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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Finish To Joy

Good morning everyone.
I worked last night on a new finish to "Joy". I was tired of just another frame and since I like to work with wool I thought I would try it. I cut a whole bunch of leaves out and hand sewed them onto a background piece of felted wool that I had already sewed "Joy" onto. I layered them and then gathered some red circles and sewed those down. I also quilted around the candle. I like the look. One picture is with a flash and the other is without. Couldn't decide which one I liked.
Until later, Donna


  1. Love the wool finish!!! Am looking forward to these charts being released!

  2. I love the wool leaves and the unique finish!

  3. Susan D6:02 PM

    A great idea! This looks fabulous.

  4. I absolutely *love* the felted leaves as a finish. Thank you for inspiring me to rethink the holiday ornaments I was dreading to finish in time for this year's yule tree.


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