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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Looking 4 Your Thoughts

For years now I’ve been considering expanding the business to include an innovative stitching retreat. Well, no more procrastinating….I’m ready
We are planning on having a retreat here on the beautiful York Maine seacoast. To make the retreat a little bit different we are planning on including a diverse array of the various fiber arts. Such as counted cross stitch, quilting, rug hooking, knitting and punch needle and maybe wool work. (the class’s will be taught by industry leaders)
We are considering including activities for our spouses (should you consider to bring them), such as a guided fishing trip. The resort we are considering is absolutely beautiful and located within walking distance of pristine beach’s, harbors, and shopping. The resort itself offers a restaurant, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, a full spa, game room, and a movie theater. To top it all off we plan on concluding the retreat with a good Maine Lobster Bake.
So what do you think? I would love some feed back and to hear what you are looking for in a retreat. We are planning on the second week in September
So send along your thoughts ( what kind of class’s, projects, fun games, etc). In 30 days we will put all the thoughts together, pick our favorite suggestion and the winner will be sent a By The Bay prize pack. Several charts and a Faux painted frame.
Thanks for your help and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.


  1. This sounds absolutely fabulous!!!! We travel to different sites and never see anything but the inside of a convention hall. This sounds like a great diverse event. My daughter's (who are stitchers, spinners and knitters) and I traveled to the Hershey Lodge several year's when CATS was still active and we treated ourselves to chocolates (chocolate martini's included) and spas trips and it became a real retreat and not just a weekend of stitching. I think I could talk both into joining me! I am anxious to learn more. I'd better make sure I save some vacation days!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful retreat. My suggestion is for you to offer a project as a retreat-by-mail for those of us who won't be able to attend. I'd be interested in something cross stitch.
    Barb in TX

  3. Oh how exciting! September might be a bit difficult for me to swing in regard to the kids' school schedules, but I sure would love to come. Suggestions? Maybe include a lecture or two over interesting points (especially if the lighting is good enough to stitch while listening/participating). Lecture ideas could include some interesting historical facts over a branch of needlework or a school that taught needlework, the use of color in design, or even something very practical like how to sell your own craft items. I think something like that would be really popular as most of us like to stitch while watching/listening to TV or to audiobooks. I'd also suggest you not let the classes all focus on one narrow area. For example, the Nordic Needle getaway seems to to only have classes for hardanger ... and I don't do hardanger. Variety is the spice of life.

  4. Oh boo hoo, I'm soo jealous! You dont want to change destinations to Perth, Western Australia do you?
    Its sounds soo wonderful, and I'm sure whatever you decide to do would be most enjoyable, I only wish I lived closer.
    LISA V.

  5. Oh this would be so wonderful! I love visiting Maine! My suggestion for spouse things to do would be hiking. My DH doesn't fish. Or boat. Etc. lol! I know it makes sense to do this when it's not peak vacation season, but it does make it hard on those of us with kids. Just a thought. Maybe time the event with some school break or something? Dunno. Anyway, I love the idea! I may have to wait a few years until my son is off to college though. Unless you change the time. :D

  6. My DH and I LOVE Maine in September. Perfect time of year to go - it's still warm and most shops are still open, but the summer season is more or less over, so it's much less crowded.

    And if you're visiting Maine, lighthouses are a must, especially Cape Neddick, aka The Nubble Light, right in York. ( My DH and I are both into lighthouses, but my DH is also a big history buff, and there's plenty of historical sites and forts in the area.

    I'd also recommend looking into a golf club or course.

  7. My DH and I LOVE Maine in September. Perfect time of year to go - it's still warm and most shops are still open, but the summer season is more or less over, so it's much less crowded.

    And if you're visiting Maine, lighthouses are a must, especially Cape Neddick, aka The Nubble Light, right in York. ( My DH and I are both into lighthouses, but my DH is also a big history buff, and there's plenty of historical sites and forts in the area.

    I'd also recommend looking into a golf club or course.

  8. I would love a retreat in beautiful coastal Maine. I love the idea of combing all needle arts and maybe you could do a cross over class that does cross stitch along with a finishing for the project that incorporates sewing. Maybe a class on framing would help alot of us as well. Might get some hubbies to take that class.

  9. I think it's a fabulous idea! Particularly combining it with other types of sewing crafts. Punch needle is something I have always been curious about. I also like the idea of things for husbands to do and there's nothing like being on the Maine coast. Go for it!

  10. Donna, I love the idea of a retreat on the Maine coast. I've always wanted to visit there.
    Yes, things for hubbies is a must. Love natalyK's idea of framing that would include hubby. Perhaps a side trip for all, us & hubbies. Some talks on the area's history or some of the area's stitching history. Are there any fiberworks businesses in the area we could visit?

  11. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I love the idea of a diverse needlework/ craft weekend. How about adding some wool sculpting (not sure what it's called). Also why not have things for beginners to try, not just advanced projects.

    In this economy many charities are having a rough time. How about adding a charity/craft event to help raise awareness and give back. Request cross stitched squares be stitched /donated & have them made into quilts. Display quilts & Raffle quilts off at dinner. Maybe a local quilting group would be interested in helping. Lots of needle workers also quilt.

  12. Having never been to Maine and hoping to go, I would love to see classes that you don't usually see at needlework shows. (I've been to Hershey CATS and Celebrations in Needlework in Louisville, KY).

    I would love to see/take weaving, goldwork, crewel embroidery, and one I REALLY REALLY am interested in - lace making. Of course, it would probably be difficult to get all that available, but it's nice to dream! Oh!, it probably wouldn't hurt to have finishing classes...maybe folks could bring projects that they want help to know, like pincushions, or needlework boxes, stuff like that.

    I do love cross stitch and love your patterns! I am working on finishing "Love" (after I complete a birthday gift for my niece). :)

    The second week in September sounds lovely, as my birthday is that week! LOL

    Take care!

  13. Hey that's my b'day week as well! Wouldn't that be a great happy b'day to me gift! Would love a retreat in Maine. Might be wishful thinking but one can hope. It's been over 10 yrs since I've been to Maine.

    How about a finishing class on one of the pieces? You do such gorgeous finishes. Or stumpwork!

  14. Retreats on the Maine Coast are wonderful, but I live in the SW (NM) - and getting out that far is expensive. Not everyone can do that kind of travel...what about planning something in our neck of the woods (or desert)--PICK A NICE COOL PLACE like Colorado Springs! Lots of things for men to do there,if they don't like fishing, maybe riding downstream on a raft/boat, hiking, fishing, and if they aren't outdoorsy, they can golf! Or plan it around some other sport event (basketball/football) As for ideas for the event, punch needle is a new technique I would love to learn -- Finishing is another thing that people really like, and you can go from finishing a small item like a fob or emery, to a box. I've always wanted to learn faux painting on a frame, but never had the chance. A new technique like needle weaving, or pattern darning -- I love how they look but have never tried it. Part of the fun of taking classes is not just stitching something pretty, but learning something new. Extending your skills into an area that you have not ventured into before. Having the help/encouragement of the other ladies is always good, and the fun you have while you learn to execute the new stitch or method. Hands on is always the best way to learn. As for games -- a scavenger hunt of some kind would be fun, and time the event so you have 1 hour to pick up the 12 items that are on your list. Make them something doable, but at the same time challenging -- that might be something you could do while having the lobster event -- let the men handle the cookout(big grin)--and the women do the scavenger hunt in pairs! As for the project for the event itself, I'd select something that is related to the sea since you are right there. Do something with teals, tans, golds, cream and a bit of salmon colored threads, or corals. Make the accessories useful items, and the finishing something new and fun. Shapes for the smalls would be interesting to think about -- a Clam Needle case with a few perle headed needle minders inside; a Bucket to carry your fish home in, only this bucket would have a pincushion top. The fish would be a fob on your pretty new scissors, and a Coin added inside for weight--like one you might find in a treasure chest. Now the box for your needlework smalls could be a basket--something you would put your afternoon lunch in--only this one has a lovely treasure chest depicted on the basket top, and maybe a verse -- inside you find a nice sandwich style needlework fold, with some mother of perle rings for threads; a spot to slide your new scissors with the fish fob attached (that has the coin inside for weighting); then a pocket to slide a ruler into, a spot for a needle threader (a smaller pocket); A place to tie your "clam" needle page book w ribbon--The little bucket pincushion could be kept inside the basket (not in the fold as it wouldn't fit (grin). Those are my thoughts. Another idea as an extra part of the class is an over one design--something along the lines of your own 'ocean side' designs-- stitched on silk gauze & placed in a lovely little frame that can be attached to the basket lid's underside --so when you open it, you see the oceanside view of where you spent your time learning all these techniques. I hope that gives you some ideas for your class... IF I were to attend this class in Maine--please make it easily accessible. I really would like to fly into an airport, and have shuttle service to the location, vs. having to drive in a state I don't know my way around. I probably would go alone,so I'd have to do the driving, which is not a good idea for me (grin). Just being honest. Please consider having a class in the SW part of the nation. We hardly ever get anyone out this way and never in NM. Thanks for listening. Hope my ideas helped. Mrs. Caldwell

  15. This is a great idea! Would love to attend. Someone already suggested a lecture or 2 on some aspect of historic needlework. What about a lecture on samplers stitched in that area of Maine? Are there any collections of sampler in the area that we could visit? Maybe at a historical society?


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