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Monday, March 08, 2010

Send Hope To Haiti Chart

Hi Everyone
I wanted to share with you a design that I made to sell for relief for Haiti. It took me a while to stitch only because I have been busy but it should stitch up really quick.

The whole idea is for YOU to make it into a pocket and hang on your wall. Teach your family to put change in it and on a certain day every week or month count it together and send the money to a relief program of your choice. As a family that would be a great reward.

The whole idea for ME is to send $5.00 from the sale of each chart to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief. There are long term needs for these people and anything we can do will be such a great help.

I will be distributing these on my Etsy shop. So if you feel this is a good idea for your family please check it out. I dont have any posted yet because the charts are not available until Thursday. So please check back.

Thank You
So Much


  1. Wonderful idea! I have to remember to check your etsy shop for the chart now. :D

  2. What a lovely idea. Could you please post to remind us when they're in your etsy shop?

  3. J'aimerais avoir cette grille pour la broder pour une vente pour Haiti !Merci !

  4. What a lovely thought!


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