavender N Lilac)

How Do I Sign Up?
Please email me at 
stitchbythebay at aol dot com 
(wrote this out so I do not get spam but you can figure it )

With the following information
Your NAME:

How will this be processed?
You can pay with Paypal and I can sign you up for automatic bills for $10.00 every month.
You will be billed on the 14h of every month for 6 months 
If you prefer to pay all at once I can send you A Paypal invoice for the total of $60.00…
I can also accept checks…just email me about that

*If you live in the EU (European Union) 
Please notify me as this will be processed in the Etsy shop
Etsy will process' the VAT tax for me

Stitch Counts and fiber Information:
A PDF Will be sent to you after you sign up for the SAL
It will include all of the Stitch Counts, and Suggested DMC colors
But Please make this your own garden and feel free to choose other fibers, 

Thank you so much for wanting to join and Grow your own Garden and
 I am sharing more Sneak Peeks every day...check back tomorrow


  1. Beautiful & love your stitched pincushion! Best Regards!

  2. I would live to have my eyes dancing in glee to see this on my bobbin lace pillow. I love the 3d effect. Beautiful!! Please add me to the lucky hat.


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